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posted 23 Jul 2007, 19:07 in Author Q & AMen v. Nonmen by RennQu, Commoner

I also am highly curious about the Nonmen. From the description in the Cuno-Inchoroi Wars in the Encyclopedic Glossary found at the end of TTT, there is mentioned a "criminal" recruited for the Second-Watch. Sirwitta (a Halaroi aka Man) had not only seduced the wife of a Nonman Ishroi, but had also fathered a daughter by her named Cimoira. Another thing that I had discovered in this section is that the Nonmen were not always Immortal- they aged (exact lifespan I cannot guess) in a similar manner to men, that is they grey, wrinkle, lose eyesight, weaken etc. Then Cujara-Cinmoi, fearing death, pardoned the Inchoroi on the condition that they "...banish death from the halls of my people". This is how the Cunuroi became, for lack of a better description, physically ageless. This is also when the "Womb-Plague" struck, possibly a byproduct of the physicians treatments. It effectively eliminates the female gender from the Nonmen, unless I am mistaken. I haven't truly decided the intent of the Inchoroi; was this intended? If so, wouldnt they have realized that the retribution for such treachery would be great? I digress... I do not understand why the Nonmen are "doomed" to extinction. It is evident from several passages that cross breeding in fact occured. Anasurimbor Nanor-Ukkerja I is said to have lived for 178 years due to reputed Nonman blood in his veins. Also the instance of Cimoira points to genetic compatibility between Man and Nonman. If reproduction between Nonmen and Men is possible, why has the Nonman presence in Earwa dwindled to a single mansion and a handful of outcasts? Is it their own pride that prevents them from attempting to pump new-blood into their dying race? The offspring are undoubtedly shorter lived than the pure remaining blood of the true Nonmen, but the immortality was gained at the price of their wives! Would it not be thinkable to take Haloroi brides purely to continue some sort of bloodline? Sorry for the rant... It's just been bugging me is all. Thanks in advance for any insight any of you are able to provide :D view post


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