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Just wanted to say thanks posted 02 Feb 2004, 05:02 in Author Q & AJust wanted to say thanks by DrBloodmoney1, Commoner

... for writing such a great book. I imported it into the US from canada through Neil at Clarkesworld books ( after hearing about the book through some of the different sf/f messageboards that I frequent (specifically the forum). I read the book in June of last year and thought it was fantastic. You have another reader, and one in the US even, so with the upcoming hardcover release in the states I'll certainly buy a hb copy. Thanks and congrats on the success DrB view post

Curious if you... posted 07 Feb 2004, 17:02 in Author Q & ACurious if you... by DrBloodmoney1, Commoner

... saw this yet. Congratulations!! DrB [url=]Locus[/url:2ngrlr8x] view post

posted 09 Feb 2004, 15:02 in Author Q & ACurious if you... by DrBloodmoney1, Commoner

That was me before btw. I agree with Locus maybe being influenced by the amount of support for TDTCB on the MB's. That's certainly where I heard about it. On the small number of boards that I visit, there are a handful of very well-read fantasy fans whose opinion I trust very much. A few of them have very similar tastes to me. One of them is Fitz (Rob) a moderator over at SFF world. He's who I heard about it first from, so he gets the credit. I trust the opinions of them much more so than I would the critics, even at Locus. I find it appalling that the literati have so much prejudice against fantasy. Especially when there is so much to be found in it besides Tolkien-clones, Jordan, and Goodkind. As for the LOTR controversy: I have five very well-worn sets of LOTR on my shelves for more or less my whole life. I find a certain justification in the mass-approval. Now if only every person who saw the films and liked them decided to read the books. Then went and picked up another fantasy book. Then we'd be getting somewhere. DrB view post

posted 11 Feb 2004, 15:02 in Author Q & ACurious if you... by DrBloodmoney1, Commoner

That was me again. I always forget to sign in to the board before I post. view post

posted 11 Feb 2004, 18:02 in Author Q & ACurious if you... by DrBloodmoney1, Commoner

Since I tend to be very much apolitical, I wasn't passing judgement on Mieville. Just making an observation that he aligns himself with a particular ideology. de Lint's writing is largely urban fantasy (although Subterranean is releasing some his early stories which have a epic fantasy setting) but much different from Harrison or Ford. He does write female characters very well, and seems to populate his books with strong female characters and heroines. I don't find that this bothers me, because he is a great storyteller. He definetly places magical elements and the characters usually possess some type of power, as opposed to Harrison or Ford who usually rely on the mysterious qualities of the situation or setting to give their stories the 'magical' feel. If you aren't a big short-story reader, a good introduction to de Lint would be Moonheart, which was one his earliest successes and is a novel. It's pretty good and it is separate from his major setting, Newford. Newford is a fictional city that he places a lot of his later stories in, and the majority of his work that you can find in-print deals with it. DrB view post

More laudations... this time from a very important group posted 02 Mar 2004, 14:03 in Interviews and ReviewsMore laudations... this time from a very important group by DrBloodmoney1, Commoner

See [url=]here[/url:ffkt44a6]. Once again, congratulations. And congratulations to the members of the board... apparently we have good taste :) DrB[/url] view post

Just bought my beautiful hardcover posted 06 Jun 2004, 01:06 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeJust bought my beautiful hardcover by DrBloodmoney1, Commoner

Looks great. What a refreshing change from the horrible covers (see Gardens of the Moon) that grace American fantasy shelves. view post


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