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posted 10 Jul 2007, 14:07 in The Thousandfold ThoughtInchoroi: Aliens or Demons? by Dave-grota Sranchammer, Commoner

dang! this thread has given me much food for thought. unfortunately, i have no answers to offer, only more questions (which i tend to like more than answers. gets my brain-meats going). and it really doesn't address any previous entry. sorry. anyway... In TTT, when Cnaiur is running around with the skin-spies, he plies them for information about themselves. However, they were not designed to comprehend, only to obey, so they are unable to give him any useful info. They do mention something about being "Keepers of the Inverse Fire", but are thrown into confusion if asked about said "keeping" or "fire". One possibility is that the Inverse Fire could be their overwhelming obsession with the carnal. I say this because the Inchoroi (whose Tekne the Consult used to create the skin-spies) are described as being possessed of such an obsession. They then made it a point to transfer these feelings over to the Sranc when they created them in Min-Uroikas. Why? We know that they do not have souls, so, perhaps these feelings are all that the Inchoroi do have. Cnaiur was much the same, all he had was his hate and lust for vengeance (to make his heart whole again, or something like that).And, he ended up becoming a "demon", much like the Inchoroi. So, in the absence of a soul, or any "noble" desire, the Inchoroi have made these "horrifying" ideals their faith. The Inverse Fire, this carnal lust, may have been the cause of their flight from parts unknown. Perhaps even in the Outside, their penchant for destruction and depravity were not accepted by their neighbors. hmmm... as i type this, more and more possibilties arise, so i'll stop here. One more thing. The weapons of light. I think that they were some sort of laser-like Tekne thing. I say this because during the Cuni-Inchoroi Wars, when the Inchoroi entered battle, they hung above the masses of Sranc, using their weapons of light. That sounds like lasers to me. If they had been sorcerous devices, then the Non-men would have described them as such, and not as these ambiguous "weapons of light." Furhtermore, the Heron Spear was the weapon of Sil, king of the Inchoroi. In the glossary, it says that it is called a Spear because of its appeance. It mentions nothing of its function as such. Originally, it was called Suorgil, Shining Death, but this does little to shed any light on the subject. YAY!!! Now I have more questions for myself than when I started typing!!! view post

posted 10 Jul 2007, 15:07 in The Thousandfold ThoughtChorae, Consults and Salts. (Or "A Boy and His Bird) by Dave-grota Sranchammer, Commoner

Hey, not to throw things into confusion, but the creation of the Chorae was influenced by the Inchoroi (those mysterious demon-aliens). In the glossary, in the Cuni-Inchoroi Wars entry, it mentions that the Non-men who were staying with the Inchoroi were "poisoned by knowledge" and then created the Chorae, using their Aporos, to "render their masters immune to Cunuroi magic." I think that the Non-men used their Aporos, which was already a taboo art, but added a sprinkling of Inchoroi Tekne to the mix. The Chorae are, ironically, things of magic, but through the Aporos, completely contradict magic. I say this is, in part, due to the Inchoroi influence. However, some of the previous entries in this thread describe Aporos as fully capable of meeting these ends with no help from Tekne. I just think that the Inchoroi connection should not be underestimated or worse yet, completely ignored. Remember, the Non-God, who's sarcophagus was covered in Chorae, was trying to close the world from the Outside, an idea that would be only too pleasing to the Inchoroi. I merely bring up this point in hopes that it helps someone else reach a more definite conclusion. view post

posted 11 Jul 2007, 01:07 in The Thousandfold ThoughtInchoroi: Aliens or Demons? by Dave-grota Sranchammer, Commoner

Good point. The skin-spies may not have souls, but that is not necessarily true of the Inchoroi themselves. I've only read the series once (and probably shouldn't even be making entries in this thread until I've gone through it again), and I know that I have missed many details. Is it ever verified that the Inchoroi do have souls? Is damnation one of their concerns? These are fairly basic questions that I should really know the answers to before I go about spewing theories... However, they may simply want to close off the world from the Outside for a reason more... alien... than the salvation of their souls (should they have any). I remember the bird-thing (Aurang?) speaking with the Sarcellus skin-spy and telling it to imagine a world where everything was dead, or something equally... appealing. This is the only aim of the Inchoroi that I am able to recall: destroying everything but themselves and their creations. This does not seem to address the issue of souls at all. Though, even if they do NOT have souls, they DID flee from the Outside into the world, and death may very well send them back Outside, which is precisely what to do not want to have happen. Either way, souled or not-souled, closing the world from the Outside would be to their benefit. For myself, when dealing with the Consult, the Inchoroi and the Non-men, I try not the think of motives from a human perspective, because their ways are simply not our ways. But, like I said, there is much that I missed, and perhaps my questions have already been answered in the texts. Thanks for challanging my brain. I get so little of that around here. view post


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