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Akka and Kelhus will be the Greatest Ordeal posted 18 May 2007, 10:05 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]Akka and Kelhus will be the Greatest Ordeal by kariyas, Commoner

This be my first post and I just finished reading the book. Man I am so pumped up after that ending. What an Evil person Kelhus is. He took everything from Akka and what does he get in return? A Thanks? NO he doesnt even get Esmi back. That Fricking Ungreatful Harlet!! Im sooo mad that she doesnt realise what a mistake shes making. All that said and done. what a read that was. I feel like Akka has been awoken, almost unleashed u might say. Hes so ganster to not even LOOK the emperor when he called his name. he just paused , listened and walked away.. And he denounced him as a prophet!!! This is the Akka I was hoping to see, the dont give a **** Akka. And he also denounced Esmi which was hard to read but was the right thing. I think hes going to ally himself with Cnaiur ur skiotha!!! and bring War to Kelhus! I know the spoiler says that Kelhus is going to war in the north to save man kind but I dont see it. This will ultimately come down to Akka against Kelhus and I dont see any other fit to it. There will be the side stories of the consult, no god and the new war but it comes down to these 2 characters fighting it out. I also believe that Akka isnt as weak as people think he is. He will be par with Kelhus, perhaps not in the new book but eventually with in the series. They will meet again but he will not Kneel!!! Sorry for the bad words etc. Just so pumped after that book, Bakker is da man!!! view post

Question for Mr Bakker: References posted 18 May 2007, 11:05 in Author Q & AQuestion for Mr Bakker: References by kariyas, Commoner

Its no mystery that the Holy war is in reference to the first Crusade etc, and alot of the battles and themes follow a certain part of history we come from, other than the magic stuff, who knows even that :p Its interestiing to see alot of Authors relate to history like the crusades in there books as a core theme. I must say Scott you used it in a very different and amazing way, I cant even explain the awe I had after reading your books. I have 2 questions and would be most greatful for your answer. question 1 Did you have your heart broken severely growing up? I ask because when I Was reading how Akka came back from Iothiah to see that Esmi was with Kelhus conveyed heart break, and the way you described it was so deep. I felt the same pain I felt when mine was broken. Sorry for asking such a personal question but Im just baffled on how you captured that feeling inside so many of your readers. Question 2 The Dunyain, are they in anyway refering to Buddhists perhaps? I only ask because I am a Buddhist and alot of the descriptions and there ways seem similar. I dont mean to ask if your saying there Buddhists, I only mean to ask was that your idea in creating the Dunyain? Again I apologize if the questions are too long or too personal. And I understand if u cannot answer them. Thanks. view post

posted 25 Jun 2007, 00:06 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]Akka and Kelhus will be the Greatest Ordeal by kariyas, Commoner

[quote="kaboos"]I'm pretty sure that when or even if Kellhus and Achamian do go at a crazy gnosis dog much as i love achamian i think kellhus would dominate him. At the end of TfT he figures out how to use he 2nd set of inuteral strings for the gnostic cants so in reality he's far superior to where achamian is as a sorcerer. :cry:[/quote] u underestimate akkas power ;) He is the teacher after all. Is it just me who hates Kelhus in this forum? lol Akkas the underdog, hes been beaten on, his womans been taken from him, his love of the gnosis ROBBED by minipulation. Passion will grow with in Akka, and he will redeem himself. view post

posted 25 Jun 2007, 00:06 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]Akka and Kelhus will be the Greatest Ordeal by kariyas, Commoner

[quote="Curethan"]I can't see it ever coming to Kellhus vs Akka personally, but don't forget how Akka was taken by the Spires - a concert of Gnostic sorcerers and the element of surprise could theoretically take down Kellhus too. There aint no such thing as invincible when even Mog can get whupped by a doophus with a stick.[/quote] U cant see it coming down to Akka and Kelhus?? we must have both read different books then :wink: I dont see any other way, its inevetable that Akka confronts Kelhus and opens a can of whoop ass on him... Akka has lost everything in the world, As a rogue Sorcerer he MUST avenge this... He lost everything to Kelhus which makes the confrontation inevetable. view post


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