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posted 24 Feb 2006, 04:02 in Author Q & AA soulful question [WARNING: TTT Spoilers Inside] by Raest, Commoner

Alright, this is my second time to these forums, and my first post, so bear with me if I've missed some arguments somewhere... I haven't had time to read all the threads yet :wink: . The question I've seen arising again and again is the one of souls. Who has them, and how does it dictate who can work sorcery? Since it's getting late here and my eyes are getting tired from staring at the screen for too long, I'll keep my theory short and to the point (as best I can :P . I think the explanation can be taken from Kellhus' little revelation to Achamian about the Thousandfold Thought. A lot of your writing in this series, Mr. Bakker, rings of gnosticism. Especially this speech. Forgive me if these are spoilers here but basically how Kellhus explained it (if i remember correctly) is that those who remember themselves best remember the God the best, they forget him the least, and these are called the few and are able to work sorcery. This is similiar to gnosticism in the theory that when we recognize our true selves, our true being/purpose, we really recognize the being within us, whom the gnostic christians called Christ or saviour, for they believed that this recognition saved the soul. I believe even Kellhus said that "we are the God we would worship." Now correct me if I'm wrong..but I think Kellhus also said something like 'a sorcerors words work miracles because they recall the God'. Now who is it that are trying to free themselves from damnation again? The Inchoroi? Well an explanation for people seeing them as having no souls may be that they remember the God the [i:2zwwdswj]least[/i:2zwwdswj]. In gnosticism, surrending yourself to the physical world/identifying yourself with your body instead of the soul within you, takes you further away from God. Often this was represented by the rape or whoring of the body to harsh and earthly men (Esmenent?). So the Inchoroi, or whoever it was that was obsessed with sexual acts, would remember the God the least, and thus give the appearance of having no soul and the inability to work sorcery. And since they have no wish to give up their sexual acts due to their physical and mental construction...they're damned. So...yeah. A skin-spy that could work magic could simply be one of the few because he remembers the God :P . Anyways, sorry if this is hard to read and make sense of, but it's late and I was studying accounting and finance prior to this, so my brains in shreds right now. Feel free to rip it apart. view post


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