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Sorcery posted 11 Sep 2005, 12:09 in Author Q & ASorcery by Cause, Candidate

So first off I love your system. Dragons, burning birds, ghostly castle walls for wards it is like poetry in motion. And the gnosis with their geometries of light the pictures your writing conjured in my mind when your sorcerors battle was worth the price of the book alone. That said I have always found the idea of people speaking some magic word and and the worl obeyingridiculous. But with mention of the outside, the onta and only certain people having the ability to become sorcerors I am certain their is more. Any chance you could explin what is really happening also gnosis-abstraction anagotic-anolgies pushke-?, also do the cishuarim sing I cant remeber if they have ever sang their sorcery nonmen-what does their sorcery make use of chorae-paradox view post

three seas militray strenght posted 15 Sep 2005, 11:09 in Author Q & Athree seas militray strenght by Cause, Candidate

I am just curious how much of the threas seas military strenght has been expended in the holy wars. I beleive 300 000 real soldeirs and an additional 100 000 rabble took part and at the end of the warrior prophet we have less than a 100 000 soldiers left. So how much is left. I believe fewer nobles too part than did not so I would think that their is still a sizable portion of the three seas military strenght back home. But Im just curious. view post

posted 14 Oct 2005, 16:10 in Author Q & ASorcery by Cause, Candidate

will do. Not even a tantalizing hint though? view post

posted 14 Oct 2005, 16:10 in Author Q & Athree seas militray strenght by Cause, Candidate

Also how much military strenght will the consult. have. I think achamian says the shrank outnumber men 10-1. Though I doubt that number as that would be 7.5 billion and they would not be able to feed themselves. view post

posted 31 Oct 2005, 19:10 in Author Q & ADunyain blind spot? by Cause, Candidate

speaking of dunyain isolation were do they get their food and other resources from? farms, orchards cattle etc are all clues to human setlment. view post

Cishuarim posted 28 Jan 2006, 22:01 in Author Q & ACishuarim by Cause, Candidate

I justed wanted to ask how long have the cishuarim been around for? As long as the fanim or more recently? Second why where the scarlet spires so important for the holy war. Could the shriah not have gotten the imperial saik or paid the muysanai. Finally why did you decide to go with phalanx style armies for the empire, rather than the maniple formations of the roman legion Also please while I await eagerly my copy of a thousand fold though I have not read it yet so please evryone keep out spoilers view post

Questions posted 14 May 2006, 16:05 in Author Q & AQuestions by Cause, Candidate

Hi just recently managed to get ahold of the TFT and thought it was fantastic. But always it brings more questions to the surface and knowing you are here scott to maybe answer a few of them is irresistable. 1)Will wearing armour save a sorceror from a chorae, must it touch skin directly for the salt to be all encompasing and deadly. I know just being near one for two long starts damaging, but its not as lethal. So will a chorae bouncing off a helmet save a sorcerors life? 2)The salt? why? To expand why do sorcerors turn to salt of all things, and what explanation do you have for this. 3)The apparos that makes the chorae can it do anything else beside destroy magic? are any aparos sorcerors remaining to the consult? You seem to refer only to the menganca(sp) a gnostic school 4)how do apparos users not get salted from the construction of their chorae or is this part of the paradox that makes them. 5)Is the gnosis without a doubt more powerfull than anagogic sorcery? is their nothing in which the one beats the other? would their be no advantage to learning both? Also why is the abstarction of fire more damaging than the anology of fire from a dragons head. whi is the gnosis more powerfull? 6)the few who can work sorcery but dont are able to touch chorae without salting as they have not performed magic , been marked? Yet the cishuarim are not marked iether and yet they salt just as easilly? 7)After a battle how do you find chorae launched from bows? just scour the land, sorcerors sense them? whats stops a soldier stealing these priceless tears of god 8)I think I have asked or seen this aksed before but could you add chorae to the masonry of a building for instance to make it imune to sorcery. 9)Why did anarcane ground save atriphua. I would have thought sorcery was the one thing the north could hope to out do the horde of consult troops at. 10)will firing a chorae at a sorcerors ward destroy it or will it just pass stright through. I noticed the javreh seemed to leave the scarlet spires circular ward to start shooting but I also got the sense they as often shot from behind them. Thought only occured to me after chorae hitting kellhus debri field released them from the spell that held them. 11)The glossary says the mandate has the numbers of a minor school. 50-60 or rank and maybe double the number initiates. Yet the scarlet spires seemed to have only maybe 80 of rank. Is this small diffrence all that stands between major or minor schools or did I get the numbers wrong? 12)Ioykus refers to the dragon head as the hammer of his school. Have we not seen the imperial saik use it aswell. well thats all I can remeber for now scott. Though Im sure you can expect more as I remeber them. Will greatly appreciate if you can answer any of these. Look forward to future books from you. Cause. view post

halloed hands posted 14 May 2006, 16:05 in The Thousandfold Thoughthalloed hands by Cause, Candidate

My belief is that they are a prouct of the minds and the imaginations of the people that see them. I dont believe that a non believer cnaiur for instance has ever seen them. And proyas who is taken in more than achaimain sees them all the time as apposed to just couple glimpses. I would argue that the tusk and perhaps artistic representations fo prophets have golden haloes on the hands. And so if he is a prophet he must have haloes right and o the mind puts what is not their. I would say kellhus seas them as hes beggining to believe his own lies by the sheer weight of thousands saying it is true your thoughts? view post

posted 15 May 2006, 16:05 in Author Q & AQuestions by Cause, Candidate

7) yes I know sorcerors can sense them, that does not mean after a battle they walk the field pointing out the chora Im just asking if this is indeed what happens. I would think knowing their value and their ease to be stolen some sort of control would be put in place to stop it. Hence the question 6)the reason the dont have the mark is because they remeber gods heart, they are as vunerable to chorae as any other sorceror, as seen by the javrah killing dozens. My question is if a man who has never done sorcery but can may hold a chorae without salting, see mathainet, it appears the mark is what allows it to work. Yet the cishuarim as mentioned dont have the mark and yet still salt. so what is the diffrence that occurs 11) A diffrence of 10 sorcerors may make all the diffrence on a battlfield against normal troops. But I would think an group of 60 sorcerors facing a group 70 sorcerors is still open ended enough that any side could win. Its anologous to saying 70 swordsmen against 60. view post

posted 15 May 2006, 21:05 in Author Q & AQuestions by Cause, Candidate

for 6 Im asking what change occurs in a cishuarim from when hes unmarked without ever using sorcery to when hes unmarked aftre having worked sorcery that allows a trinket to work. Further since chorae work on paradoxes whixh turn language back on itself destroying the language based magic of the gnosis, anagogic magic why does it destroy the emotion based magic of the pushke. view post

posted 15 May 2006, 21:05 in The Thousandfold Thoughthalloed hands by Cause, Candidate

Are we reading the same book if you think kellhus does not lie? He spends every moment of evry day lying, decieving and manipulating evryone in sight view post

posted 16 May 2006, 21:05 in The Thousandfold Thoughthalloed hands by Cause, Candidate

I got the impresion that he did see the circumfrix coming. He knew it was a risk but he threw the number sticks. He makes a comment to the effect that only by them having them rebuke him and than realising his mistake would he be able to own them utterly view post

posted 17 May 2006, 12:05 in The Thousandfold Thoughthalloed hands by Cause, Candidate

a meme is simply an idea which spreads to make an anology like a virus without any seeming reason. For instance skateboarding is a meme. You see someone skateboarding decide its cool and do it yourself. view post

posted 19 May 2006, 13:05 in Author Q & AWhy are Kellhus and Moenghus of the Few? by Cause, Candidate

A bashrag is definatly a consult construct. From scotts own mouth. Basically its a creature designed to be able to overpower a nonman. Like the sranc the template for its DNA is nonman and so in order to enhance its strenght they were forced to give it a redundant skeleton, 3 arms or legs etc fused toghether as one so they could add 3 times the muscle mass. view post

posted 19 May 2006, 13:05 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe consult/Dunyain alliance? by Cause, Candidate

Personally I see the majority of the dunyain remaining absoloutly nuetral in the conflict. They dont want to pollute themselves so except for a few agents, kellhus, I think scott has promised a female dunyain in the future and a few others most are not going to go very far from ishual. I further think that if they do take part it wont be on the part of the consult. The no-god breaks the cycle of souls. Every baby is born soulless and as a result cant live. It will destroy the dunyain mission, training future generations to be better and better untill enlightenment. All humans will die out it will be just a matter of time. Further while moenghus had to fear for the damnation of his soul, due to his callous use and manipulation of people for decades (his feeding of live prey to the skin spies for instance) most dunyain I think wont suffer this problem as tey have not done anything wrong, although than gain they treat the defectives like lab rats. A final thought and perhaps slightly of topic but sorta connected. kellhus claims to be the warrior prophet and legitimizes sorcery. However whether he is a real prophet is doubtfull and hence sorcery would still be damned if we accept the tusk as true. view post

posted 19 May 2006, 22:05 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe consult/Dunyain alliance? by Cause, Candidate

why cant they continue their mission if the outside still exists. I will argue that the orginal dunyain knew of sorcery and therfore knew of an outside and did not seem to think it therfore made their mission impossible. It might expand their mission, now they will need to understand sorcery and master the outside as well. And again they are generations away from success and the no god destroys the cycle of souls therefore future life. the mission will end prematurly. and a failure. view post

posted 19 May 2006, 22:05 in Author Q & AQuestions by Cause, Candidate

5) But an abstarction actaully dilutes knowledge. To continue your example of the dollar bill. The base a dollar bill. The abstarction would be currency. the anology barter. Niether one effectivly describes that were talking about a dollar bill. Just some kind of money or some kind of exchange. And I know the gnosis is more powerfull were shown it enough the question is why. 8) I wonder about sorcery being enchanted into objects in the three seas. The chorae, ishual, daimotic cants, anborian circle, gnostic collar and chorae are magic constructs. I wonder if the knowledge of enhancing stoine with magic has been lost like at ishual, or perhaps as far as we know the mandates citadel is crawling with abstarctions of stremght. 9)i disagree. The consuly have dragons, a sranc horde and bashrag behemoths. The north have humans and the occasional super human in nonmen. I would wager the consult in non sorcerous battles have the advantage by a alrge degree. After all how do you kill a dragon without magic. 13) From a nonmen perspective chorae are a recent invention. So before chorae when mansions went to war how did the exalted ones manage to deal with quya sorcerors. Unless you simply prayed your quya were their quyas match. view post

posted 20 May 2006, 09:05 in Author Q & AQuestions about Moenghus's death. by Cause, Candidate

because cnaiur is gay for moenghus. years before when he was a slave to the scylvendi he and cnauir seemed to have a relatiosnhip. This is part of the reason cnaiur feels the need to keep serwe as his prize his proof. Remeber buggery and therfore homo relationships are the greatest taboo of scylvendi culture. So he beats his wives, rapes evry women in sight, and keeps serwe around to prove he is a man and of the land. view post

posted 20 May 2006, 09:05 in The Thousandfold Thoughthalloed hands by Cause, Candidate

I dont think so. Its a diffrent world (culture) to ours thats all. In our world we place goldne haloes around the heads of jesus and angels etc. But in their world I would argue they simply chose the hands. view post

posted 21 May 2006, 21:05 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Future Dunyain of the Three Seas. by Cause, Candidate

Actually theirs no proof as of yet if being born to smart parents will make you smart. When you realise that their are hundreds of alleles coding for intellegance perhaps thousands and that some may be reccesive and some dominant theirs no telling what the result may be. Its entirely possible that kellhus and esmis child is born retarded or perhaps he will be twice as smart as kellhus. No telling what esmis wild genes will create and in truth betold even in ishual this sort of breeding should be iffy at best view post

posted 21 May 2006, 21:05 in The Thousandfold Thoughtnonmen by Cause, Candidate

I believe when the second apocalypse starts we can see what is ever left of the non eratoc nonmen to go out in their numbers and attack. Even if it means extinction I think they wont miss a chance to fight the consult. And since they remeber despair they should remeber this grudge. And theirs one nonmen mansion left at least. In fact its pretty close to golgotterah view post

posted 23 May 2006, 07:05 in The Thousandfold Thoughtnonmen by Cause, Candidate

so were told. Personally i dont see the nonmen passing up a chance to battle inchoroi regardless the situation. view post


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