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Serious TTT thoughts, predictions, ideas... posted 24 October 2005 in The Thousandfold ThoughtSerious TTT thoughts, predictions, ideas... by zarathustra, Peralogue

My reading is that Maithanet is Moenghus. This comes form not only the fact that he appears from the deep South but the nature of how fast he gains power. This is similar to the length of time Khellus takes from coming in as a complete unknown to assuming command of the Holy War. The descriptions of Maithanet point to his ability to inspire reverance through his presence and use of his voice. This is particularly illustrated by the way he handles Proyas.
It seems possible that Moenghus could have gained control of a faction within the Cishaurim before moving on. It would also explain how Maithanet knew the Cishaurim and the Scarlet Spires were at war. view post

Serious TTT thoughts, predictions, ideas... posted 04 November 2005 in The Thousandfold ThoughtSerious TTT thoughts, predictions, ideas... by zarathustra, Peralogue

Yes I really like the idea of Maithanet being Moenghus' son or at least an agent.
Couldn't someone like Inrau be able to tell if a person is a sorcerer or not without being a sorcerer themselves?
In guessing Moenghus's purpose I would say that the Holy War is an attempt to unite the whole of the Three Seas. I also think that he wants the destruction of the scarlet spires this can be seen by the assasination of their old leader and when the Cishaurim that speaks to Khellus calling the Scarlet spires 'whores'. This would be due to them being used by the Consult. Perhaps their use of sorcery to summon demons makes them particularly dangerous. Or in a piece of wild speculation perhaps this was learnt from the Consult. view post

Khellus and transhumanism posted 05 November 2005 in Author Q & AKhellus and transhumanism by zarathustra, Peralogue

Hi Scott
I was wondering how much Khellus embodies current thinking regarding the belief of tranhumanism. Do you see the possibility of someone being able to mirror his thoughts and actions in real life? Is he just a fantasy figure or does he show how much human potential there is if we are not caught up in a particular thought/belief structures? view post

Khellus and transhumanism posted 13 November 2005 in Author Q & AKhellus and transhumanism by zarathustra, Peralogue

Most of my understanding of transhumanism comes form a series of novels with the title "Requiem for Homo Sapiens" This has some brilliant ideas in it like humans turning themselves into computers the size of planets(!) though it is seriously flawed in other respects.
I would also argue that the Dune novels follow themes of transhumanism. It is interesting that characters such as Leto and Paul Atreides seem to act for the benefit of humanity. One of the things I am really looking forward to in TTT is finding out whether Moenghus and Kellhus are acting for mankinds benefit in saving them from the Consult or are just pursuing wisdom for its own sake.
If the former case then that would certainly make Kellhus' actions morally justifiable in the sense that they are done for the greater good or "the end justifies the means".
I imagined Neuropath to be a cyberpunk novel as it is set in the near future and I am sure will inevitably be pretty dark. view post

Battle of Titans posted 20 November 2005 in Author Q & ABattle of Titans by zarathustra, Peralogue

Yes I see the potential for a spin-off series... view post

Advance Review of The Thousandfold Thought posted 28 November 2005 in The Thousandfold ThoughtAdvance Review of The Thousandfold Thought by zarathustra, Peralogue

I was unable to hang out until January or whenever TTT is launched in the UK so I decided to purchase an advance reader copy on ebay. The third book in the series is more reflective in that there are long ruminations from the characters regarding their thoughts and motives. There are less perspectives from Kellhus himself who seems to both drive and stand outside the action.
A careful reading of what has gone before should lead the reader to predict many of the events of TTT. However there are some major surprises as well; what haapens to Cnauir is particularly interesting. Scott seems to hold back from the nihilism of the previous two novels and in particular it seems more in line with his agnostic views.
The real joy for me though was the massive and detailed glossary that appears at the back of the book. Particularly interesting are entries on the Cuno Inchori Wars, the first Apocalypse and the Heron Spear. It becomes apparent that a lifetime of thought has gone into the creation of this series. Some readers may find that it spoils their reading of the book if they look at the glossary first but they will need far more will power than me to resist.
Many threads are tied up in TTT however there is also much that is left up in the air and from the glossary it is apparent that there is a huge amount of material to be fleshed out. In particular I am looking forward to more detail on Zeum and the remaining Nonmen. I am also still confused by some of the action and must admit that I still don’t really know what the thousandfold thought is. I am looking forward now to other people reading it so I can discuss further on this forum. view post

Was Cnauir gay? posted 14 December 2005 in The Thousandfold ThoughtWas Cnauir gay? by zarathustra, Peralogue

For me its still kind of ambigous even at the end of TTT.
But I can still make a couple of points without plot spoilers. At the end of the warrior prophet Cnauir says that he will do anything to kill Moenghus even kneel under hot seed. Conphas provokes the Scylvendi by buggering their captives in view of their army.
I remember that Bible scholars interepreting the prohibition against homosexuality as rather against the raping of prisoners of war.
I would say that Cnauir's sexual identity is tied to violence and domination whether it is men or women. As they say he is deffinately a giver rather than a reciever.
I really hope my internet usage is not being monitored! view post

Regarding the Dunyain posted 19 January 2006 in Author Q & ARegarding the Dunyain by zarathustra, Peralogue

I am always slightly puzzled by the dunyain aim to control all circumstance. For me the problem with this is that one dunyain munk cannot except a command from another. The Dunyain community should rather be a case of complete anarchy. Or bloody dictatorship as each monk seeks to control the others Yet from what Scott has revealed so far there seems to be a ruling council: the Pragma. Can you fills in a bit more on how the community works or am I already probing Aspect Emporer plotlines Scott?

By the way here is a site that gives an insight into what being conditioned would mean for a human and some of the techniques that the Dunyain would possibly see as useful to go along the path to being a self moving soul.
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> view post

Glad to see we have this forum posted 25 January 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtGlad to see we have this forum by zarathustra, Peralogue

I think Kellhus has become too powerful by the end of TTT as Grallon says his mastery of the Gnosis will be immense in twenty years. He also seems now to be invulnerable to Chorea if I read correctly the battle he has with the Cishaurim.
It seems clear that he has the beating of the two remaining Inchori though the No-God will still remain a problem. Check out also a Consult member called Shaenora(sic?) who will no doubt cause some problems in Aspect Emperor.
However the Three Seas itself seems in less good shape. The Holy War will have all but destoyed all active armies in the region. Plus the two most powerful schools have been devastated/destroyed. This would leave all nations vulnerable to being overrun by Sranc. Khellus would have to immedaitely start trainning all the Three Seas children for war.
It would be my guess that Aspect Emperor will begin with Kellhus hard pressed and needing to go to Zeum to persuade them to lend their armies in support. But then he can probably teleport himself there... view post

What book or book series reminds you most of PON posted 25 January 2006 in Off-Topic DiscussionWhat book or book series reminds you most of PON by zarathustra, Peralogue

For me the book I can compare the Prince of Nothing series most closely to is James Clavell's Shogun novel. In many ways the Shogun Taranake(sic?) resmbles Kellhus in his ruthlessness and ability to manipulate events and people.
There are also some good battle scenes though the writer ducks out of describing the main battle at the end.
The novel also gave me a better understanding of Japanesse culture but it doesn't have the depth and philosophical weight of the Prince of Nothing series.
Still a very good read that I'd recommend to everyone on the board. view post

Spoilerish question regarding Sorcery posted 27 January 2006 in Author Q &amp; ASpoilerish question regarding Sorcery by zarathustra, Peralogue

I was re-reading the passage where Kellhus describes how sorcery works to Achaimian. It takes a few readings to grasp. Anyway I was thinking that it must be an advantage to all sorcerors to become blind whether Cishaurim or not as they have the advantage of being able to comprehend the outside or many better. Is this the case or am I misunderstanding what you have written?
The other question concerns the Mysunsai, I read their reference in the glossary are they now based in any one place and how do they recruit and train their members? Are there any other details that you can share with us on them?
thanks view post

Spoilerish question regarding Sorcery posted 28 January 2006 in Author Q &amp; ASpoilerish question regarding Sorcery by zarathustra, Peralogue

Thanks for the reply Scott its kind of what I should have guessed at. Any more information on the Mysunsai would be brilliant for some reason they really interest me. I don't think they will play a big part in things but the idea of mercenary sorcerors would be great for spin-off stories. view post

The Dream that went wrong posted 03 February 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Dream that went wrong by zarathustra, Peralogue

Its actually Anaxophous the Kianian king that rides alongside Seswatha in the chariot.
For me the dream represents Achamians guilt at betraying Seswatha. This is due to the fact that he revealed Kellhus' location to the skin spies and Cnauir. He has to a certian extent become an agent of the Consult by doing this and hence this is reflected in the dream where Anaxophous becomes an agent of the Consult.
For me the No God at the momment is like Sauron from Lord of the Rings he does not have actual power as he does not have a substantiated body in the real world but is still more than making his prescence felt. It is interesting that Kellhus says to Aurang that he is now coming for everyone including the Consult.
I don't know what to make of Kellhus talking to Seswatha directly I think we'll have to wait for AE for that one. view post

Bashrag posted 06 February 2006 in Author Q &amp; ABashrag by zarathustra, Peralogue

To use the Lord of the Rings analogy I tended to think of them as the equivalent of trolls. Scott is using his trick of sketching out a description before providing more detial in a later book. There isn't a glossary entry for them in my advanced readers copy version. I was wondering if there were many of them still around in the present Three Seas? view post

Bashrag posted 07 February 2006 in Author Q &amp; ABashrag by zarathustra, Peralogue

Sorry should have been more explicit there meant whole of Earwa rather than just The Three Seas. No I can't imagine there are any in the Three Seas itself they would be quite conspicous. I would guess that there are some in the far North. I can't think the Consult would have too much use for them at the moment as they don't seem the sharpest tools in the box. However come a major battle I'm sure they'll come into play... view post

Inrau's sorcery posted 08 February 2006 in Author Q &amp; AInrau's sorcery by zarathustra, Peralogue

Thanks for answering all the questions Scott there can't be too many writers that would go to this length.
But I have a couple more questions:
1) What sorcery does Inrau use when he is attacked by the Consult? I would have assumed the Gnosis but from the description given of Kellhus' training this would seem difficult as Inrau would have had to have damned himself earlier. It seems to come from a more emotional level like the Cishaurim.
2) Why do the Cishaurim not intervene in the battle outside Caraksand? Related to this is why do the Cishaurim let Acahamian and Xinemus into Caraksand were they under orders from Moenghus? view post

Cnaiur posted 08 February 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtCnaiur by zarathustra, Peralogue

I don't think we are going to get any 'closure' on this judging by Scotts answer in the other section. So here is a bit of wild speculation on my part:
Cnauir's fighting prowess is preserved by the Tekne and he is charged with leading the Scylvendi into battle once again on the side of the Consult. view post

Mekeritrig posted 11 February 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtMekeritrig by zarathustra, Peralogue

My two favourite scenes in the Prince of Noting series are the scenes involving Mekeritrig. The first one is when he fights Kellhus at the start of the TDTCB the second (it does not mention who the Noman is in the book itself it is later confirmed by Scott that it is Mekeritrig.) The second is the start of TTT where in a dream Seswatha is tortured by Mekeritrig on the Wall of Dagliash.
Now reading between the lines here it would appear to me that Mekeritrig turned traitor on the Consult and released Seswatha. I can base this on the fact that Mekeritrig tells Kellhus that he has fought for and against the No-God during the Apocalypse. In the glossary Mekeritrig is descibed as a ranking member of the Consult during the apocalypse wheras Aurang and Aurax are described as ranking members of the Consult. In the Mekeritrig's conversation with Seswatha its seems that he is being persuaded to release or at least end Seswatha's suffering. Perhaps Seswatha succeeded as his position looked pretty hopeless otherwise.
Whether this is the case or not I would expect Mekeritrig to play a large role in the Aspect Empire. At least I hope so as he is such an interesting character. view post

Nostalgia: Fav part of the trilogy? posted 15 February 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtNostalgia: Fav part of the trilogy? by zarathustra, Peralogue

Reading the replies there it reminded me of how many great scenes there are in the trilogy. As I stated previously I really liked the two scenes that involved Mekeritrig. Also I really enjoyed when Kellhus is persued by the skin spies in TWP and how he uses a mixture of physical ability and intelligence to defeat them. view post

The Dream that went wrong posted 16 February 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Dream that went wrong by zarathustra, Peralogue

Man it's seriously disconcerting having Mog Pharau turn up on the Forum. view post

Inchoroi Origins/Aims posted 17 February 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtInchoroi Origins/Aims by zarathustra, Peralogue

Thats a really cool design and signature Mog.

I think you may be getting confused between the void i.e. the universe and the outside which is the spiritual realm. The outside is the one that the Inchori want to seal off by killing a certian number of men (a critical mass?). view post

The No-God posted 19 February 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe No-God by zarathustra, Peralogue

Yes Mithfânion, I would agree that the No-God was summoned just as much by the Mangaecca than being a product of the Tekne this is kind of alluded to in TTT where Aurang talks of the cunning of men ressurecting their aborted designs.
I think though that Sranc Bashrag and Wracu do not have souls as this is something that the Tekne cannot normally produce apart from the one accidental skin spy. I think that is important in understanding how the No-God can control them as extensions of his will. Along with this is the fact that all children are still born; it could be said that they do not have souls. This would suggest to me that the No-Gods precence in the world can be seen as partly sealing it off from the outside i.e. no new souls can enter the world.
I wonder if the No-God has a soul himself. Perhaps not as he does not seem to be properly self aware. Yet he no doubt exists as a force in the outside
There is a curious passage in TTT were Cnauir talks about his new skin spy 'friends' he says that they are "keepers of the inverse flame". I think that is important but I don't know why. view post

Dunyain and Technology posted 19 February 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtDunyain and Technology by zarathustra, Peralogue

Of course Kellhus free from the Dunyain 'mission' could over the next twenty years apply his intellect and scientific reasoning to produce some pretty awesome weapons. But this is unlikely as there are pobably biggers wins produced by his explortion of the Gnosis. view post

What should we have anticipated? posted 22 February 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtWhat should we have anticipated? by zarathustra, Peralogue

For me the biggest revelation in TTT was how Cishaurim magic worked. This couldn't have been anticipated. It meant that Moenghus himself could not become as powerful as he wanted to be.
I had always thought that the Scarlet Spires were contolled in some way by the Consult and thought that was the reason the Cishaurim had attacked them under Moenghus' direction.
I guess though if someone needs to call their son for help they can't be all powerful and I wish I had seen that. view post

Can Inchoroi reproduce posted 23 February 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtCan Inchoroi reproduce by zarathustra, Peralogue

In I think the Warrior Prophet there is a remark about when the Inchori actually used to be a species. So perhaps they used to reproduce naturally then started to use the Tekne to reproduce i.e. A Brave New World type scenario. Then when they lost full knowledge of how the Tekne worked (as a result of the crash?) they found themselves stranded in that they could no longer use that for reproduction and were unable to go back to more traditional means because they had changed themselves so much.

Perhaps a possible scenario for the future of the human race? view post

A poll on souls posted 24 February 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtA poll on souls by zarathustra, Peralogue

As it has divided the board so much recently I have commisioned a poll to see what is the make up of people who believe that the Inchoroi creations have souls. view post

Super-Sorcery posted 04 March 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtSuper-Sorcery by zarathustra, Peralogue

I kind of asked Scott a similar question here is his answer:

The idea is that sorcery is primarily discursive, and as such, tied to the ability to see (there's a long tradition in continental philosophy critiquing the centrality of visual metaphors in Western philosophical discourse). The psukhe, on the other hand, is primarily emotive. So the idea would be that where sorcery captures fragments of the God's intellect, the psukhe expresses instants of the God's heart. Since the former is cognitive, which is to say, admits of being more or less true, it necessarily falls short. Since the latter is not cognitive, it is indistiguishable from the God's own world.

So I wouldn't have said its possible to combine the two from that. view post

Sol / Hertata posted 07 March 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtSol / Hertata by zarathustra, Peralogue

I'd assumed that at least Sol would become a character in the AE but then I thought Aenglas(sic?) would have a role in TTT. view post

TTT Encyclopedia posted 07 March 2006 in Author Q &amp; ATTT Encyclopedia by zarathustra, Peralogue

While no TTT suprises are given away in the appendix I think that looking at it would profoundly affect the way you read TTT. I would suggest if u can not looking at the appendix until the end but you will need far more will power than me to not look up entries such as the Heron Spear or the Cuno Inchoroi wars. Good luck. view post

Schools of the 3 seas posted 08 March 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtSchools of the 3 seas by zarathustra, Peralogue

I actually think the Circle of Nibel will prove to be a gnostic school. My only evidence for thsi is that at one point Scott admitted there were two Gnostic schools in the Three Seas. Fraid I haven't got time to dig that quote up. Also the name itself seems Gnostic rather than Anagogic in that it refers to a Geometric shape. view post


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