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Re: Achamian posted 05 Aug 2007, 20:08 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]Achamian by seekerjd, Commoner

Hey all, new to the boards and not sure if anyone has covered this (haven't seen it at a glance) but has anyone noted the development in Achamian that you have by the end of the third book? Namely, after everything he's gone through he seems to have acquired (perhaps through Kellhus' purposeful orchestration) a viewpoint somewhat similar to the Dunyain. He's repudiaded pretty much everything by the end, no faith in institutions, in people, and in "tools to other ends" (concepts like love, duty, etc.). All that's left is an objectivity similar to that conditioned into the Dunyain, though it's been a bit since I read the three books and I'm not entirely sure the degree to which he grasps the other concepts really necessary for the view (i.e. what seem to be causality, open dynamic systems ala chaos theory, equifinality, etc.). Just an idea. view post


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