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posted 08 Aug 2006, 01:08 in The Thousandfold ThoughtAnasurimbor Maithanet? by Ennui, Commoner

I just finished The Thousandfold Thught yesterday... And my theory is that maybe the return of the Anasurimbor blood line doesn't neccessarily mean one person. It could involve Mohengus, Kellhus, Maithenet, and possibly Kellhus' son. Judging by Bakker's writing style, he goes for originality. Why go the traditional route of one destined hero when there could be many? view post

posted 09 Aug 2006, 17:08 in The Thousandfold ThoughtAkka the Anarchist by Ennui, Commoner

I think Kellhus is losing it a bit. He used the Holy War as the Shortest Path to Shimeh, and ultimately his father. Now he DOES believe that he is the Harbringer of the Second Appocolypse. He's Dunyain. The Harbringer has a goal to accomplish, and he will use the Shortest Path to achieve it. My theory anyway. view post

posted 09 Aug 2006, 17:08 in Literature DiscussionDisappointed... by Ennui, Commoner

I've never read the Dark Tower books, so I can't comment. But I will say this...Stephen King is not a traditional fantasy writer. He writes more novels closer to modern day times. You gotta give him credit for trying at least. view post


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