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posted 04 Jul 2004, 14:07 in The Warrior ProphetThe No-God by Carnifex, Commoner

An addendum to my post above: The Scylvendi consider the No-God to be dead. He lost the War, evidently. Why would the People of War rally to the banner of a loser, a dead man? His time is finished. view post

posted 27 Aug 2004, 20:08 in The Warrior ProphetThe No-God by Carnifex, Commoner

[quote="saintjon":21uoc6zb]The creepiest No-God moment in TWP was when Kellhus saw him hanging from that circle. Suppose the Dunyain are diametrically opposed to what the No-God embodies. The Logos brings Kellhus to certainty when it's working it's magic in him. The No-God, with the constant questions about what others see, the demand to know, seems to imply that uncertainty is a big thing with... whatever the No-God is supposed to be. [/quote:21uoc6zb] This is a great point. I'm no philosophy major, but... The Dunyain, before all other things, know themselves. They know how to think, how to look, how to move precisely as they wish. The No-God, judging from the passages in TWP, does _not_ know himself. He can't even see his external form, much less the world inside himself. Is this an intentional opposition? I would think so. view post


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