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posted 30 Oct 2007, 18:10 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeMoenghus = Mallahet? by Paxol, Commoner

[quote="Sovin Nai":1fgldigu]That was truly stunning! It all makes sense, too, except for one element I find odd. Why would Maithanet/Mallahet/Moenghus want to set the three seas against one another just prior to the war for survival. It will weaken them of manpower and materials, and seems like a poor move to me. Better to rally them around a holy war against the Consult from the very beginning, it seems to me. Very impressive theory.[/quote:1fgldigu] Maybe Maithanet/Moenghus does not care about the people of this world as much as he cares to see the Consult destroyed. To him these people may be nothing more than tools to do his bidding and serve as a means to an end. view post

posted 30 Oct 2007, 19:10 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeSkaeos...huh? by Paxol, Commoner

This is something that I must have missed as well. Xerius went from trusting this man to not in a split second after he was commanded to provison the Holy War. How can Skeaos be blammed for treason due to this process? Could he have talked Xerius into bringing the broken Scylvendi to the meeting as a way of discrediting Cnaiur and if so the back firing of this process could be perceived in the mind of Xerius as treachery? Its a stretch to be sure. To me this came out of the blue with no preamble. Only Kellhus sensing something strange about Skeaos and then further along... "Take Skeaos,' his lips hissed. "The old wretch hides some [i:adt1h9co]treason[/i:adt1h9co]." Where does this conclusion come from? view post

posted 31 Oct 2007, 12:10 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeSkaeos...huh? by Paxol, Commoner

[quote="bobby":14vf3i82]One thing I did catch from reading this chapter again last night, is that Kellhus and Skaeos were "innocently" scrutinizing each other, and one of them nodded when they realized this was going on. The Emperor saw all of this and "whirled" (?) around to look at Skaeos. As if he was thinking, "WTF?" So then later in the chapter, Kellhus dissects the whole issue at hand, effectively showing that neither Conphas or Cnaiur are an obvious moral choice for leading the Holy War. With Conphas no longer as crucial, and the order from the Shriah, the Emperor can't force anyone to sign the Indenture. Perhaps the emperor assumed that the look and nod Skaeos and Kellhus gave each other were signs of a conspiracy. That still seems like slim evidence by which you can send someone down to the torture chamber. But he's the emperor and can do whatever he wants with his subjects...[/quote:14vf3i82] Good catch. If you read the end of that chapter you will see where Kellhus knows that Xerius would love to have his head but had no grounds, he then grabs Cnauir and leaves quickly. view post


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