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posted 04 Sep 2005, 06:09 in Author Q & AOther authors you enjoy by Fortey, Commoner

I've seen a lot of names tossed about in here, some good some bad.... just wondering where anyone stands on Raymond Feist or Glen Cook. I tired of Jordan quick, hated Brooks and didn't want to start Goodkind at all. But I always go back to Feist and found myself really getting into Glen Cook, moreso the Garrett P.I. books than the Black Company novels. Beyond that, I'm anxiously awaiting new work from Martin and Erikson. And of course TTT. Inicidentally, thumbs up to Fanshawe. Just finished my post-grad there after 5 long years of English and Philosophy at UWO. May I never read another word by Heidegger, Lacan or Derrida again. view post

posted 05 Sep 2005, 03:09 in Literature DiscussionFavorite books/series by Fortey, Commoner

Yep, Erikson. Also Goerge R.R. Martin, Raymond Feist and any of the Riftworld books, Glen Cook's Garret P.I., Parke Godwin and anything by Neil Gaiman. And even though it's not fantasy I read a lot of Chuck Palahniuk. And I swear, one day, if Robert Jordan ever finishes the WOT I may just read the whole series. Maybe. view post

posted 05 Sep 2005, 03:09 in Literature DiscussionBooks that have induced a mindfuck by Fortey, Commoner

That may be the most preposterous list of books ever to be categorized under such terms. And why is Margaret Atwood on there? Am I the only person who hates Margaret Atwood and all her work? However, I'd like to add that the Neverending Story certainly is a mindfuck. When the book ends, instead of never ending...whoa. view post

posted 05 Sep 2005, 04:09 in Literature DiscussionWhat would you say are the must-reads of literature? by Fortey, Commoner

This may be the largest concentration of Freud supporters I've ever come across. I'll give points to Civilization and its Discontents for being an interesting read and far easier to digest than any of Lacan's verbosity's Freud. Maybe it's all his insane conclusions I can't get past. For philosophical kicks I heartily recommend Foucault. I wrote quite a fabulous essay on Foucault and Buffy the Vampire Slayer during my last year at university, it was pretty impressive if I do say so myself. If you have a lot of time and a sharp mind, I'd also try some Derrida. The reason I say time is that misinterpreting Derrida seems to be a job for some people. The word "deconstruction: is part of the lexicon these days and barely anyone can properly define it. Read criticisms of the man's work and you'll see that scholars take completely different meanings out of his writings. He can be rather complicated. Also worth a look is Barthes and Boudrillard. They're nutty fellas they are. Boudrillard and the Matrix go hand in hand. view post

posted 05 Sep 2005, 04:09 in Philosophy DiscussionWhat is Philosophy? by Fortey, Commoner

Love of knowledge, just as the dictionary says. Then it gives a long, rambling definition but that's about all you need right there. Philosophy is a tool for understanding, borne from said love of knowledge. view post

posted 05 Sep 2005, 04:09 in Philosophy DiscussionWhat happens when your soul leaves your body? by Fortey, Commoner

I'd pick ceasing to be, but I'd have to acknowledge a soul to begin with and I'm not about to do something foolish like that. So, subtract soul, then you die, and cease to be. I like to think I'll be a fine meal for some worms and maybe one day I'll fertilize some really tasty potatoes or some such. I could be McDonald's fries. view post

posted 05 Sep 2005, 04:09 in Philosophy DiscussionThings I will not accept in an argument by Fortey, Commoner

I'm suddenly motivated to point out [url:3325utj5][/url:3325utj5] Good skeptical website with some interesting commentaries by James Randi that are definitely worth reading. This one perhaps in particular, just as something current and of interest [url:3325utj5][/url:3325utj5] Not to overtly trash anyone's beliefs, but whenever I hear about anyone's faith I'm always lead to wonder why people believe the things they believe. [/code] view post


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