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posted 10 Feb 2006, 17:02 in Philosophy DiscussionWhat philosopher suits you most? by Vetinari, Commoner

Popper, as both Machiavelli and Epicurus is missing from the options list. "the scientific status of a theory is its falsifiability, or refutability, or testability." view post

posted 10 Feb 2006, 17:02 in Philosophy DiscussionHoly war: the ultimate blasphemy by Vetinari, Commoner

If God sanctions the war, then it's Holy; thus a Holy War. It's not all that semantically different from "Holy Matrimony". As for God wanting the People of Israel to go out and destroy their enemies/neighbours, no doubt about it since it's all Witten. Now, what one has to consider is this: did God [i:3jt73dxc]really[/i:3jt73dxc] say "Go forth and slay and pillage and rape and enslave!" or was that the priests' and King's and aristocrats' interpretation of the innards of some goat and their own desires for more power? The Crusades originally started when the Pope elaborated on a request for mercenaries by the Byzanthine Emperor. And the Pope is God's representative (or something in that way) on earth, at least that's what he's been telling us for the last two thousand years or so, so if the Pope says it's Holy, then it IS Holy. The same goes for the Muhammedanians who blow themselves and others into bits of charred flesh; some imam or mullah probably says, along with how this will strengthen the Cause, that it's a Blessed thing to do. In certain "pagan" religions it was a Holy thing to sacrifice children, slaves, women, etc. to the gods. In the RCC it's bad to use condoms to protect yourself against HIV/AIDS. According to the Talmud, it's not a sin to cheat a non-believer. It all comes down to what the individual is willing to accept as a Truth. Of course, the Truth is a lot more appealing if there's some advantage for yourself in it. Like plunder, or higher profit margins, etc. Unfortunately, what most seem to be getting is a premature ticket to Heaven. view post


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