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posted 08 Mar 2006, 03:03 in ReviewsReview of Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman by Nuuance E'vaance, Commoner

Short note: I also found this book very near the top of my literary heap, and it is my favorite Gaiman piece to date. It's a story, immersive, and easily takes you away. I consider it a London Underground Peter Pan. This story has, simply put, "charm." view post

posted 08 Mar 2006, 03:03 in ReviewsMemories of Ice - Steven Erikson by Nuuance E'vaance, Commoner

He does tend to have the ability, for an "epic fantasy" writer, to pull at your hearstrings doesn't he? I consider him one of the more capable character builders I've read, and yet curiously, only with a very select few characters, namely some of the Bridgeburners. Some of the more visually moving events that I've had the pleasure to partake of have been in this series. view post

posted 09 Mar 2006, 02:03 in The Warrior ProphetA critique of the Warrior Prophet by Nuuance E'vaance, Commoner

Personally, I liked the second book more than the first. I didn't expect a sophomore effort in a series to do so, especially given the 15 years vs. a year or whatever. I think part of it is the "world" and the characters started to come together a little more for me. I wasn't spending so much time just trying to figure out who the hell was who, and who they really were, and trying to remember what I thought I figured out 50 pages ago. Let's face it, Bakker's writing, this world he created, the characters, and his philosophies are deep. This is not your average read, and personally, that appeals to me. Sometime it's tiring, but in the end I certainly get more out of it. This was more story and less "okay here's the world I created, it's freakin' big as hell and I'm not sure where to start." Is Bakker's self all over these writings, at least in some sense? Hell ya. More than most writers I've read? Hell ya. Does it label him a closet queer or whatever? Hell no. Could something like that be true? Sure, but I don't pretentd to know his motivations or whether his writing is some conscious or subconsious memoir. But I certainly can sense his philosophies bleeding through pages routinely, and occasionally slapping you across the face. Personally, I didn't get this sense that the book and characters is about him, and I like to read a book like this because it's a story first and foremost. Some interesting concepts, and there are possibliities, but I would simply venture you're overreaching. I think he's an excellent writer, a profound thinker, a strong world creator, a certainly better than average story teller, and is quite gifted at melding it all together. I like his style. It's different. It's like the first time you ever take a sip of a dry wine. You wince at first, comment, hold it up and look at it, and then take another drink because it intrigues the living hell out of you. You take it in sips, because you finally know what it means to savor it. It can be overwhelming at times indeed. But I LIKE IT. It makes me think, I mean really think, in many different ways. That my friends, is a gift, and Mr. Bakker has it. And not many greater gifts exist than to make your fellow mortals use their brains to a greater degree and in different ways. Tell me he doesn't put you "outside the box". And as for me, I love being out there. I think he will only get better at putting it all together, I can see the progression. I see the potential for not just really good, but greatness. This guy can think. This bastard can write. This asshole created a world I'm telling my friends they have got to check out. This fucker can make me sit back, force a grin, and say wow. And then I sit back and think about it some visual, so thought-provoking. To sum it up, I'm bouncing all over the site looking for any information on his next book. I thought Warrior-Phrophet was an excellent book. view post

posted 09 Mar 2006, 03:03 in Off-Topic DiscussionStarring "Insert Actor Here" as Kelhuss! by Nuuance E'vaance, Commoner

I read all the posts and the only one I can say YES is: Serwe: Mila Jovovich It would absolutely have to be her. If you haven't seen her in the Messenger as Joan of Arc, you are missing out. And for whoever said Chris Rock. Thanks for the out loud laugh. Holy shit I'm still laughing. "You're degredation is your own." "Fool!" view post

posted 09 Mar 2006, 03:03 in Off-Topic DiscussionTop 10 (or so) Ways You Kow You're an R. Scott Bakker Fan by Nuuance E'vaance, Commoner

You used "spilled his black seed" as a metaphor at work and were escorted from the building. view post

posted 09 Mar 2006, 03:03 in Off-Topic DiscussionAnticipation of The Aspect-Emperor by Nuuance E'vaance, Commoner

I agree. It's weird how I love the feel of a book, the look of a book, the texture of the paper, even the smell. I'm not sure what the style is callled, but I love the different size but pages in the versions I have. What is that style called? view post


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