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Someplace to be Flying, Charles de Lint posted 15 Oct 2005, 01:10 in Literature DiscussionSomeplace to be Flying, Charles de Lint by DrV, Commoner

Although i usually shy away from internationally known and accomplished fanasy novelists, due to to many bad experiences, i very much enjoyed this book. Even though it is not epic fantasy(to me i wouldn't even consider it in the fantasy genre), i would still reccomend this novel to fantasy lovers. The book starts out with a kind of "noir crime" feel, and it kept me interested, even thought i hate noir. But the book evolves into something much more, a masterpiece of character. De Lint has a whole series set in a city called Newford, althought all individual and seperate tales. I plan to pick up another of this authors books in the future, and i hope that you will too, so i'm opening discussion on this author or this book. view post


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