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posted 18 Feb 2006, 03:02 in The Thousandfold ThoughtInchoroi Origins/Aims by Classic, Commoner

Maybe they traveled to Earwa because they felt the Outside from accross the galaxy, felt the pull of damnation. Like a light in another room, they went to turn it off, to blot it out. What happens when the clouds cover enough stars? You can't see the sky. The Inchoroi wouldn't have to blot out every star, just enough, so that they Outside wouldn't shine on them anymore. view post

The No-God posted 18 Feb 2006, 07:02 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe No-God by Classic, Commoner

I just want to see what everyone thinks the No-God is based on what little is given about it. Bare with me, I'm going to stumble through this To me, the No-God is the absence of God, a complete void. The Glossary describes the World as, "the plane where the desires of individual souls are hapless before circumstance", circumstance fixed by the desire of the God of Gods. The further one goes into the Outside, the more they are subject to Desire instead of Circumstance. In this case, the desire of the Gods, who's sheer will power allow them to form their own realms. Piety and devotion become important so that an individual may be allowed entrance into one of these realms. Thats why sorcery doesnt work on the No-God, why the Tears of God only embed themselves into his carapace. His will is so powerful as to rival that of the Gods, and if he wins out the Outside turns to Void, the No-God's desire. That's why the Inchoroi use him, if the No-God wins there will be no damnation. I've been viewing the No-God as a God despite the name, maybe veiwing it as a whirling void changes things. Maybe the No-God could control Khellus by becoming his Darkness that comes Before, by moving his soul. This may be how Khellus intends to rewrite scripture, by having a will so powerful he determines the result after a soul passes from the World and into the Outside. Maybe Khellus becomes a God. view post


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