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posted 08 Mar 2006, 05:03 in Off-Topic DiscussionStarring "Insert Actor Here" as Kelhuss! by Radiant Abyss, Commoner

This one I cannot resist. Leaving aside the reality of how impossible it would be to preserve the charms of this story in any screenplay, let alone one that will get ravaged by anti-sexual and anti-free thought politics, dream casting is fun for the whole cov- er, family. For Cnaiur I envision someone with Native American looks, though this can be acheived somewhat with good old-fashioned movie magick. Actually I think that "The Rock" guy would suit the role, if he can act the part. He seems to do well as a quirky humour guy, but if he could turn his charisma into a darker magnetism like Cnaiur had, it would work. If Vin Diesel were taller, I'd list him too. Jim Caveziel as Kellhus works for me. Blond him up like a proper Northman ubermensch, teach him to balance soulful with scary as an actor, and it could be done. Though he's not really tall enough either. Since Esmenet was desribed as a slightly less young, darker and more worldly look than Serwe, but not actually much less attractive, I say Jolie would be acceptable. Though in truth I'd rather see Monica Belucci in the role. Serwe would be a blond Kiera Knightly. Truly a petite woman who is still 100% feminine. Stunning good looks that make the head spin. IMHO. If not her, someone petite and frighteningly beautiful. Like Naomi Watts. Actually, maybe she'd be better, as Knightly has that mischievious glint that she may not be able to hide. Achamian... I'm going to endorse William Petersen in the role. There's no need for the character in the movie to resemble the book character point-for-point... as long as he does not look overly physical, and can act the tortured academic who can level armies. That guy from "The Mummy" would make a good Mekeritrig. Ack, all these A-listers. If such a project were ever made, it would probably benefit from some lesser known people, as long as they had the talents. To convey this story would need some damn fine acting. view post

posted 08 Mar 2006, 06:03 in Philosophy DiscussionThings I will not accept in an argument by Radiant Abyss, Commoner

Alderion said: [quote:zbalum4p]* Human nature - I absolutely, categorically, without exception will not accept that as an answer. If someone ever says to me, "well, it's human nature," I'm likely to proceed to ask them to define "it" and also to defend against the countercharge that there's no such thing as a common "human nature."[/quote:zbalum4p] The scientific literature on the subject shys away from the term "human nature" for good reason. What if someone were to quote ethological research to support an argument though? (Of course that's not specifically "human" - since it's the blank slate part of ourselves that we identify as uniquely human. Yet the literature suggests - strongly - that evolutionary patterns do affect the behaviours of all animals.) Which reminds me of something I will not tolerate in an argument: "Science is just another belief system." Not, I hasten to add, that I expect you to say anything of the sort. I'm just curious to know how the research in ethology and related sciences figures into your opinion about using "human nature" in an argument. view post


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