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Myspace users posted 01 Sep 2005, 23:09 in Off-Topic DiscussionMyspace users by TenmaNeko, Commoner

If any Myspace users would like to have a group to discuss the Prince of Nothing series, I have created one: I was really surprised that there wasn't one already! Come and join, so other myspacers can find out about this cool series. view post

posted 01 Sep 2005, 23:09 in Off-Topic DiscussionWords You Like or Don't Like by TenmaNeko, Commoner

Good ones: crepuscular - active during twilight hours exsanguination - loss of blood They're just fun to say. view post

posted 05 Sep 2005, 01:09 in Off-Topic DiscussionStarring "Insert Actor Here" as Kelhuss! by TenmaNeko, Commoner

Hmmm, try this on for size: How about Clive Owen for Kellhus? Kinda popped in my head there..... view post

posted 05 Sep 2005, 01:09 in Off-Topic DiscussionOur own unique, original euphemisms for naughty bits... by TenmaNeko, Commoner

Man, I can't believe taco was already taken! Here's a variation then: Choco Taco - Keenan always wished he could munch on Beyonce's choco taco. Bearded Clam - If Johnny reached third base, the elusive bearded clam would finally be his! Fun Button - After pressing Vanessa's fun button a few times, she was turned on and ready to go. Little Man in the Boat - Linda had to take Bob's hand down to visit the little man in the boat before she felt a thing. Sweater Monkeys - Mary's sweater monkeys looked great in her new bra. Joobly Nooblies - The busty stripper shook those joobly nooblies all night long. Aspirins (sort of) - The skinny girl's chest looked like two aspirins on an ironing board. Skin Flute - Hopefully, Kim would play a little tune on Eric's skin flute later. Meat Saber - Rob's meat saber ended up looking more like a meat dagger. I'm sick, but I'll think of more >:-) view post

posted 05 Sep 2005, 14:09 in Off-Topic DiscussionStarring "Insert Actor Here" as Kelhuss! by TenmaNeko, Commoner

[quote="Deerow":es103gdc]Clive Owen could be good. IMO Kellhus should look expressionless most of the time, but also able to make expressions when he feels it furthers his cause (like when he is chatting/joking with people as opposed to giving them life-altering words). Clive Owen would probably be good at that.[/quote:es103gdc] Yes, good point! I enjoy his acting much more after seeing Sin City and Closer. He's got a decent body, and could easily add more muscle if needed. Sounds like it could work. Now we just need to get an actual movie going! view post


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