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Inri Sejenus VS Jesus Christ posted 09 Oct 2005, 06:10 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeInri Sejenus VS. Jesus Christ by Eric W, Commoner

The observation that Inri Sejenus is a parallel to Jesus Christ is almost obvious. Even the common interjection “Sweet Jesus!” is mirrored as “Sweet Sejenus!” in the speech of the Inrithi. There are further parallels: Inri Sejenus re-interpreted the old religious texts and started a new religion; Inrithism and Christianity grew by absorbing the practices of other religions; and the Holy War is, of course, a Crusade. I have reflected on this quite a bit and I believe that a long list of such parallels could be made. However, I believe that the author took the attributes and histories of several actual religions, mainly Christianity and Islam, and applied them to his created religions. It would not be difficult, for example, to find similarities between Sejenus and Mohammad or Kellhus and either Christ or Mohammad. In the case of Sejenus and Christ, it is merely made blatant by having the first name be Inri. In fact, Bakker more explicitly discusses the ideas of existentialism than he does those of Christianity. He even has Achamian Drusus (as told to us through the reflections of Esmenet) use the phrase “Existence precedes essence” (at page 86 of my copy of The Warrior Prophet), which is the primary tenet of existentialism. This is not to say that Bakker is a Christian or an existentialist (or anything else). He merely has his characters or his narrator expound on such things or do things that cause the reader to recall such items from their on experience. view post


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