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kellhus == good guy?? posted 03 Feb 2004, 04:02 in The Darkness That Comes Beforekellhus == good guy?? by banditski, Candidate

i originally posted this on a discussion board for a song of ice and fire, but i think it should get more response here... ----- maybe i'm too into asoiaf - and all the twists that comes with it - but i somehow see kellhus as being a 'bad' guy. at first i thought he was kind of a 'prince who was promised' kinda guy - the ultimate badasskicker. but now i'm starting to wonder if he is part of, or a different faction of, the bad guys. i doubt that he's in with the non-men, but the non-men aren't necessarily with the no-god. quoting the non-man from the prologue, "i have ridden both against and for the no-god in the great wars that authored this wilderness." so being the enemy of a non-man doesn't make you a 'good guy'. at least i'm quite skeptical that kellhus is simply out to assassinate his father because he 'polluted' the dunyain 'isolation' - which kellhus is doing all over the three seas now, incidentally... ----- it doesn't make much sense now when i reread it, but the point is that i'm really doubting which 'side' kellhus is on... view post

posted 03 Feb 2004, 04:02 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Title by banditski, Candidate

3-0 for ttt. well, it's unanimous. 8) view post

posted 03 Feb 2004, 04:02 in Author Q & ATouring by banditski, Candidate

scott, were you at torcon this year (i would assume you were). it was my first sci-fi con - pretty fun. if you were there, did you do anything special, as an author - outside of a generic fan?? i hadn't read darkness at that point or i surely would have searched you out. my friend just lent me darkness in december. interestingly, this friend picked up darkness because he read on the back cover that you live in london. he and i became friends while going to western in the 90s. "western western western u, college fair and square..." :lol: edit: after doing a little googling, i found the answer to my question about torcon. sorry i missed it. :? view post

posted 06 Feb 2004, 06:02 in The Warrior ProphetAbout the books by banditski, Candidate

[quote="Guestage":xrjedoct]I haven't read the books, so I don't think I have much to contribute, to be honest :).[/quote:xrjedoct] well, there's only one published so far, so you'd only be... *checking* ...577 pages behind!! 8) view post

posted 06 Feb 2004, 06:02 in Author Q & AQuestion to R.S. regarding release dates. by banditski, Candidate

i've recently become interested in collecting books, and i was wondering about the "value" placed on a trade paperback vs hardcover. if indeed the american (or british) is published as a hardcover, does anyone know if there is any value to it over the true first edition canadian trade paperback?? i wouldn't think so, i'm just curious... and add my tick to the column for those that love the "feel" of darkness. call me cheesy if you want, but the embossed cover and different width pages help to make the book feel exceptionally enticing. and the cover art is outstanding. view post

posted 06 Feb 2004, 21:02 in The Warrior ProphetAbout the books by banditski, Candidate

[quote="Guestage":s3emhujd]577 pages? Am I supposed to have a life inbetween that too? :wink:[/quote:s3emhujd] well, you don't have to do it all on one sitting. :) actually, i think i am an exceptionally slow reader, and this book was slower than most - but for all the right reasons. the writing is significantly more 'literary' - yet completely enjoyable - than most of the pulp that i've read since university. i don't remember the exact number, but while reading darkness, i think i had to look up more than a dozen or so words to find out their exact meaning. view post

posted 07 Feb 2004, 00:02 in The Warrior ProphetWarrior Prophet synopsis *Possible Spoiler* by banditski, Candidate

man, that seems a little spoilerific, even for me!! perhaps there should be some kind of **SPOILER** warning on the thread title. view post

posted 07 Feb 2004, 00:02 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Title by banditski, Candidate

[quote="Fade":3g0sqgdu]WSS may have more appeal at the public unfamiliar with the book.[/quote:3g0sqgdu] true, but nothing else (so far) in pon tries to appeal to the lowest common denominator. why start with the title of the third book?? i think it would do better to title the book appropriately for the target audience... i mean, the only thing more useless than selling a book to someone who won't like it is to not get a sale of a book because it appears too simple/pulpy to someone who is looking for something more substantial. besides, it's the third (and final??) book in the series. most people will have made up their mind about whether they like the books before they get around to buying the third one. if they're still around, then it's because they like the heavier reading found in pon, and a heavier title would appeal more to them. view post

posted 07 Feb 2004, 20:02 in Off-Topic DiscussionHow did you get here? by banditski, Candidate

yeah, i saw it on ran's asoiaf board under other authors/bakker view post

posted 09 Feb 2004, 19:02 in Author Q & ACurious if you... by banditski, Candidate

yeah, i agree... it's one thing for a bunch of schmucks like us here to compare darkness to lotr, but it's quite another for the publisher to do it. i would think that it is just setting the reader up to look for faults with it - ie. reasons why it doesn't out-tolkien tolkien. you can easily say many great things about darkness. i think it's a little cheesy to try to suck people in with such a loaded statement as that. and to say "me too" again, i love the cover and the feel of the book. i have little to no trouble with the 'elvin script' on the cover. paying homage (if that is indeed the intent) is a far cry from a direct comparison. all this being said, i think the book is strong enough by itself that i wouldn't think that a blurb like that will make *or* break the book. i just think it's a bit cheap and unnecessary. of course in this time of lotr mania, i suppose it's hard to resist... *after* writing this, i decided to read what exactly was on the book. :wink: i see that the quote in question isn't from penguin, but from a third party. i guess this lessens the cheese a little, but i'd still say it's not needed. of course, i know nothing about publishing books, so.... view post

posted 10 Feb 2004, 05:02 in Author Q & ACurious if you... by banditski, Candidate

[quote="Sovin Nai":q1r9qot8]Is there anywhere we can see the S&S cover?[/quote:q1r9qot8] yeah, right [url=]here[/url:q1r9qot8]. and the canadian one is way better, but the british one is pretty okay too. view post

posted 13 Feb 2004, 19:02 in Philosophy DiscussionOn The Warrior Prophet by banditski, Candidate

[quote="Cu'jara Cinmoi":259wscf6]Once again, I DO believe we have choice, I just have no bloody idea as to how we can honestly argue for it. All I have is faith. Against all odds, it sometimes seems...[/quote:259wscf6] this may seem (and indeed it is) the backdoor cop-out of someone long away from scholastic debates, but i think you hit the nail on the head here, scott. i heard an argument a while ago - concerning physics, in this case, but i can extrapolate it to this discussion. it was simply that the human brain is not 'powerful' enough to understand the answers to the questions we are asking, if indeed we are asking the correct questions. consider a duck. in this case a duck smarter than average, who wishes to understand how he can fly. he can debate (to himself, in his little bird-brain) about how flight works, and can come up with some theories. but he is (i think we would all agree) incapable of understanding the fluid dynamics associated with flight. not to mention all the levels of physics that fluid dynamics is based on. not that i could understand them either if i was left to my own devices from a baby, so let's assume that we can try to explain it to him. you could sit him down in front of a chalk board for hours, talking in the universal language of mathematics, and he still wouldn't get it. where i might eventually. but my point is that i think it's rather arrogant (and also a huge cop-out, as i've already stated) to think that the human brain is capable of understanding everything, even if it was spelled out for us in a language we could understand. so scott's statement "I DO believe we have choice, I just have no bloody idea as to how we can honestly argue for it," makes perfect sense to me. view post

posted 13 Feb 2004, 20:02 in Philosophy DiscussionOn The Warrior Prophet by banditski, Candidate

[quote="Fade":2t8k2kb3] banditski for president! [img:2t8k2kb3][/img:2t8k2kb3][/quote:2t8k2kb3] prime minister okay with everyone?? 8) view post

posted 20 Feb 2004, 03:02 in Philosophy DiscussionOn The Warrior Prophet by banditski, Candidate

and i'm sure animals would say the same about us. not that i'm knocking human morals, but pointing out that it's a matter of perspective. just because you can't see something, doesn't mean it's not there. it doesn't mean that it is there either. just that "there's nothing that i can see" is not an argument. view post

posted 24 Jan 2006, 14:01 in Tour and Signing InformationAny tour news? by banditski, Candidate

is there an email list we can subscribe to to find out about tour / signings dates? i'd hate to miss it... view post


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