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The Amoral Khellus posted 06 Apr 2006, 06:04 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Amoral Khellus by Primal, Peralogue

Hey all, what's up? I just found this site, and read some interesting disccusions. Anyway, I wanted to discuss, in particular, a series of events through the three books concerning a subtle and gradual change in Khellus, a growing in his moral "vestigial" nature. First, however, I'd like to make a comment about the Dunyain. We all know Khellus [i:19w7qrds]was[/i:19w7qrds] Dunyain, a group of people who believe that the world is orderly and holds no mysteries, and that everything happens according to the dictates of logic. This is what Khellus means by the "axiomatic" thought of the Dunyain--that everything has its place, that all events and actions transpire through sanity and understanding. This is why when faced with the unknown, Khellus says Moenghus will desire to seal off the world ("kill everyone"), because it goes against what the Dunyain is. We have different perspectives about what happened in that meeting between the two (Cu Roi's explanation is very compelling; you can find it here ) Back to what I wanted to discuss: I think that as Khellus is exposed to more and more experiences of the dynamicity of the world, he is slowly developing into a more moral person. He came from the Dunyain, who apply no concept of right or wrong in their reasoning intellect. Most of Khellus's decisions have been based on pure reasoning. But, Khellus is not as unmoving or unaffected as he appears. In the first book, when Cnaiur first came upon Serwe and took her captive and raped her, Khellus watched (and I don't remember the exact quotes; I gave the first two books of the prince of nothing away) and it seemed to him ...everything seemed to fade out to blackness as "the stars and the sky stood still while the ground beneath swirled in a circular motion". Of course, Khellus, being new to emotions, didn't realize he was witnessing a "wrongness" though he somewhat responded to it in that manner. He wondered about this "vision" In the second book, Khellus, upon returning from a battle, goes to kill Cnaiur. This is when he realizes he can't read or predict Cnaiur's behavior who is raving mad. As he holds Cnaiur by the neck, and studies Cnaiur, something overcomes him, and he decides to stay his hand. Again, he wonders to himself "what is this? Pity?" In the third book, more relevant to emotional development than moral development, Khellus is confronted by an Inchoroi in Esmenet form. They talk about the difference between love and worship. As Khellus explains the truth that Esmenet "worships" him and actually "loves" Acchamian Drusas, he feels something in his heart. He asks himself, "what is this? Pain?" He doesn't realize yet that he is susceptible to human sentiment, and in this case it's that the love of a woman doesn't really belong to him; he is excluded from it, and hence the pain. What do you all think? Is this what's happening? Any developments you see happening that no one has pointed out yet? [/url] view post

posted 10 Apr 2006, 07:04 in The Thousandfold ThoughtWater by Primal, Peralogue

I do not think Kellhus "found himself pressed for survival" against the Cishaurim. =] All the mandate schoolmen use one voice to utter the gnosis; Achamian told Kellhus about the legend of a powerful sorcerer who uttered [i:3mek4udx]two[/i:3mek4udx] voices but said that such a thing was an impossibility, a myth. Kellhus utters not one...not two but [i:3mek4udx]three[/i:3mek4udx] voices. One voice vs. two voice vs. three voice. Look at what one voice of Achamian can do. The gnosis is very powerful sorcery. Add a second or third voice, and you get [i:3mek4udx]exponential[/i:3mek4udx] power. Now, add someone with Dunyain abilities. Five Pshukari vs that? This is like clumsy, slow, porky amateur swordfighters who wield plastic spoons against an expert swordfighter who wheels an exceedingly sharp sword which he can twirl like a nunchuck. [i:3mek4udx]Three[/i:3mek4udx] voices...this is power beyond a mere handful of water-spillers. view post

posted 10 Apr 2006, 08:04 in The Thousandfold ThoughtKellhus, his divinity, and his "good guy" status. by Primal, Peralogue

Let me pose a question (for which I don't think there is a clear answer): If the actions of Kellhus and Cnaiur are interpreted as evil, then which of the two is more evil? You have Kellhus, a master of people politics, seen as a manipulator who uses people to an ends, and not as a means in themselves. You have Cnaiur, bred on war, who goes on rages and rapes women and kills the elderly and children. The one is a subtle, different kind of "morally" questionable element. The other is more plain sighted. Also, it would seem that people have more empathy with or sympathy towards Cnaiur. Cnaiur, who instead of "manipulating" people, committs what people would consider atrocities (raping, killing villagers). Maybe people fear or hate Kellhus more because he is more dangerous? And accept Cnaiur's actions due to his "unbalanced" mind? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- In response to some comments: Kellhus does not bring war. The war was before Kellhus. If anything, Kellhus only brings better organization to the side he's with. You want Kellhus to be the bad guy just because he's too powerful? Personally, I would want the protagonist to be powerful, especially against the insane Erratic and destructively engineered Inchoroi. Mekeritrig, one of the Erratics, has been practicing sorcery for [i:10o7ep93]thousands[/i:10o7ep93] of years. I think you don't like Kellhus because the idea of him is too different from the idea of your protagonist. You like Achamian because he is human, flawed. The way I see it, Kellhus is the most flawed character. Here you have Kellhus, who as a child is forced to master the Logos. If he fails, he dies. He succeeds and is raised according to Dunyain, who super-develop certain aspects of the human and at the same time eliminate or reduce the human aspects of emotions, keeping Kellhus exposed from that which is considered "normal". So, in certain regards, he is supremely developed and in other regards, such as the emotional, he is underdeveloped. Remember Esmenet comparing the "gazes" between Achamian and Kellhus during the final battle sequence of TTT, where Achamian and her go at it? Dont remember exact quote but goes something like this: "Achamian...who looked at her with such intensity, such desperation...and Kellhus, with his calm, cool blue eyes, who she knew could never look at her in such a way... " This is the flaw, and a tragedy, of Kellhus. view post

posted 11 Apr 2006, 11:04 in Off-Topic DiscussionFirst Word that Comes to Mind by Primal, Peralogue

eat view post

posted 11 Apr 2006, 11:04 in Off-Topic DiscussionWords You Like or Don't Like by Primal, Peralogue

I wouldn't like certain words depending on situation and context. If someone were to call me "fag" or "pussy" as an insult, I wouldn't like those words at all. view post

posted 11 Apr 2006, 11:04 in Off-Topic Discussionwhat do you do by Primal, Peralogue

soldier view post

posted 11 Apr 2006, 11:04 in Off-Topic DiscussionAges by Primal, Peralogue

25 view post

posted 13 Apr 2006, 05:04 in Off-Topic DiscussionWords You Like or Don't Like by Primal, Peralogue

That doesn't mean you would ever call me one. I know how to deal with troublesome females. view post

posted 13 Apr 2006, 06:04 in The Thousandfold ThoughtKellhus, his divinity, and his "good guy" status. by Primal, Peralogue

When it comes to the uncertainties of Kellhus, I can't really determine whether he is a good or bad guy. Both good guys and bad guys will cause "collateral" strife to achieve their end results, whatever that may be. The Erratics' intention is to kill, torture, degrade, cause as much suffering as possible so they may remember it. To most people, that is an evil intention, regardless of the Erratics' madness. Kellhus, right now, seems not to understand his intention (correct me if I am wrong). He [i:1n2f177w]was[/i:1n2f177w] Dunyain, whose supreme goal was to dominate. If he has become something more...what does he want now? And wanting to have mastery over that good or bad? That was Kellhus's intention. Regardless whether Kellhus is good or bad, he is still the protagonist. I still find him a fascinating character, like I do the crow Inchoroi, Mekeritrig, Achamian, Conphas, the Emperor, Cnaiur... But, Kellhus is the most fascinating for me. You really got an essence for his Dunyaina in the first book. In the battle with the Nonmen, ..."he moved into the space that was [i:1n2f177w]before[/i:1n2f177w]"; when the sorcerer (Mekeritrig or whoever, how do you know it was Mekeritrig anyway?) started casting a spell and Kellhus saw the distortion in his mouth. Those descriptions, and the descriptions of the "neuropunctures", a chamber of "defects" with stimulodes attached to the brain; the Logos meditation. Oh yeah, I have to throw this in here too: the scene with Cnaiur hiding among the corpses while he listens in on Conphas--"he did not merely remember...he [i:1n2f177w]relived[/i:1n2f177w]..." The writings were masterful. They conveyed sentiments and scenes [i:1n2f177w]perfectly[/i:1n2f177w]. And I believe the effort gone into making Kellhus was most present here in the first book. There was something special about The Darkness that Comes Before view post

posted 13 Apr 2006, 06:04 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Aspect Emperor, Inrithism, Fanimry, and the Schools by Primal, Peralogue

Something that I have been speculating about...the visions. We know Kellhus has been having visions; he saw the No-God as he hung dying; he saw and spoke to something as he ran towards Kyrudea(?). Someone mentioned somewhere this was alluding to Lewis(?) the trapper in the 1st book. I don't think so. The questioning: what do you think these visions mean? Where are they coming from? Are they divine or some other sources? Kellhus may be mad too, but he is not mad in respect to the visions. They happened. They were not illusory effects of madness. Second speculation: what happened between Kellhus and Seswatha that Seswatha allows Kellhus to attain the Gnosis? What did Kellhus say? This is in reference to a particular scene of Achamian teaching Kellhus. Third speculation: Kellhus wept for Serwe as they hung together. Towards the end of TTT, he recollects on it thinking to himself, as if perplexed, "[i:3aiwu7bm]he had wept[/i:3aiwu7bm]". What does this mean? Fourth speculation: Do you think Kellhus knew beforehand what Achamian would do at the end of the book? He understood Achamian's fixation on Esmenet. Was this premeditated on his part? He could easily have persuaded Esmenet to go back to Achamian, and made it seem as he if had sacrificed, and so on. view post

posted 16 Apr 2006, 09:04 in Off-Topic DiscussionPrince of Nothing Word Game? by Primal, Peralogue

Mekeritrig's Yearly Soul Undertaking Never Stimulated Altruistic Internity INCHOROI view post

posted 19 Apr 2006, 15:04 in The Thousandfold ThoughtKellhus's sorcery... by Primal, Peralogue

[quote:31hf2zth]As regards his sorcerous powers, certainly it is not yet mature - he is unpractised and inexperienced though possessed of enormous potential. Achamian himself said that he (A) would have been able to overcome him (K) as a sorceror; and the Cishaurim primaries in concert were apparently more than his match on the occasion above. Doubtless Kellhus' sorcerours power will develop in the next few years under Mandate teaching - to the extent of surpassing his teachers (the Mandate quorum, as Achamian had warned them, are in for some interesting times).[/quote:31hf2zth] The scene you were referring to with Achamian saying he would have been able to overcome him: this was before Achamian started teaching him actual cants, before Kellhus spoke with Seswatha. Also, that battle against the Cishaurim already confirmed Kellhus's power. It is true that he will become more powerful. [quote:31hf2zth][/quote:31hf2zth] view post

posted 22 Apr 2006, 10:04 in The Thousandfold ThoughtKellhus's sorcery... by Primal, Peralogue

You're right, Mahajanga. Thanks for pointing it out. view post

posted 23 Apr 2006, 11:04 in Off-Topic DiscussionHow did you get your username? by Primal, Peralogue

Mine was simple enough; based off a generic email that I use for various online activities. view post

posted 23 Apr 2006, 11:04 in Off-Topic DiscussionFirst Word that Comes to Mind by Primal, Peralogue

dead view post

posted 23 Apr 2006, 11:04 in Member Written WorksMidviel: Solicitude by Primal, Peralogue

I don't know if you want a critique or not, so I'll make it short. Listen, [i:2mt006nr]words are visual[/i:2mt006nr]. "many lay dead" "even more lay suffering" Not very visual. It doesn't draw us into the scene. view post

posted 23 Apr 2006, 11:04 in Member Written Worksthe decapitating adventures of the merry chainswhore by Primal, Peralogue

This is horrible, gory shit. Not bad writing bad, though. I like how you did the scene-switches. view post

posted 23 Apr 2006, 11:04 in Author Q & AFan art for the PoN by Primal, Peralogue

I don't really visualize a particular face to a character. I visualize a sort of presence, much like EE's description of Cnaiur, but no face. If there must be a face, it's a broad, general face that doesn't really stay constant. Same with Kellhus, Esmenet, Achamian, and all characters I have ever read about in books, except for the Harry Potter series cause of the movies. view post

posted 24 Apr 2006, 01:04 in Author Q & AFan art for the PoN by Primal, Peralogue

It's difficult to get the faces out of my mind while reading; the association is powerful. view post

posted 24 Apr 2006, 02:04 in Philosophy DiscussionCan we really tell history "as it was"? by Primal, Peralogue

I think we can approach an understanding of the mentality of the past by looking at the mentality of now. The world is not in the same stages of development. Parts of Asia, the Middle East, Africa still have herding, fishing, individual-agriculture that make up the majority of livelihood, not like the mass productions of more tech-advanced civilizations. Also, there are the factors of religion, culture, war, etc, needs, and wants. It's true that history is fragmented narratives. But it one aspect, it comes together to become a single entity of history. My analogy is: what is a civilization? It is composed of individuals, who in one aspect, have come together to form a single entity. History can be more than one aspect. Also, history, for me, is a leap of faith. It seems we can never have completely conclusive knowledge, facts, understanding, or evidence. Everything we learn on history are from relics, artifacts, writings, pictures, memories, and other media, all told from countless perspectives. I don't really understanding how and what we choose to believe, but we choose to believe. (goddamn Aldarion; I'll suppose I'll try to formulate around the "I don't know"). What we choose to believe can be a synthesis of different things--the need to rationalize, the need to make conformity and sensibility for psychological purposes, coherency, etc. What we choose to believe can also be based on randomness, irrationality, whim. view post

posted 25 Apr 2006, 14:04 in Philosophy DiscussionCan we really tell history "as it was"? by Primal, Peralogue

Sokar, gierra pretty much summed up my intent. It was partially a response to Grantaire, but also a response to Alderion's [quote:2jvx8cl1]So many interpretations that we today can make of the past. But beyond that, there are some serious questions as to how much we can ever understand the mentalité of those even as recent as a hundred or two hundred years. Anyways, thought I'd just leave this incomplete so others can question and give their own declarations of understanding.[/quote:2jvx8cl1] [i:2jvx8cl1]Truth[/i:2jvx8cl1] and [i:2jvx8cl1]history[/i:2jvx8cl1] being separate...I wasn't specifically addressing that. view post

posted 01 May 2006, 07:05 in Off-Topic DiscussionFirst Word that Comes to Mind by Primal, Peralogue

blood view post

posted 01 May 2006, 07:05 in Literature DiscussionAnyone read American Gods, by Neil Gaiman? by Primal, Peralogue

Yeah, read the book. It was alright view post

posted 01 May 2006, 07:05 in Literature DiscussionEddings by Primal, Peralogue

His books are alright too view post

posted 01 May 2006, 07:05 in Literature DiscussionThe Bonehunters and Steven Erikson by Primal, Peralogue

I don't why, but I couldn't get past the first few pages of the malazan; had just received from amazon too. Gave it away view post

posted 04 May 2006, 08:05 in Off-Topic DiscussionFirst Word that Comes to Mind by Primal, Peralogue

chaos view post

posted 12 May 2006, 05:05 in Off-Topic DiscussionFirst Word that Comes to Mind by Primal, Peralogue

fuck view post

posted 08 Jun 2006, 05:06 in Off-Topic DiscussionIts not just Scott its the ancient boarders to by Primal, Peralogue

Well, I've been lurking. When is AE due out anyway? Anyone know? view post

posted 22 Jun 2006, 05:06 in Philosophy DiscussionModern Soldiers by Primal, Peralogue

Fucking shit. What a milker. Btw, a marine's two tours to iraq are less than one normal tour of a soldier's(in the military, "soldier" refers specifically to the general army, while "marine" or "trooper" refers to marine (trooper refers to all armed forces: army, airforce, navy, marine)). I know soldiers who have served in iraq for two years or more, and I'm sure they've been involved in more shit than that marine, yet they do not ask for nor need any kind of special treatment. This marine's behavior is not typical of other armed forces member. Go ahead and make your supreme statement Warrior-Poet. =] I'll post recommendations base on firsthand experience (that's all I can say about my status). view post

posted 24 Jun 2006, 06:06 in Philosophy DiscussionModern Soldiers by Primal, Peralogue

Scilvenas, as a seaman, you've interacted with marines before.You know what they are like. They treat you like they're your daddy, when they're the ones who were conceived out of you. It's fine that the marine Kidruhil spoke of wanted a discount. I don't have a problem with people wanting discounts. But the fact is, he was already receiving a discount - a "military discount". Look at this marine's attitude and demeanor. By saying "Come on, I know you got a lower rate for a guy who's been to Iraq twice" he's dissing on all other military members, and also trying to milk it. You were in the middle of the ocean stuck on a piece of floating steel--does that make you any less or entitled to less than that marine who served in iraq on two tours? One marine tour is 6months or less. Less if you subtract the 2-3 weeks coming in and 2-3 weeks going out. Another thing too, I hate people who try to glorify shit. It usually means one of two things. One, they've never been in a life-threatening situation to them and their fellow members; so they don't have that experience to know they don't want to have that experience again, and they appreciate their life and what they have. This guy obviously didn't appreciate the military discount he was already privileged to receive. Two, they've got prime ego narcissism. view post

MILF posted 30 Jun 2006, 11:06 in Member Written WorksMILF by Primal, Peralogue

She was an attractive woman, who appeared to be in her mid-twenties. But I knew she was older, over a decade older. She had these serene blue eyes, and a smile that was incredibly enticing. I often wondered if she knew how hotly those lips, displayed in such an affectation, aroused me. She had a full-figured body, magnificently endowed, and of tantalizing curves. I loved the way how her hair always seemed imbued with sunlight. Once, I peeked at her while she showered. Oh! how those beads of water savored over her smooth exotic flesh. I wish I had been those beads! And how pink her nipples! I wanted to suck nd bite them. She was beautiful. And I wanted to conquer her, this bitch, this slut, this whore. I wanted to stb into all of her sweet crevices. I can picture her now, naked before me, running those elegant fingers across my chest, and wrapping around my hero's tool. "William," she calls to me. "Come eat dinner." "Yes mother," reply I and comply. sept04 view post

The Truth posted 30 Jun 2006, 11:06 in Member Written WorksThe Truth by Primal, Peralogue

Randall is scorned by truth. He has known the truth of this ever since the truth revealed itself to him. How did the truth reveal itself? When Randall was a child of seven, the Man came home howling drunk. "Randall, you little cock!" roared the Man. "Get your ass down here!" Randall, timid, little Randall, set a-trembling by the thundering and the presence of the Man made haste to obey. "Y-yes, father?" stammered Randall, head bowed, eyes to the floor, before the Man. "This is the truth, Randall! This is THE FUCKING TRUTH!!" screamed hoarsed the Mn. He shot out with the right of his hand, grabbing and chocking little Randall's throat, and then hurling Randall into the living room wall. "You sonofabitch! I can't stand it anymore! " screamed the Man. "Your mother is a fucking whore. Did she tell you that, you little cock, DID SHE?!" The Man lunged forward and stomped on Randall's face, bruising and breaking skin, on which blood flowed free and easy, matting into te light blonde of his hair. Randall wailed like the little child he was, big droplets of confusion and fear falling from his little bright blue eyes. His father had always been a cold man, had disciplined him with slaps in the face, but had never before struck him with such severity. Randall cringed before the blows. 'Why is father hitting me?' he wonders, 'why?' It was years later that Randall realizes why. Though the beatings that began and continued on through the years were not justified, Randall understood the reason for it. Randall had married a woman with blue eyes and blonde hair like him. Eleven months afer their marriage, the woman gave birth. And the baby...the baby was a pretty little thing with adorable brown eyes and matching fibers of hair. And the joy...the job that was to be his, turned ember into rage, and blazed the whole of his being. "Honey, I..." began his wife as she laid there cradling the child. But he listened no further and bursted from there. He knew what she meant to say, that she couldn't have been sure whose child it was and took the risk to wait until the birth. She had fucked another man, and hosted his sperm, two months into their marriage. That was the fucking truth. sept04 view post

William P.'s Appetite posted 30 Jun 2006, 11:06 in Member Written WorksWilliam P.'s Appetite by Primal, Peralogue

My name is William P. I am a child of New York City. I haunt the city streets at night, a creature of desires and hungers. I am also an observer of the change, for change is the great metamorphosis of time. There is a sublimeness about change, some holiness about the sudden alteration of reality. It is magnificent! Change happened to me, irrevocably. I live in one of the flats along Central Park. Yes, my home is of luxury and comfort and privacy. I have endured trials to attain it. I live alone in this flat. But that was not always so. An intimate friend of mine, Reyes Jones, had phoned me. "Will," he said, "I'm in desperate times. I need a place to stay." My heart is not so cruel that I would have refused him. Reyes Jones moved in, and he brought along with him good cheer and utterly fascinating stories. We would sing songs together and discuss everything from the ancient Mayan rites to the sky city of Japan that began construction in 2002. Reyes Jones was brilliant and his words never dulled. He was also a most excellent cook. In the evenins, sometimes I would come home fro work and find delightfully prepared dishes-roasted dusck in blue bon sauce, pettuci noodles sprinkled lightly in fine salvata swiss cheese, soup conjured with exotic spices from India, and numerous other dishes. Thus, our lving went on in such a way for a while. But, one day I had decided to take respite from work. I slept later than usual, and woke the same time as Reyes Jones. He had entered the bathroom ahead of me. I could hear the shower running. When Reyes Jones emerged, he was wrapped around the waist in a light-tan towel. When I saw his body, I felt a change within me. Reyes Jones ahd a strong, muscular body with a smooth, soft skin tone. He looked quite delicious. I could not help but lick my lips. "You work out, Reyes?" "Gotta maintain my health," he grinned. Yes, he certainly looked healthy. From that moment on, I hungered for Reyes Jones. It was unnatural hunger, and so I kept myself from expressing it to Reyes Jones. But oh! how agonizing the days moved! how flauntingly Reyes Jones flexed his muscles! how tender and firm his butt must be! Thus the days passed and no other thoughts dwelled in mind saved that of Reyes Jones. No other dreams graced my sleep saved that of Reyes Jones. What was I do? The momentum, the craving kept climaxing, but there could be no release. Finally, one evening I decided I had to tell Reyes Jones. He was sitting on the sofa, watching tv. I approached him from behind and slowly began to rub his shoulders. "You like that?" I asked him, trying to relax him for what I wanted to let him know. "Uhhh....." he began. "There's something I want to let you know," I spoke softly. "What's that?" he asked. I leaned over into his ear. "I want to eat you," I said, and then lowered my head further and licked the side of his neck. "WOAH!" he screamed and bolted up. "What are you doing?!" "I want your body," I said. "I'm not like that," he said. "I'm only into girls." "What-?" I began to wonder about that statement about girls, but the fear in his eyes made me leap forward to tackle him. "NO!" he screamed. "GET OFF!" He struggled to throw me off, but failed as I pinned him beneath me, pressed my mouth to his neck, and bit down. His flesh and blood soaked into my saliva....tasted so good. "GAAAAGH! WHAT THE FUCK!" screamed Reyes. "I told you, I wanted to eat you," I said. He struggled even more but I, in my hunger, was the stronger, and squeezed his life from him with my hands. I stripped Reyes Jones of his clothes and dumped his carcass in the bathtub. I showered him with sauces; I wanted to marinade him first before I began cooking. sept04 view post

The Affection Of Beberu posted 30 Jun 2006, 11:06 in Member Written WorksThe Affection Of Beberu by Primal, Peralogue

The cavernous room was made of faded, chipped gray bricks. It seemed to have no ceiling, the walls looming into darkness. It was lit dimly by two torches hanging several yards high, each torch placed on opposite sides of the only door. It was damp in this cavernous room, too damp and confined. Too damn suffocating thought Kiraige. And not at all like a woman’s touch, for the edgy brick wall stabbed into his backside, giving him no moment of ease, chained tightly against this wall as he was. It was humiliating for Kiraige to have been captured, and even more humiliating that he had been rendered so helpless. His ears burned at the thought of how yesterday he had arrived as rescuer and how unexpectedly his fate changed to rescuee. And though there were other prisoners shackled against the walls in the darkness around him, Kiraige took no solace. I am a dragon among men he had often thought of himself. How could he have ended up like this? “How are you keeping?” shouted a man to Kiraige’s right. Kiraige turned his head and glanced at the man five yards away. He was a head and a half shorter than Kiraige, and he had flabby flesh compared to Kiraige’s taut, rippling godly form, or so Kiraige perceived of himself. The man was probably a decade older than him, somewhere in his mid-thirties. He was of congenial looks. And like Kiraige, like all the other prisoners, the man was as bare as a babe right out of its mother’s womb. Why Beberu kept his prisoners naked, Kiraige only knew too well, having heard it among the talks of those had languished here for a longer time. He dreaded the moment he would meet Beberu. Kiraige ignored the man to his right, turning away. He cared not to socialize with any of them. Didn’t they realize how embarassing this circumstance was for him? Kiraige waited tensely for another day until he heard the creaking of the door. Beberu sauntered through, his face glowing like the cherubims of long ago. He was of youthful appearance and of a strong, healthy body despite having survived for several centuries. He wore a bodysuit of some fine material—what material, Kiraige didn’t know—and coral boots. The other prisoners who had been chattering, to Kiraige’s ire, silenced upon the entrance of Beberu, who stopped before Kiraige and smiled, showing perfectly even, perfectly white teeth. It was an unsettling smile to Kiraige, for he perceived there was a ravenous to it. Beberu peered at Kiraige with wide, adoring eyes like a child’s delight in a candy store. His let his eyes feast over Kiraige’s powerful muscular form. “Maybe I should warm this room up just so I can see the sweat slide down your body,” mused Beberu, reaching out with one hand and lightly fingering Kiraige’s chest. Kiraige gulped. “You are my newest trophy and now my most prized,” commented Beberu, a gleam in his eyes. “You are well? My spell of bondage did not ill affect you?” asked Kiraige. Kiraige stared above Beberu’s head, looking into the beyond. He made no reply. He knew that Beberu knew that the spell caused no physical harm and that Beberu was merely trying to provoke a reaction out of him. “So monstrous!” exclaimed Beberu, eyes casted below Kiraige’s waist. He trailed his fingers down Kiraige’s biceps. He sighed happily. Then he stepped back from Kiraige and reflected upon him for several moments. “I will let you go,” Beberu said at last, “if you will perform a favor for me.” The statement gained Kiraige’s attention, and he detected truth in what Beberu said. He lowered his eyes to meet Beberu’s. Beberu showed his back to Kiraige, craning his neck to hold Kiraige’s gaze. “If you will insert yourself into me,” said Beberu, patting his butt, “I will release you.” Kiraige’s jaw dropped in aghast. He knew the manner of Beberu but was still surprised. He growled, “I will kill you!” trying to lurch forward, even though he knew it would be ineffective. “Tsk! Tsk!” giggled Beberu, covering his mouth, suggesting the code of women’s propriety that a woman’s laughing mouth was not for men’s eyes, though obvious to all that Beberu was no woman. “Are you trying to tempt me by looking so fierce, my beautiful warrior?!” Beberu giggled some more while Kiraige continued to struggle. “I will let you contemplate your decision,” said Beberu and withdrew. Kiraige breathed heavily, regaining calm over himself. Beberu would get no such compliance from him. He would wither first to a skeleton. “Are you keeping?” shouted someone in the darkness. Kiraige at last acknowledged his fellow captives. “Does he always play with his prisoners like this?” he asked them. “Nay,” spoke the flabby man to his right. “He just forces us on our hands and knees and does as he likes. Some of the better looking ones of us get their teeth removed. I have not heard him make such an offer to anyone that he has to you.” “He must like you a lot,” someone added. “Shutup!” roared Kiraige. There was laughter in the poorly lit, cavernous room. But it was not so much a laughter of humor but laughter to relieve the shared tension and the forlorn feelings. “It’s not so bad,” said a captive. The other prisoners glared in the direction of the voice, but the shadowy murk of the room protected that captive from their glares. Beberu returned again the next day and asked of Kiraige again the same question. “Will you insert yourself into me? It would be such pleasure for both of us.” Kiraige restrained his temper. “I will kill you,” he said flatly. Beberu smoothed his hand down the length of his own body. “Doesn’t this sleek, young body entice you at all?” He turned and wiggled his butt in front of Kiraige, who had shut his eyes, grimacing in distaste. Beberu turned back around to face Kiraige. “I think what you need is time. Time will dilute your inhibitions. So time, yes, time, I shall give you.” For the next several weeks, not daily but spaced every few days, Beberu would ask of Kiraige the question, and Kiraige, showing no sign of relenting, refused. Kiraige listened to the tales of the men around him. More than half of them had come together in a group, to free the leader of their warrior society, but all had been bested by Beberu. It was ill news. It bespoke of Beberu’s power. For the next several weeks, too, Kiraige learned first-hand of what went on in this dark dungeon. Though Beberu showed respect towards Kiraige, he did not keep himself away from the other prisoners. Everytime Kiraige heard the “oohs!” and “aahs!” his jaws would tightened and he would clench his fists. “For a one time act,” one of the prisoners had mentioned, “you are being offered freedom. I would do it. I would do it for us. You can leave and entreat help and you can return and free us all. Surely it is a small sacrifice for that?” But Kiraige refused to consider that prisoner’s reasoning. Beberu came once again before Kiraige, who immediately sensed a certain composure in Beberu. He is tired of waiting thought Kiraige. “Will you insert yourself into me?” asked Beberu. “Never,” said Kiraige. Beberu nodded. “I will not wait anymore.” He paused and looked at Kiraige. “It would have been so good if you had, for both of us.” It seemed to Kiraige that he could breath easier, for Beberu had worn away his patience. Good, he will kill me now. At least it will resolve this anxiety. “Since you will not take me, I will take you. I will send someone to wash you and scent you with melora,” spoke Beberu, “before bringing you to my personal chamber.” All the blood rushed from Kiraige’s face. It might as well have been a pronouncement of execution. “Do not be so frightened my handsome hero. You will enjoy the feel of me inside you.” He smiled, clasping his palms against his cheeks and blushing. “I think I shall get a taste of tonight’s fare,” said Beberu, immediately pouncing on Kiraige and licking his neck to just beneath his chin. Kiraige screamed and shook violently. Beberu leaped back. “You have such passion!” he squealed. “Tonight will be so wonderful!” He turned and pranced away. “You bas…you bitch! I will kill you for this!” screamed Kiraige, still repulsively tickled by Beberu’s saliva. The hours passed too quickly and Kiraige trembled all the while. It had come down to this! The inevitable. Was there to be no escape?! Was the fate of the great hero, Kiraige, to be nothing more than a sex slave, the very worst kind of sex slave, forced to undergo and perform perversions and the utmost of dark fetishes? “You will survive,” the flabby man to the right tried to console him. But Kiraige ignored his remark and the remarks of the other men. He was in anguish. He was in despair. Where was his courage? He certainly had enough of it before he came to Beberu’s fortress. Painfully he reflected on how he had first decided to search out Beberu and destroy him and free the warriors of renown he had taken captive. He had been questing for the Wing Water and his search led him to the desert city of Mishu. There in a tavern, where was he treating himself to a cool, delicious wawa pudding, a beautiful young maiden bursted in, crying her heart out, her bosom heaving rather pleasantly regardless of the unpleasantness of whatever plight she was in. “My brother has been abducted by Beberu!” she cried. “If anyone can free him, I will give him my virtue!” Aah…virginity, so prized thought Kiraige. He was not surprised that many of the men eagerly clamored to her, throwing promises they would surely aid her brother. But none of them had the aura of strength, the aura of warriors. It would be their doom when they went. Kiraige had heard of Beberu but he had been occupied with other adventures, and his travels had brought him nowhere near Beberu’s fortress until now, which lie in the heart of the desert. Something stirred in Kiraige and he decided he would help this young, tender woman. He felt a desire to impress himself upon her. Confidently, he rose and the crowd of men parted way for him. “I will rescue your brother,” he said to the young woman. “But I want nothing from you.” The young woman looked delighted. For here, indeed, was a young and strong warrior. “Are you sure you wish to do this?” she asked. “Beberu is quite powerful.” “Courage prevails over all trials.” Kiraige felt the courage even as he spoke it. “May I ask who you are?” asked the young woman. “Kiraige,” said Kiraige. At this she gasped, and so did the surrounding men in awe. “I cannot wait for my brother to be returned!” cried the young woman with enthusiasm, jumping into Kiraige with an embrace. She felt warm and soft. And thus Kiraige had set out to subdue Beberu. “Do you wish for us to pray together?” rang a prisoner’s voice in the darkness. Kiraige did not answer, choosing instead to suffer in silence. When the door open, a male servant came through with a bucket of soapy water and a bottle of melora. Such disgrace! So shameful… The male servant whistled a happy tune as he lathered Kiraige. “You are so manly,” uttered the male servant. “My master will ravish you all night.” Kiraige growled. But there was no heart in his growl. He had lost long ago. Beberu would claim this magnificent warrior body of his. At the moment that he hung his head in shame and defeat, there was a thud and the male servant tumbled forward, dropping unconscious to the ground. What?! Kiraige looked up and his heart lightened. “How?” he asked of the prisoner standing free before him. The man raised his right hand. It looked grisly, a mutilation of blood and flesh. “I bit off a finger and chewed off the flesh to use the bone as a picking lock. My efforts proved successful.” Kiraige studied the man carefully before replying. He did not perceive any insanity. He nodded his head, accepting the daring of the man. “You have more imagination and courage than I, my friend,” he complimented the man. The man bowed. “I shall free us.” He proceeded to do so, going from prisoner to prisoner and unlocking the chains around all the warriors. Some of the men, now freed at last, allowed the rage they had been feeling but had been unable to release, explode into an apoplexy of vengeance. “Now we kill him!” screamed the men. “Who will join us in this moment of victory?” They met Kiraige’s gaze. “I will not be a part of this,” said Kiraige. “Beberu is too powerful. Did not many of you already try to defeat Beberu and failed? We are in a weak state right now. Our warrior spirit is dejected and needs time to recover. We can do nothing. We have a chance for escape, but let us not flounder it to be recaptured.” “You are a coward!” accused a warrior. Kiraige said nothing to defend himself. Rash fools… he thought. He was not the only one that exempted themselves from the group. “You are all cowards!” screamed the group that thirsty for vengeance, and they stormed off. “Should we stop them?” asked the warrior who had bitten off his finger. “No, I do not want to fight them,” said Kiraige. “When we are prepared to deal with Beberu’s wizardry, then we may return. But until then, we leave and we stay away from here.” The others nodded, then all began to file out, including the brother of the maiden whom had entreated Kiraige for help. I have not been defiled and the brother goes home and we are free now thought Kiraige. He breathed relief. Not long after that, Kiraige, once more, rode solitaire across the ruined landscape, a heritage of an age long past. The orange-pink sunset over the treetops created a vision of peace and beauty, and Kiraige took it in gladly. The memory of what had happened and what had almost happened still lingered clearly in his mind. What have I learned? he asked himself. He did not know, but he did know that he was glad, immensely glad, to be free and that he wanted to ride as far away from Beberu’s fortress as possible. And so he rode. feb01 view post

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Well, if you were always despairing, then I'd choose blissful ignorance. But if you were aware and had faith you could find a way not to despair, then of course. view post

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I do occasional and selective gaming. I'd play WoW for a few months, then nothing. Gonna try out elder scrolls oblivion (read on the game forum that some people can actually play one game for 4 YEARS!) I get bored after 6 months. view post

Anime posted 24 Jul 2006, 06:07 in Off-Topic DiscussionAnime by Primal, Peralogue

Anyone here into anime? The latest I've seen was Naruto view post

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Thanks view post

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Dagda, sometimes we don't have to look that far into it. The way the women are in the book could be simply because they fit into the scheme of the story. For example, Esmenet. If she was as beautiful and as intelligence as portrayed, she could have used her skills to seduce a rich merchant or noble into accepting her as wife or mistress. This would have provided a livelihood for her and her daughter. But that didn't happen. Instead she was a whore, and had to sell her daughter. If this didn't happen, she wouldn't have met Achamian and later Kellhus, and became empress. The way they are is the way they fit into the story. view post

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(referring to first post) All I'll say is that you can read anything into anything. For example, I could argue that you have a particular mindset, focused on the homoerotic. There are some detailed descriptions and what not. What does that say about you? =] view post

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Berserk got abandoned when it was getting good. Hellsing is the vampire-demon one right? seen trigun, lodoss, but not samurai kyo. overfiend, huh? view post

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I'm not familiar with neuro-linguistic programming but I am familiar with newbie syndrome. Once, when I was a relatively new forumnist not too long ago, it didn't occur to me to check the dates of some topics on discussion. Of course, nothing really wrong with reviving the dead. =] view post

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Iago, don't be so touchy. Your hostilities kinda baffled me at first, but then I realized people can be offended by the use of the word "newbie". In the context of what I was saying it wasn't meant to be derogatory. Notice I even referred to myself. I was trying to be lightly sarcastic and humorous, and I even added a smile at the end. Why would I add a smile? I ain't gonna be a dick for no reason. Shit, man... Anyway, welcome to the board. That's what my off-topic comment is essentially saying. view post

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Imagine a crowd of people. There's this one guy standing off by himself, a strong individual type. Other people surround him, and they all hate him because he's different. The guy isn't the good guy or the innocent here either. He, too, has enmity. There is no good or bad side in the crowd; just people that hate and distrust each other. No one really wants to mess with the lone guy 'cause he's strong. But they do taunt him throughout the years, and finally one person throws a rock and gashes the lonewolf in the forehead. The lonewolf turns around and socks him a couple of times, and before he really gets into the beating, some other entities, that he respects, step in to try to stop him. Why do these others step in? Either they feel it's their duty or their own sense of self-importance to step in or they're trying to maintain an image of peacemakers-and-keepers or they don't want to feel the pressure of the crowd saying they didn't do anything or whatever. It's like the momentum of something occurring, but then for whatever reason, perhaps inexplicable, someone intervenes. Maybe they feel it'll be a bad consequence for all. But they don't really know. They just assume all fighting is bad. What if that rockthrower really needed a good beating? "Words will never hurt me, but sticks and stones and Israel's fists will break my bones." My point is this: step aside Condie. Don't fucking interfere. Let it happen. I'm not for either side. I am for letting them hash it out. As for civilians getting caught in the our modern wars, most likely there will be collateral damage. Also, it's nearly impossible and impractical to isolate the supporters of Hezbollah from the innocent in Lebanon. Thus, bombs away. view post

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There's also alot of famous artists that have been drug-free. =] It's true that drug use applies across the spectrum, but to say that certain groups of people are more prone to use is speculation. view post

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Hellscythe, I have seen alot, but don't own any anime myself. I have friends who collect, and also there's websites that you can download subtitled versions. Some you pay $5 a month (narutocentral) and you get access to numerous series and movies. I think I'll be downloading some when I get a chance. Check it out. Edge, I've never been to Otakon; almost went last year to the Atlanta one. Where's it being held this year? view post

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[quote:3glhnbbn]There are actually fewer innocent casualties and less collateral damage in the wars we have now than say WWI and WWII. Hell we fire bombed entire german cities, look at the reconstruction that was required. Of course now we can't have symmetric wars anymore. We have to fight urban geurilla wars against non-state entities. It tends to make things quite difficult all around.[/quote:3glhnbbn] Yeah, that's true about urban guerilla warfare. It's also true for state entities, such as rogue states or weaker states. That's happening right now with Hezbollah and Israel. Israel can't distinguish bystanders from the enemy, so they fire into the cities. It's harder for Hezbollah to engage in direct confrontation with Israel because artillery units can pinpoint the sources of incoming mortar/rocket rounds and reply in kind (Israel have superior military and equipment). So they try to put pressure by firing into the population. What I said before about the Policy of Interference... A Uganda soldier, who's seen alot of combat, was telling me about situations in Africa and America, the UN and other powers. In effect, this is what he said: Whenever there's unrest and conflict, these other powers converge and try to negotiate peace. All they do is talk peace. But how can we have peace when there is still blood on the table? In our world, there are no laws. No one respects the laws. When presidents are elected, they will change the laws and stay in power forever. They also control the ballots and the money. Men in power care only for themselves and abuse the masses. When we try to have revolution, other powers will come. They say they will donate money. They say they will talk to our leaders about change. They have donated money and they have talked again and again and again. Nothing has changed. Let us have our revolutions as many times as it takes. The Uganda soldier didn't have alot of words for the concepts he was trying to communicate but I understood him well enough. view post

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[quote:38mpkger]First, since when do Yanks care for international community..? Second, Iran told Hezbollah to fight Israel to keep attention from its nuclear ambitions (I hate this word)..? Third, let them bomb each other..? Fourth, it is a necessity to kill kids, and destroy a necessary infrastructure, as long as we get that one Hezbollah..? Fifth, ignorance is a bliss, as long as the ignorant does not cross to wanne-be intellectual, supposedly understanding the situation...[/quote:38mpkger] About that last're right, Sokar, you shouldn't cross over. Now, what's your reasoning behind your questions? 1.Why do you believe Yanks don't care for international community? For many reasons--economical, christian-faith and goodwill, political and geographical stability, public image, etc--the US has been involved in the international community (recent indonesian tsunami and the military relief comes to mind). 2.Iran and Hezbollah to fight to Israel to keep attention from its nuclear ambitions? Is what you heard in the news? Do you believe this, why, and is this the only reason Hezbollah is fighting Israel? Do you really believe the world will overlook Iran and the nuclear issue? A little off-issue here, but there are rumors that Iran and Syria are funding Hezbollah to cause damage to Israel. This may be true or not. 3&4. In WWI and II, the US didn't stop Brits and Germans from bombing each other. Rather, they stepped in to help the Brits. Scenario: a sniper is shooting at you and your children (say you have 100 children) from a building that contains 100 of his children. The only way to stop him is to drop a bomb on the building, also killing the children. Do you let him kill your children or do you drop the bomb on the building? Hezbollah is killing children too, btw. Also, no one really has the complete perspective on situations. But there are different levels of understanding, and some approach the truth. And whatever approaches the truth, we accept as an approximation of truth. You're free to express your cynicism and ignorance. And I'm free to disagree. Remember that post on history by Aldarion and we were discussing the "mentalite". Obviously, you had a hard time understanding what I said that gierra understood pretty well. You then proceeded to response with some nonsensical shit, reminding me how a large percentage of posts are by people or pseudo-intellectuals-or-philosophers who speak out of their asses. At that point, I chose not to response. I didn't even want to argue with you here, but I had to back Harrol and the other posters. Harrol, you're right in saying that countries, to some extent or other, manipulate events to their advantage. Alhana, I agree the bad blood that's been going on for thousands of years needs to be spilled before they can have peace. view post

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about the children: Cnaiur-Serwe's; Kellhus-Esmenet's: The children will be about 20 & 19 years old, respectively. What roles do you think they will play in the scheme of things? And how will they affect Kellhus's "vestige"? ( of "vestigial" derived from scene with Kellhus and father) view post

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This is a tough question. I don't know if it's answerable with our current knowledge and framework. If it is answerable, it may be one of a paradoxical nature. Let's define objective and subjective. -subjective: meaning and value given by the human -objective: the impartial, external, or non-dependent of the human Since we, ourselves, are part of reality (supposing reality is objective), then in this objective reality, there is no such thing as the subjective, unless reality, itself, is subjective and not objective. But how would reality know its either one or neither or both? Because we are human, and part of reality, whatever meaning we give is meaning from reality, unless we are specifically limiting the meaning to define human view from non-human categories. Reference for science. We can still have references for science even though they may not be absolute. For example, our systems of distance measurements: they're mathematically infinitely long. Complexity theory brings up an interesting point about gauging the distance along a coastline: how do you measure the exactness? You can't. You have to arbitrarily decide. You can't follow every contour and jaggedness. Even smooth surfaces, once examined microspically will have rough edges. A coastline and all lengths brake down infinitely. Smaller points can be found within points within points, and so on. The same with time measurement. Atomic time is derived from the revolution of an electron. (there's currently a rumor we are changing from atomic time to something more precise, involving the motion of a quark). We can talk about subjective and objective truth in regards to us. If, Entropic, as you've interpreted, other scientists believe there is no absolute truth, the reasoning that leads to that may lie in the fact that no one has yet discovered absolute truth. If you discover absolute truth, wouldn't that equate to absolute knowledge, and therefore godly knowledge (the power of a god, the experience of infinity, life, death, first causes and last events, etc)? Personally, I believe in absolute truth. I believe also that we are experiencing absolute truth but we cannot have the knowing of it, just like we experience reality but we do not have knowledge or or cannot fathom the infinite mechanisms that run it. Speaking of infinity....alot of scientific mentality, maybe most, for the past century or a few and currently, are geared towards reductionism. They believe that by breaking and isolating components, they can understand the working of the whole. I think there can be some understanding but not complete understanding. The other approach is a holistic approach, an attempt to analyze the whole (neither approach, the reductionis or the holis are mutually exclusive). I don't think we can have complete understanding either, since knowing the whole would preclude understanding the "infinite" aspects; also, in reductionism, studying only what is deemed essential leaves alot of room for error as well as alot of unknowing. Yet we can have some knowledge. Just like math. What the fuck is [i:3xwmjwym]ii[/i:3xwmjwym] (mathematical pie)? It's used to measure the length of a circle, a number between 3.14 and 3.15 that never ends. What is [i:3xwmjwym]i[/i:3xwmjwym]? We don't even understanding a square root of a negative 1, so we makeit into a variable, the letter [i:3xwmjwym]i[/i:3xwmjwym], and use it in electrical calculations. A letter in math that has no comprehensible or non solution, used in advanced fields of technology and sciences. What the fuck?! Since, we're speaking about's a rant on "cultural" perspectives. There are 6 billion humans in the world. They all have different perspectives, obviously. If you take clusters of them and compare, you'll find very distinct mentalities. The Arab world: they do not share the same sense of integrity and honesty like the US. If someone were to ask them if they knew where members of Al-Quaida were located, they would say no even if they knew and were not associated with the group in anyway and wanted those groups to be found and rooted out. Why? Family honor. They don't want any connections, of any kind, to be traced back to their family name because it would cause dishonor. This, of course, is a problem for coalition forces as well as integration of new values and principles. Another example of alien mentality: if you have ever seen Taxi Driver with Robert Deniro, there's a scene where he takes the female journalist to the movies. It turns out to be a porno film, and the character is completely oblivious to circumstance. The female is appalled, and he's casual. I was reading a review where they mentioned the scene and alluded to the character being "socially inept". I think it goes beyond simply that. The world he lived in was all he knew. He didn't know any better. The same with certain societies in regard to certain things. Another example of different mentality: in some societies, where children (say three or four years old) do not grow up with technology; introduce a helicopter flying in the sky. They won't know what it is. They may not even be able to formulate a distance-perception with it yet. It might be some small strange toy hovering only a mere few feet above him, ever eluding them as they chase it, much as the sun always eluded some ancients who tried to chase it =] . Different mentalities...different perspectives... view post

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I checked out the link and read the sample verse. He does sound pretty nihilisitc view post


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