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posted 09 May 2006, 22:05 in Off-Topic DiscussionList 'Em - Bands by flyonwall, Commoner

I used to be in metal a few years ago.. I don't really.. dislike it anymore.. it's just not really my thing.. currently really into industrial (and have been pretty much since metal.. kind of migrated from metal to industrial).. a few bands i listen to frequently.. das ich, skinny puppy, wumpscut, ohGr, i've been on a decoded feedback kick lately as well.. *tips his non-existent hat to whoever had mentioned front 242 a page or two ago* view post

posted 09 May 2006, 22:05 in Literature DiscussionNeeding some good suggestions. by flyonwall, Commoner

if you're looking for someone non-fantasy, as someone elsed stated there's always Chuck Palahniuk, but personally.. i adore Irvine Welsh (wrote the book the movie trainspotting was adopted from) I'd reccomend Acid House as the first Welsh book to read as it's short stories and easier to become used to his style (he writes with differnt accents/slang spellings for different characters) after which i'd suggest Glue, or trainspotting and porno view post


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