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Who would you cast in a Prince of Nothing movie? posted 19 Sep 2007, 11:09 in General DiscusssionWho would you cast in a Prince of Nothing movie? by ErebusRed, Candidate

Just my ideas - feel free to complain or add your own! Akka - Mel Gibson Esme - Monica Belluci Proyas - Rufus Sewell (born to play this part!) Cnaiur - Gerald Butler Conphas - Colin Farrell (ala 'Alexander') Sarcellus - Jonathan Rhys Meyers Kellhus - Travis Fimmel Xinemus - Oliver Reed (yes I know he's dead - but still...) view post

posted 19 Sep 2007, 16:09 in General DiscusssionWho would you cast in a Prince of Nothing movie? by ErebusRed, Candidate

Yeh I'm particularly thinking of Mel as he is now - as opposed to the younger, fitter Mel. Somewhat past his prime, a little edgy, a bit dangerous, a sense of experience - and yet a twinkling humour and the feeling he might do unethical as well as courageous things. [img:190vca3m][/img:190vca3m] view post

posted 24 Sep 2007, 08:09 in General DiscusssionWho would you cast in a Prince of Nothing movie? by ErebusRed, Candidate

I can't help but cast the characters as I read, it helps me to keep on top of who is who. Here's another - I know Saubon is blonde, but I feel Colin Firth has good qualities to play the role. Displaying always a sense of personal dignity and righteousness, yet perhaps no stranger to greed and ambition - such as in his portrayal of Darcy in 'Pride and Prejudice'. [img:p7dfi08i][/img:p7dfi08i] And again although not a perfect physical match to Bakker's text, I can't help but imagine Gotian as Marton Csokas (Xena, LOTR, Kingdom of Heaven)... [img:p7dfi08i][/img:p7dfi08i] view post

Finished TTT today - my thoughts... Holy War as training - posted 03 Oct 2007, 07:10 in The Thousandfold ThoughtFinished TTT today - my thoughts... Holy War as training - by ErebusRed, Candidate

So... as it struck me the Holy War experience was like a contrived training exercise both for Kellhus and the Inrithi (also the Fanim?) armies to steel themselves for the new advent of the No-God. To become the people they needed to be in order to face the second apocalypse. A training exercise that had been devised (or usurped from the Consult) by Maithanet and Moenghus. Often in the narrative we hear about how the Inrithi warriors have become these iron men as a result of their experiences. I think their development was as crucial as the development of Kellhus. To become 'less numerous but more radiant than the old' as Akka views the new caste-nobility. But despite the profound cleverness of this plan, several things changed the context of the whole process... Kellhus had been touched by something from the Outside. What he was pretending to be - he actually was. And most potently Akka discovered that humanity, love - being free, being 'human' was of greater value than the whole world and it's fate. Just my perception of it. Great books, Mr Bakker... great books : ) view post

posted 03 Oct 2007, 08:10 in Author Q & AIs Kelhus a criticism of Jesus/religion? by ErebusRed, Candidate

I didn't sympathise with Kellhus far beyond the first book, and felt he became less of a character and more of a 'force'. As if he was increasingly conditioning himself from having real feelings. I kept hoping he would 'wake up' from his conditioning, but maybe that is yet to come. Ultimately he became necessity. Doing whatever is necessary 'for the greater good' but without concern for ethics. I would argue (not insist - I have learned something from reading these books!) that Akka is the hero of the story - that seems to be the revelation that Esmenet has when she reads the story of Seswatha. The Kellhus/Jesus question ought to be considered in the broader context of Messianic stories and the mythic hero cycle - rather than just that of Jesus. A Google on the works of Joseph Campbell will start you on the right track. view post

posted 03 Oct 2007, 10:10 in Author Q & ACampaigning In Earwa by ErebusRed, Candidate

I'm running an Earwa based campaign at the moment. I didn't realise the environment had grown out of the author's own campaign! How cool : ) I'm running an adaptation of the PON trilogy atm with a group of characters who are taking different paths through the Holy War. One is essentially following Kellhus path, another is one of Conphas personal guard and another character is a young Mandate agent working with Achamian. It's been awesome so far - had a lot of fun as DM playing the roles of Conphas, Proyas, Sarcellus and best of all the dissaproving Nautzera - haha : ) view post

There are 'no gods' posted 05 Oct 2007, 08:10 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThere are 'no gods' by ErebusRed, Candidate

I suspect that the belief systems of the people of Earwa bear little resemblence to the true scheme of things. It is possible that the Gods do not exist at all, but are all creations of the various cultures. Just as in real life the depth, complexity and popularity of religion does not necessarily denote for a fact that any God exists. Akka seems (to me) the most ethical character - and part of this is his concern for the well-being on this world, this life, rather than some imagined hereafter. In fact he clings to his damnation and muses that he may be more righteous than those who strive for glory. The Consult schemes could revolve around a more profound understanding of the real cosmology of things than the people of Earwa can grasp. The heroes have perhaps framed the Consult's goals in the context of their own beliefs - mistakenly. Might it not also be possible therefore that the No-God is not 'evil' in the traditional sense, merely a force manipulated by the real villians the Consult. This may be why it's so hard to understand what the No-God is. As we are seeing the issue from a flawed theological position. view post

posted 05 Oct 2007, 08:10 in The Thousandfold ThoughtNostalgia: Fav part of the trilogy? by ErebusRed, Candidate

When Saubon, Sarcellus and loads of Galeoth soldiers turn up unexpectedly while Kellhus, Akka & company are exploring the old ruin - very menacing. When Cnaiur goes to rescue Serwe. When Kellhus and Sarcellus fight in the game of shadows. That line about Conphas being unmoved by ridicule as if lepers had mocked his beauty - haha ! Mekeritrig at the wall with Seswatha. But the most exciting was when Kellhus was being chased (I think it was at Caraskand) by the Skin Spies. view post

posted 11 Oct 2007, 07:10 in The Thousandfold ThoughtFinished TTT today - my thoughts... Holy War as training - by ErebusRed, Candidate

Just started re-reading TDTCB - a week after finishing TTT! Hehe - may sound extreme but as I'm running some roleplay sessions in Earwa it doesn't hurt to be too familiar with the material. Weirdly it's like reading TDTCB for the first time, although I only read it a month ago and felt like I was paying avid attention. Something that really strikes me is how my perceptions about and initial sympathy for Kellhus were down to fantasy conventions, that Bakker has 'sneakily' subverted. At the start we know he is a Prince, that he has blond hair and hence we picture him as handsome - we expect him to have the noble qualities of a typical 'handsome prince'. But right at the outset he has this cold detachment, although somehow I refused to see it so early the first time. It wasn't till Kellhus lack of intervention on behalf of Serwe that I started to wonder, and [i:378x7nj0]even then [/i:378x7nj0]I thought he would somehow change that situation but I don't feel he did until he had calculated it would best serve his purpose. Interestingly, as well as his prowess it is Kellhus naiviety about the world that also serves to endear him at the outset. We can relate to weakness. Like Leweth we find Kellhus ignorance to be Godlike. Of course as he loses even that weakness we find our sympathies drifting to characters who better represent our own failings... like Achamian. view post

Man leaves inheritance to fight Consult or maybe Dunyain? posted 16 Oct 2007, 08:10 in The Thousandfold ThoughtMan leaves inheritance to fight Consult or maybe Dunyain? by ErebusRed, Candidate

From todays news: [b:2z5r5w97]The court also heard that Mr Kostic wrote to Mrs Thatcher at Downing Street in 1985, telling her: "I believe you are the only person in the free world who can save us from the bestial monsters. It seems to me that someone (not Gaddafi, IRA, Palestinians or Mafia, they are only the marionettes) organised many years ago a type of international university to study human weakness . . . I am sending a cheque for £5,000 to fight the evil wicked demons and SATANS and I am fully at your disposal." [/b:2z5r5w97] Full story here: ... 662376.ece view post

posted 07 Nov 2007, 08:11 in The Thousandfold ThoughtFinished TTT today - my thoughts... Holy War as training - by ErebusRed, Candidate

It's funny because I felt I was paying avid attention but really I excused Kellhus quite a bit, only really growing uncomfortable waiting for him to intervene on Serwe's behalf. I like your description of him as an 'avalanche'. Thanks for your thoughts on the Holy War as a stage in the severance. I'm very curious to consider what the Consult's next moves will be. view post


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