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The No-God posted 23 June 2004 in The Warrior ProphetThe No-God by anor277, Didact

I thought this was the appropriate section for this question, rather than the option of asking the author (and cheating?). In TWP we learn a little more of the No-God, an absolutely chilling entity, raised or summoned by the Consult and loosed upon men and non-men alike. Interestingly, the No-God possesses mortal worshippers, the Sranc and the Scylvendi. So to my question, how does the No-God attract such mortal worship; he possesses none of the usual attributes, love, forgiveness etc. and his appearance in the world was marked by widespread infant still-birth. The No-God could certainly not offer his worshippers fecundity (maybe the Inchoroi didn’t need conventional modes of reproduction). Did the Scylvendi worship the No-God to gain prowess in war in return? Ideas welcome. view post

The No-God posted 30 June 2004 in The Warrior ProphetThe No-God by anor277, Didact

@Loose, you're right, the Sranc are artefacts (rather unspeakable ones!) bred by the Inchoroi. As you point out, the Scylvendi are manipulable and this mortal race somewhy pledged their worship to the No-God. (Maybe it was a case of, "We Scylvendi are so hard that we worship a monstrous demon"). As regards the Heron Spear (a gigawatt laser?) I have no idea. Achamian said it was lost when the Scylvendi sacked Cenei (after the No-God's fall obviously). I agree that the No-god is a highly original creation. view post

The No-God posted 30 June 2004 in The Warrior ProphetThe No-God by anor277, Didact

@Sovin, as far as we know the Sranc (and the skin-spies) were bred to specifications. From memory one of the skin spies anticipated a world where no wombs quicken and all hopes wither - I don't think it's such a long stretch to expect absolute loyalty from them towards the No-god.

RE the Scylvendi I think it's reasonably certain that they fought for the No-god before (and after) the 1st apocalypse. In the epic fight between Cnaiür and Sarcellus, Sarcellus says to the Scylvendi, "you and I worship the same god". Interestingly there is an indication that the Scylvendi declared war on humanity at large (the Norsirai at least) after the Norsirai killed their god.

Off topic, I don't think the No-god is anything like Sauron, the Dark Lord is not nearly as frightening. view post

The No-God posted 08 July 2004 in The Warrior ProphetThe No-God by anor277, Didact

Just two points arising from a re-read of TDTCB (amazingly clearer now after TWP).

1. Cnaiür says unequivocally that the Scylvendi worshipped the Tusk before the No-God's arrival (they called him the Lokung).

2. He says that his chorae was a gift (generations ago) from the No-God. This makes a bit of sense in that the Inchoroi seem to be a less magically competent than the Non-men or the Gnostic schools; the "tears of god" may have been an invention to even things out. view post

On the subject of Chorae posted 11 July 2004 in Author Q & AOn the subject of Chorae by anor277, Didact

I think it is explicitly stated in the novels that there must be physical contact between the chorae and the flesh for the trinkets to either protect or to kill. So no doubt at the end of a battle various bowmen went out to retrieve their precious trinkets (actually mundane bowmen would have gone out to collect their loosed arrows anyway)

Interestingly, I think that Cnaiuer (excuse spelling I can't find the umlaut) says in TDTCB that the trinket he possessed was actually a gift (generations ago) from the No-God. Maybe the No-God and the Consult were the source of the trinkets. view post

The LOTR Films posted 14 July 2004 in Off-Topic DiscussionThe LOTR Films by anor277, Didact

Only vaguely on topic of the LoTR films (which I intensely disliked), did anyone see the episode of “Dead Ringers”, a comedy programme on BBC television, in which actors Saruman and Wormtongue are having a conversation and Wormtongue asks Saruman if he was disappointed that his plans for vengeance were cut out of the end of the film. Saruman says no because all he had planned to do was to “crawl in a hole and die”!.

Anyway on the DVD version what additions were made to the film? view post

Like father like son? posted 16 July 2004 in The Thousandfold ThoughtLike father like son? by anor277, Didact

While I agree that the Cishaurim is certainly at war with the Consult I am not sure that any ranking sorceror of any school could be a skin spy. The reason being of course that the skin spies do not have the sorcerous “taint” that would be recognized by any fellow sorceror. Of course the Scarlet Spires grandmaster, Sasheoka(?), whom the Cishaurim assassinated, may have been an agent of the Consult (i.e. the Consult offered him an alliance of some sort), but the current master, Eleäzaras (spelling?), seems to be pursuing no agenda other than of his own device.

As to what happens when Kellhus meets his father, who knows. Moenghus has obviously discovered bigger priorities than those of the Logos, whether he convinces Kellhus of that remains to be seen. I do think that Achamian will eventually teach Kellhus the Gnosis, after all what real enmity can Achamian hold towards Kellhus? view post

Like father like son? posted 17 July 2004 in The Thousandfold ThoughtLike father like son? by anor277, Didact

Why should Achamian bear a grudge towards Kellhus because of Esmenet? As far as Kellhus and Esmenet knew, Achamian was dead. In fact Achamian should thank Kellhus for saving the life of of his ex-lover - she would have shared the fate of all the other camp followers had not Kellhus taken her as his lover. I think Achamian is analytical enough, even after his first jealous outbursts, to realise the truth of this.

On the other hand Achamiam realises that Kellhus has been deceiving him for all those months as has been pointed out above....maybe this will drive him back to the Mandate's bosom. view post

Like father like son? posted 22 July 2004 in The Thousandfold ThoughtLike father like son? by anor277, Didact

@Damaen, if Sasheoka (assassinated SS grandmaster) was a skin spy he must have had the taint of sorcery to continue his imposture. No skin spy that we have seen has that sorcerous taint – hence the perplexity of the Myunsai and Saik schools when they unmasked Skeäos. Consult sorcery (probably Gnostic) has the taint likewise (at least the Inchoroi synthese, the Old name bird man, did). Ergo, Sasheoka was not a skin spy.

This is not to say that the Scarlet Spires were not in league with the Consult in Sasheoka’s time; if they are in league with them in Eleäzaras’ time it’s apparently not with their Grandmaster’s knowledge. I am at a definite loss to decide which faction is which or what the real agenda of Moe, Kell, the Cishaurim are. view post

Kellhus the God posted 26 July 2004 in The Warrior ProphetKellhus the God by anor277, Didact

In the earlier threads on this board there was quite a bit of discussion as to how “human” Kellhus was; the consensus was that Kellhus was not very much so. Given the events at the end of TWP in which Kellhus was elevated to the status of a prophet if not a god it’s evident that the Men of the Tusk were of the same opinion and it is highly probable that Kellhus might extend his dominion across the Three Seas by posing as the latest prophet.

Now the Three Seas are probably a nasty place to live, they have rigid social stratification, institutionalized slavery, the subjection of women, and intolerant patriarchal religions for starters and to this situation we add the superhuman Kellhus, a master practitioner of jnan, an arch manipulator, and an incorrigible user of his fellows as means and not ends. Have the Three Seas found a god that they truly deserve? The alternative is the Consult but they might preferable because they are at least good in bed. view post

Kellhus, Achamiam, and Emotion posted 06 August 2004 in The Warrior ProphetKellhus, Achamiam, and Emotion by anor277, Didact

Nice points, but I think a consensus has been reached that Kellhus is not entirely human. As you say, there were signs already in TWP that Kellhus was being corrupted by his stay among the world born. After Anwurat some “darkness” (was it pity?) stopped him from turning off Cnaiür and of course Kellhus wept for poor, innocent Serwe. On the other hand it’s hard the pity the Great Names that Kellhus so adroitly manipulates; they all practise jnan and they are all self serving, arrogant, and seldom moved by emotion (except when Kellhus moves them). I’ve stated elsewhere that maybe they truly deserve Kellhus.

Achamian, as you say is maybe the only moral character; I would like to see the sorcerers of the Scarlet Spires getting what is owed – especially as the novel was ambivalent on whether Iyokus survived Iothiath (maybe he is on the run from the demon he loosed on the world). view post

The No-God posted 13 August 2004 in The Warrior ProphetThe No-God by anor277, Didact

The No God also had other evocative names, "Tsurumah" (spelling?) as named by the Non-Men; the "Lokung" (Scylvendi) as well as "Mog-Pharau" from which corruption to the No-God is implied. Actually, given British slang, when the Mandate are always held to be prating about the return of Mog, I thought of a pet cat (a mog or a moggie) coming home for his dinner. view post

Mandate spies? posted 18 August 2004 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeMandate spies? by anor277, Didact

The Mandate elders are of the opinion that they have been infiltrated; specifically all their agents are being turned off. They think that one of their number has turned traitor. Now I think that it is reasonable to assume that a skin spy cannot masquerade as a sorceror (because they do not have the sorcerous “stain” that is recognized by other sorcerors). Any ideas as to who it could be? My tip is most likely that sea captain that ferried Achamian from Atyersus to Sumna – a skin spy in this position would have excellent knowledge of where the Mandate’s field agents were deployed and he’d be overlooked by his insignificance. view post

Mandate spies? posted 19 August 2004 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeMandate spies? by anor277, Didact

That was my impression, that the skin spies were simply tailing the Mandate sorcerors. It's hard to believe that a mandate schoolman could turn traitor, given that each night htey are possessed by the mandate's founder, a sorceror long dead. view post

Mandate spies? posted 19 August 2004 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeMandate spies? by anor277, Didact

I don’t think it necessarily follows that should a Mandati descend into madness he should betray a past and present trust. For the schoolmen of the modern Mandate, the most stinging jibe laid against them was their prating of the “return of Mog”, apparently a tale told to scare children in the modern Three Seas. Why should a Mandati, covertly approached by a Consult agent, betray himself and his school (and the formidable Seswatha) when finally given evidence that the Mandate’s vigil, unappreciated and ridiculed by the rest of the Three Seas, had in fact been worth keeping? Witness Achamian’s stunned elation at the end of the novel when he uncovers the Consult spies view post

Like father like son? posted 23 August 2004 in The Thousandfold ThoughtLike father like son? by anor277, Didact

It’s hard to see the Consult orchestrating Sasheoka’s assassination in that both Iyokus and Eleazäras remember the occasion and shudder at the fact that the Cishaurim assassins do not bear the mark of sorcery (the stain on the Onta, whatever that is). Consult sorcery, as far as we know, is Gnostic; its practitioners certainly bear the sorcerers’ mark. For whatever reason, the Cishaurim did assassinate Sasheoka. view post

Like father like son? posted 26 August 2004 in The Thousandfold ThoughtLike father like son? by anor277, Didact

Achamian's map might be a good crib (hint?) as to who the factions are - after all he's trying to work out who is who and who is playing whom. Myself, i can't see Maithanet as being anything other than a creature of the Consult (why else proclaim holy war as the last post points out?). Of course, Achamian's map does not explicitly include Moenghus, but he's on the map as a member (and likely evil genius of) the Cishaurim view post posted 28 October 2004 in Off-Topic by anor277, Didact

Attention: Loose Cannon, Mithfanion, Drosdelnach, and other users on the malazan board!

Is it just my server, but I haven't been able to log in to the forum ( for about 2 days. Does anone have any news on its status? view post posted 29 October 2004 in Off-Topic by anor277, Didact


Thanx, actually I wanted up to pick some spoilers from the "Bonehunters" (which you might know all about now!). But patience is a virtue. Cheers. view post posted 29 October 2004 in Off-Topic by anor277, Didact

Thanks again Dros...(I did know that you had indeed posted that thread!). It makes sense that the board is getting spammed out. Cheers. view post

Serious TTT thoughts, predictions, ideas... posted 01 November 2004 in The Thousandfold ThoughtSerious TTT thoughts, predictions, ideas... by anor277, Didact

While it’s probably dangerous to anticipate the next novel – we don’t know who the factions are and I suspect a few rabbits will be pulled out of a few hats – here’s my 2 pence and cut me to pieces if necessary.

Achamian will probably swallow his jealousy regarding Esmenet and teach Kellhus the Gnosis. Further involvement by the Mandate is probably very likely indeed – they may have other agents in the holy war and surely they might have heard rumours of an Anasurimbor (Atyersus is close to Shimeh by sea and it would be interesting to see how the Scarlet Spires will cope with a corps of Mandate sorcerers – probably by kissing their ar$es).

As far as the holy war goes, increasingly Kellhus’s tool, I think that the Kianene have mustered their last host. Fanayal (? the Padirajah’s son) spirited away his brothers and sisters in the last battle and will probably try to consolidate his rule from Nenciphon (i.e. inner Kian). So I think the last march of the holy war will be uncontested up to Shimeh. Where this leaves Conphas and his pact with the Kianene is anybody’s guess. If Conphas is not now a disciple of Kellhus (and he is probably too self-centred to be one) I doubt that he will have the opportunity to subvert the holy war before Shimeh – he has too many powerful opponents, Kellhus and his followers for one, and the Scarlet Spires for another. Conphas is probably flexible enough to ignore the pact his emperor negotiated – the Kianene seem to be impotent now. (As an aside, if the Consult still have skin spies in the Nansur court, I think Istriya, Xerius’ mother, is the prime suspect.)

So how does Maithanet fit into this? If he is a skin-spy (and yes I know he ordered Proyas to help Achamian) there’s a chance of him being revealed as was Sarcellus and Skeaös. Should this happen maybe Kellhus will be the “latter latter prophet” and supplant the thousand temples. I’ve got no clue how Mallahet fits into all of this (if he is indeed Moenghus) – a meeting between Cnaiür and Moenghus is likely indeed. view post

Serious TTT thoughts, predictions, ideas... posted 02 November 2004 in The Thousandfold ThoughtSerious TTT thoughts, predictions, ideas... by anor277, Didact

Given Conphas suspicions that Kellhus is a Cishaurim spy, it would truly be ironic if Kellhus spares Shimeh and the Cishaurim. Nansur suspicions were from the beginning untenable: had Kellhus been a Cishaurim operative why should he betray a skin spy? view post

Serious TTT thoughts, predictions, ideas... posted 03 November 2004 in The Thousandfold ThoughtSerious TTT thoughts, predictions, ideas... by anor277, Didact


As I recall the "swazond" on Cnaiür's neck was in fact a suicide hesitation mark where he hadn't cut deep enough while attempting to top himself. As far as I know little Moenghus, almost certainly his natural son, is still safely guarded by Kellhus' followers who are under the impression that Kellhus is the father. (NB I've never looked closely enough at the dates in TDTCB and TWP to convince myself that Kellhus could not be the father, nevertheless, that seems to be the case.)


In my view, the "Aspect Emperor" refers to Kellhus not Conphas. As regards Conpahs' denunciation of the Consult (before Achamian), the fact that he'd been working hand in glove with Sarcellus, a proven skin spy, may have severely tarnished the Nansur lustre. But I've been egregiously wrong before. view post

Serious TTT thoughts, predictions, ideas... posted 04 November 2004 in The Thousandfold ThoughtSerious TTT thoughts, predictions, ideas... by anor277, Didact

Good posts…finally some discussion as to where the books are going. Regarding the fate of the Holy War, I was trying to find a chapter heading that features an excerpt from Achamian’s “Compendium of the 1st Holy War”. From memory, Achamian mentions the crusade’s failure, and then qualifies the term, “did I say failure, no transformation” or something similar. It’s clear that the simple reconquest of Shimeh will not be the defining point, and maybe rather the development of an empire around Shimeh will conclude the crusade (with Kellhus possibly its emperor) – I suppose this harks back to the historical crusades when Outremer kingdoms were built in the Holy Land. Again I don’t think that Shimeh can evade capture. Now at least for the low castes, Kellhus would be a good choice as king/emperor for the newly conquered territories; whether he can persuade Conphas, world born though he is, is a different matter. And of course we don’t know yet what Kellhus’ mission to Shimeh actually is: to kill his father, or to learn from him?

Maithanet is another mystery – there’s some evidence that he is a skin spy, (i) he could recognize Achamian as a sorceror (via Seswatha), and (ii) the 1000 temples has apparently been purged of spies and the Consult had a hand in some of the purging. If this is the case it would not be beyond Kellhus to demonstrate (by unmasking the Shriah if he makes a pilgrimage to Shimeh) that the Inrithi worshipped not the God but the Consult…So when does the Thousandfold Thought come out? view post

Serious TTT thoughts, predictions, ideas... posted 25 November 2004 in The Thousandfold ThoughtSerious TTT thoughts, predictions, ideas... by anor277, Didact

Just read something that may be of relevance to the “thousand fold thought” (TDTCB, trade paperback, p 515, Chapter 17). It occurs at the first council of the great names at the emperor’s court when Kellhus appraises the other princes and leaders (i.e. Gothyelk, Saubon, Chepheramunni – masked on this occasion so he can’t be identified as a skin spy). Kellhus observes that individually each prince would be as easy to possess as any world born man, but concludes that in “their sum, they were incalculable. They were a labyrinth, a thousand thousand halls, and he had to pass through them”.

Of course I’m out by a couple of orders of magnitude, but is his possession of the holy war the means to move (to pass through) a mass of men with conflicting desires and emotions? I would have hoped that the thousand fold thought included pity and compassion, but if the passage quoted above foreshadows the TTT, then it is just another means to further Kellhus’ mission. view post

Moenghus as Harbinger posted 08 December 2004 in The Thousandfold ThoughtMoenghus as Harbinger by anor277, Didact

I meant to respond to this thread earlier, well here's my 2pence.

I think it is perfectly reasonable to question the role of both Moenghus and his son Kellhus, even given that Kellhus is probably exceptional, even for a Dunyain. The problem is that we don't know what are their agenda. Is Kellhus working for the Dunyain; is he working for his father; is he working for a purpose that is yet unspecified? Probably the latter, and try as I might, like Cnaiur, I just cannot fathom what it is. Regarding the prophecy, it is true that there are 2 Anasurimbors in the three seas; in a few months there will be a third, Esmenet's child; for all we know he is the Anasurimbor referred to in the prophecy if indeed the prophecy is valid. Esmenet's child will necessarily be "world born", but with Kellhus and Esmenet (and Achamian?) as his teachers, he might surpass both father and grandfather (and why do I assume that Esmenet's child will be a he?) view post

the emperor Ikurai Xerius III posted 15 January 2005 in The Warrior Prophetthe emperor Ikurai Xerius III by anor277, Didact

I agree, I think it's much more likely that Xerius' mother Istriya is a skin spy (perhaps replaced just after Skeaös was revealed). The evidence is very circumstantial of course, Istriya opposes Xerius' plan to spare Shimeh (and the Cishaurim) from conquest, which is presumably a Consult aim; however, Istriya would be uniquely vulnerable to replacement by a skin-spy. She takes numerous lovers and also chooses lovers for her son Xerius, any of whom could be a skin spy and could dispose of her and masquerade as her quite easily. All of this raises an interesting question, are the skin-spies hermaphroditic; can they change their genitals as well as their faces? Yuck, the mind boggles. view post

Ewoks, Ewoks, Ewoks posted 17 January 2005 in Off-Topic DiscussionEwoks, Ewoks, Ewoks by anor277, Didact

Just a question that occurred to me over the Xmas holidays, in which I saw the Stars Wars saga again (Return of the Jedi is the one I’m talking about), for the 1st time since I was a kiddie. Well, it’s a sad thing to grow up, because all I’ve got now is carping criticism. Specifically, on the Ewoks planet, the Ewoks, with only bow and arrow technology, take on Imperial troops in what is a crucial struggle regarding the security of the Death Star. Meanwhile, Luke confronts his father and the evil emperor on the Death Star above the planet. My problem? As far as I can see Luke’s confrontation is entirely superfluous to the plot of the story. Had Luke been defeated by his father or the emperor, or even tempted to the dark side (whatever that is!), the Death Star would still have been destroyed by reason of the improbable victory of the Ewoks on the ground. Possibly this same point has been done to death at other times and on different forums. Have I missed something? (Possibly I was distracted from some crucial point by the tragic Ewok deaths) view post

Best Kick-in-the-Nuts' EVER!!! posted 28 January 2005 in Literature DiscussionBest Kick-in-the-Nuts' EVER!!! by anor277, Didact

While I enjoyed ASOIAF, the truly gobsmacking moment for mine in recent literature was in Philip Pullman's Northern Lights when Lyra finally learns what the Gobblers are doing to the children they have kidnapped. I was jumpy for a week afterwards. view post

the emperor Ikurai Xerius III posted 29 January 2005 in The Warrior Prophetthe emperor Ikurai Xerius III by anor277, Didact

@Erthaelion... While I agree that it is a lot harder to imagine a sexual misfit as female, there is the possibility that the skin-spies are hermaphrodites, i.e. they have flexible genital organs or two sets thereof (I'll leave it to the author to supply the gross details of those contraptions!). Regarding the observation that we've seen no "female" skin-spies, wasn't there a scene when it was implied that one of Esmenet's fellow prostitutes was a closet skin-spy? Mind you, as you say it doesn't make sense to impersonate a female in the Three Seas - there are few that hold any power. On the other hand a female is more likely to be overlooked and therefore a more effective spy. view post


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