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Unmarked spoilers regarding the very end of TTT posted 12 Feb 2006, 19:02 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThousandfold Thought discussion *Spoilers* by CalderMuyo, Commoner

[quote="Twayleph":2g5gyak5]was I the only one left with a strange sense of...horror after reading the book?[/quote:2g5gyak5] I think that's an excellent way to describe the feeling I had too. Excellent end to an excellent series, and about halfway through TTT I started to realize that any realization by the main characters was likely to result in profound unhappiness. Quite happy to see Drusas walk away from it all in the end. I'm going to have to re-read the last few chapters before I can fully digest the implications - it was quite late last night when I tore through the final 2 chapters and I think I was starting to skim certain sections to get back to Anasûrimbor family chitchat. I have my own thoughts about what Kellhus' visions of divinity meant and what he plans to do now that he's Aspect-Emperor, but I want to make sure I didn't miss anything obvious in my rush to get to Drusas' conclusion before I start wondering aloud. :D view post


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