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Kellhus posted 18 May 2004, 13:05 in The Darkness That Comes Beforekellhus == good guy?? by Attilles Pr'Diem, Commoner

I think we can agree that the Consult is unambiguously evil, ie., utterly hostile to everyone else. So whether Kellhus is good or evil, at least for the purposes of the main plot of the series, is his position with regard to the Consult...the series is called The Prince of Nothing, and we can be reasonably certain that Kellhus is that Prince, so I think it's likely he will oppose the Consult and therefore be a "good guy" for the purposes of this discussion. Though I'm sure any Dunyain would tell us that such distinctions are worthless and I would agree ;) view post

Prince of Nothing Word Game? posted 18 May 2004, 13:05 in Off-Topic DiscussionPrince of Nothing Word Game? by Attilles Pr'Diem, Commoner

I like these things :) Hopefully I'm not the only one :lol: Here goes: ANASURIMBOR [b:31rgcwh3]A[/b:31rgcwh3]chamian [b:31rgcwh3]N[/b:31rgcwh3]ever [b:31rgcwh3]A[/b:31rgcwh3]cquired [b:31rgcwh3]S[/b:31rgcwh3]ufficient [b:31rgcwh3]U[/b:31rgcwh3]nderstanding [b:31rgcwh3]R[/b:31rgcwh3]egarding [b:31rgcwh3]I[/b:31rgcwh3]nternal [b:31rgcwh3]M[/b:31rgcwh3]andate [b:31rgcwh3]B[/b:31rgcwh3]usiness [b:31rgcwh3]O[/b:31rgcwh3]r [b:31rgcwh3]R[/b:31rgcwh3]omance. next word: MYSUNSAI view post

Maithanet.. posted 18 May 2004, 14:05 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeMoenghus = Mallahet? by Attilles Pr'Diem, Commoner

I think Maithanet has to be either a creature of Moenghus, ie. trained by Moenghus, or a creature of the Consult. If Moenghus is allied with the Consult, then he could be both. It's possible that Maitanet [i:8ikwc0as]is[/i:8ikwc0as] Moenghus but I personally think that's unlikely. I think Maithanet is almost certainly a part of the Consult, simply because of Sarcellus. I just don't see Maithanet being Moenghus or trained by him and letting Sarcellus hold such a high position, unless he was also a part of the Consult. For me, it breaks down like this: Moenghus is either with the Consult or against them. If he's with them, then probably they are manipulating both sides of the holy war to weaken and demoralize as many people as possible before ..whatever they're planning to do..and then maybe he's calling kellhus to him in order to kill him, thus doing away with the propheciy that an Anasurimbor will come at the end of the world and all that...or maybe not, just an idea. If Moenghus is against the Consult, then probably the Cishaurim are as well, and that's why the Consult, in the form of Maithanet, has incited a holy war against them. So Moenghus called his son to help or to prepare him for his prophesied destiny errr..or something like that. If Moenghus is indifferent or ignorant of the Consult....well then I have no idea :) view post

von daneken is a fraud posted 08 Aug 2004, 14:08 in Literature DiscussionErich Von Daniken by Attilles Pr'Diem, Commoner

Erich Von Danneken is a fraud. I was a big fan of his books before I went to university. He misrepresents everything he portrays in his books, leaves out important bits of imformation, such as the fact that one of his Nazca pictures, purported to be an alien landing pad, is actually a very tiny corner of a geoglyph, a landing pad for ant-sized aliens perhaps. I did research work with an archaeologist that worked at Nazca and I did work on geoglyphs south of there. They can be viewed from hills nearby, not only from the air as he would have us believe. Anyway, I figure that if I know for a fact that he is lying about one thing, I can reasonably assume he would lie about others. It's too bad really, such interesting subject matter... view post

speculative fiction... posted 06 May 2005, 04:05 in Literature DiscussionWhat subgroup of speculative fiction do you prefer? by Attilles Pr'Diem, Commoner

I really wanted to like China Mieville, and I do, in a way...I just really don't like the Bas-Lag setting (Steampunk, yuck)Also, the politics are a bit much, way too overt for my taste...PSS is a must read, but the other two just didn't do much for me at all. Still, he is obviously a colossal talent, I just wish he would spend it in ways I can appreciate :) As far as speculative fiction in general, I dunno if there are any useful subcategories...I love Robert Graves and Colleen McCullough's treatment of Rome, Kim Stanley Robinson's attempt at rational utopia in his Mars trilogy, and Steve Lundin/Erikson in everything he does ;) I was very disappointed in Wolfe's Wizard Knight duology if that's any indication :( What a load of shit that was... view post


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