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posted 04 Feb 2006, 06:02 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow Reading... by Sharaz Jek, Commoner

Right now I'm reading '[b:38kn011i]The Wizard Knight[/b:38kn011i]' by [i:38kn011i]Gene Wolfe[/i:38kn011i]. I actually finished the first book, The Knight, last night, so now I'm onto The Wizard, I guess. view post

posted 04 Feb 2006, 06:02 in Literature DiscussionBooks that have induced a mindfuck by Sharaz Jek, Commoner

Definitely the first volume of Robert Anton Wilson's [b:1gap39sz]Cosmic Trigger[/b:1gap39sz] for me. Other mentionables would be The Wasp Factory, The Schrodinger's Cat trilogy (also by R.A.Wilson), Ubik and A Scanner Darkly, both by PK Dick. view post

posted 04 Feb 2006, 06:02 in Literature DiscussionFavorite books/series by Sharaz Jek, Commoner

Hi all, I'm another Erikson fan. He's by far my favourite writer of fantasy, mainly because of the scope of the world and complexity of the story. His works just amaze me, and often move me as well. Incredible stuff. I also really like GRRM's ASOIAF series, and Bakker's PON series as well, they're very good. LeGuin's Earthsea books started me off on fantasy fiction about 2 decades ago, when I was 12, and I still find them highly enjoyable as an adult. Amazing stuff considering the brevity of the novels. I also really enjoyed The Silmarillion by Tolkien, a great deal more than I did LOTR, and was a big fan of Narnia in my teenage years as well. I'm continuing to trudge through Jordan's WOT series because Iwant to see how it ends, and I found the first 6 books highly enjoyable. Seemed to go downhill from there, though. When it comes to sci-fi, my favourite series is Dune, the whole lot. I prefer books 4-6 over books 2 & 3, which isn't common, from what I've seen. Great books though. Simmons' Hyperion cantos were also very, very good, and I'm a fan of Jack Womack's Dryco series of cyberpunk novels, too. The first s-f series I read would have been Asimov's foundation series, way back when, which I enjoyed at the time. view post


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