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the prohibition on teaching the gnosis and hypnosis posted 15 Jun 2007, 04:06 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]Akka and Kelhus will be the Greatest Ordeal by shiva, Commoner

The inability to share the gnosis with someone not Seswatha approved, even when subjected to cants of compulsion, tells me the ritual with Ses' heart is no trick of hypnosis. I think that somehow part of Ses' mind is bound to the heart and passed into members of the Mandate. Akka remembered speaking to Kellhus in his hypnotrance but not what he said, i think Kellhus convinced Seswatha-within to let Akka teach him. Shiva view post

posted 15 Jun 2007, 04:06 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]Breaker of Horses and Men by shiva, Commoner

After Cnaiur tells Akka about Kellhus and gets what he wants he doesn't kill Akka. Instead he warns Akka of Conphas' treachery and send him to warn the holy war. His last words to Akka are "I'd not see Proyas dead." He saves "cattle" with nothing to gain but the life of his friend, who is also cattle. there is your proof ;) Shiva view post

Solopsism, the great equalizer posted 20 Jun 2007, 06:06 in Author Q & AHalos about Kellhus' hands? by shiva, Commoner

Given Kellhus' explanation to Akka about all souls being part of god, how many believeing him to be a prophet would be required to make it true? Shiva view post

posted 20 Jun 2007, 06:06 in Author Q & AA note on other races by shiva, Commoner

Unfortunatly i think the vast gulf in power between a sorcerer and anyone not packin chorae would (imo) make them NPCs in anything close to a balanced game. Back on track tho, loved the encyclopedia at the end of TTT. It was hard as hell to stop browsing it and read the book. Looking forward to learning more about the Nonmen. And well the whole world for that matter. :D view post

posted 27 Jun 2007, 02:06 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]Akka and Kelhus will be the Greatest Ordeal by shiva, Commoner

In 20 years time Kellhus will had not only learned every Gnostic cant known to the Mandate, but have had the time to add a 2nd inutteral to the lot of them. Akka's my favorite character but he would have NO chance and he is smart enough to know this. Not only that but he'd not chance the world over his broken heart, if he was going to it would have happened at the end of TTT. view post

on Atrithau and Akka's history of the 1st holy war posted 29 Jun 2007, 03:06 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]Akka and Kelhus will be the Greatest Ordeal by shiva, Commoner

As the consult and the sranc have yet to destroy Atrithau after 2000 years I'm inclined to believe that they cannot. Not being sure on what "anarcane ground" ground is, other than it renders sorcery inoperative, i'm not 100% but the fact it's still there so far from any other human lands makes me think this is so. Hells they may have just wanted to save a few playthings for post war entertainment. We have no idea when Akka writes his history other than it's after the first holy war. It could be 15 mins after he leaves Smimeh (i doubt it) or it could be 15 years after the culmination of the AE series, we don't know yet. He does mention not discussing some things so as to avoid a death sentence, so I don't think he's in hideing at the time of writing but somehow back in Kellhus' entourage. view post

posted 29 Jun 2007, 06:06 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]The Aspect-Emperor by shiva, Commoner

[quote="Mahajanga Mordecai":sjhbld9y]What more about the Dunyain does he need to know :?:[/quote:sjhbld9y] Is Kellhus truely of the Anasurimbor line? Are there others of said line? WTF do they want? As well as a million other things Akka doesn't know the Dunyain don't know. Keep in mind all Akka knows of them is their skills he's seen Kellhus use and the few things Cnaiur had learned or surmised. view post

posted 29 Jun 2007, 07:06 in Literature DiscussionWhy read fantasy? by shiva, Commoner

I'd always been a voracious reader through grade school, reading mostly biographys and WW2 pilot fiction. I forget the name of the first fantasy series but the author was Lloyd Alexander (there's a disney toon based on the 3rd book). Read em all in the 6th grade them moved on the the various styles of chose your own adventure books. After that I learned of DnD and fantasy books were natural reading fodder. I'd actually not read a fantasy book in years except some Brust. I got TDTCB for xmas last year and got hooked. I'll have to check out Martin and Erikson. I'd heard good things about Martin but from a guy who like SciFi channel "original" movies. view post


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