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posted 11 Oct 2005, 07:10 in Author Q & AThe Nonmen by FAU5TU5, Commoner

I'm going to have to lean in favor of the author here in hope of what could be an ever expanding realm/reality/world. The more aspects of detail that are of "interest" but not absolutely needed to elequently get the story across leaves great room for further exploration of the worlds in other series based in the same reality. ( ok that was a long sentence) Rather if R.S.B. were to go into too much detail about all of these different and interesting aspects there wouldnt be much left to really open up anew if we were to reture to Earwa after TTT. It would just be "Return to Earwa" if you know what I mean. Prime example was Tolkien's Silmarillion; Soo much new info on things only touched on in the Lord of the Rings, and still opening up for even more, (if he wouldnt have waited so long and died before even getting that far ) Yeah, sure, I would love for there to be sub novels on all of these questions as we speak, I would buy them, and read them, and then re-read the first series with new appreciation (something that doesnt happen if it is all described the first time through in full detail ), but lets give R.S.B. at least a few years to come up with all those novels. Eagerly awaiting TTT. Thanks R.S.B. view post

posted 11 Oct 2005, 08:10 in The Thousandfold ThoughtWhat is the Thousand-Fold Thought? by FAU5TU5, Commoner

Tobias' points sound most in line with my interpretation of the TTT. (its late so I will skip attepts at eloquence ) Dunyians charachteristics of thought seem to seperate them from MEN, (they are, what was the term, defectives?") much more like mmmm. NonMen might be in mind, and definitely like the Consult seem to be in some ways; without compassion or heart. Also the Dunyians had people with their faces removed to study, and there was a certain other group who remove faces for the lining of their cloaks etc. This can't be mere coincidence. Kellus did indeed seem to be showing the ability to speak telepathicly, as well as on occassion (at least in illusion) through others. If this were amplified say a thousand fold, then you do have something of a weapon/ power. Now my question is lies again with what one of the first posts brings up with the potential crossing of the cold inhuman Dunyian mind/no-soul of the LOGOS and the Real world of passion and people life and death. Is the thousand fold thought on the path of the LOGOS ?? or Away From it?? If it means that Kellus actually takes an interest in the outcome of things and affecting destiny, then isnt he in a way going agains his core training? Or am I just loopy without sleep??? view post

posted 11 Oct 2005, 08:10 in Tour and Signing InformationVisiting the US? by FAU5TU5, Commoner

well count me in if there is anything near Seattle without a doubt. Im 25 minutes away. view post

posted 04 Nov 2005, 03:11 in Tour and Signing InformationVisiting the US? by FAU5TU5, Commoner

Well, I'll make a trip to Vancouver for that. I LOVE VANCOUVER and my wife does as well. Although we almost always do the exact same thing. : Stay at Hotel LeSoleil, (check it out if you dont have reservations, ) And spend like 3 hours eating a slow breakfast up the street at the Belagio Cafe, (big club chairs open air and great food and people and great prices. ) After that the rest of the day cant help but be wonderful.. So add a chance to come to a booksigning and release for TTT to show some support from the U.S. for a Canadian fav.... Sure... Put it in the books.. Let us know when a date is set... view post

posted 04 Nov 2005, 03:11 in Philosophy DiscussionWhat is Philosophy? by FAU5TU5, Commoner

Philosophy: to one, a group, or more, their own percieved battlefield on which to engage the unknown and unknowable. When more than one attempt to join in the attempt at once, rules, guidelines, and standards are attempted to ease the difficulty in translation between perceptions en route to the same goal. This is never fully possible because the battelfield is always "Percieved", and therefore fluid and abstractly unique to every contestant. But the passion and draw toward the unattainable and to reach perfect agreement has kept men striving to hone the rules to a point of near science, As if attempting to find the mathematics of beauty or art, Philosophy truly is, the Love of Wisdom and Knowledge and the ongoing attempt to define the undefinable so that others may share a common view. That is how I would likely define it... But in short... after years of study Semantics... yeah... that's 99.9999% of it.. view post

posted 14 Apr 2006, 08:04 in The Thousandfold ThoughtCnaiur by FAU5TU5, Commoner

I am curious, as Cnaiur was IMHO the most interesting of all characthers to read, why if there is more of this story to be told, how he could simply vanish... Rather I agree with the irony of "The People" having fought on the side of the Consult being too in tune with history repeating itself not to come into play. And as one person mentioned that Cnaiur was very at ease with the skinspies indead and I could very easily see one of the Consult being present to talk him out of his death.. Plus the Consult are all but "Ageless" and gave the Secret to banishing death to others before, and more than dabble in the necromancing arts,.. so even if Cnaiur did kill himself.. who is to say that if the Consult want him back... they wont just bring him back.. (or at least some of him)... Too much open there to write off such a rich charachter so easy to empathize with and connect with on certain levels. Not to mention, after whatever may have happened in "THAT GODDAMN WHORE's" sorry, belly after the consult bed her while pregnant,.. who can guarantee that Cnaiur's son who most think Khellus' wont be needed by Khellus if something is amis with his own.. (For political reasons etc.) Just thoughts. view post


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