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The genesis of Earwa posted 31 Aug 2005, 18:08 in Author Q & AThe genesis of Earwa by banjax, Commoner

This is my first post, but...I've been reading the forum and have crawled around the net for a bit but haven't found an answer to this question. Forgive me if this has been asked before, but...what was the genesis of the world/series of Earwa? To be more specific, Scott...I was wondering if it started with a particular scene or idea in your head that you couldn't get out, a discussion with others, etc. Different authors have spoken about the creation process and the initial "spark" (for lack of a better word) that got it started; a dream of a particular scene, a drunken conversation/debate with friends, an interesting idea on an idle evening, etc. Ray Bradbury (in a different circumstance) has talked about having "conversations" with characters and that turning into a story. Some SF authors devised their worlds out of frustration with something else. I'm just curious as to what the spark was for Earwa... (without getting spoilerific, of course) Did you first write a particular scene, or did you start with a map, or a concept, etc.? Does this question make any sense? :wink: (and as an aside...thank you for sharing this world with us - I found TDTCB at a used bookstore in Philly and immediately fell in love with it...practically inhaled it and PoN - what a wonderful find!!) view post


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