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Favorite books/series posted 26 Aug 2005, 09:08 in Literature DiscussionFavorite books/series by Ashaman0, Commoner

Hey Hey, Im new here, just stumbled upon this little peace of heaven while lookin for information on TTT. Anyway, Im lookin for some new reading while I wait for TTT, whats everones favorite books/series? I apologize in advance if there are already a million of these posts, im to tired to look though all those posts =) And one other thing I was just a little curious about, I noticed all my books are published by either Tor, Bantam, or Overlook. Whats the difference, I mean do they focus on different genre, anything like that, was just curious. The more I think about it the dumber this question seems, but whatever. Also if you where to punlish a peace of writing and could choose who would do it which would you choose =) view post

posted 28 Aug 2005, 19:08 in Philosophy DiscussionDo you believe a God exists? by Ashaman0, Commoner

Free will is dumb. There is no such thing. Freedom can be taken away, and your will believe it or not can be changed. You probably wont like it but it can be done. If anyone has ever seen the Count of Monty Cristo this might sound familiar =) Heres a crappy example, but say you want to kill someone, thats free will. But if you get caught first stuck in a straight jacket and then have to listen to some doctor convince you your insaine for 2 months, then you just lost your free will. Someone made you decide either you were wrong or that killing people is bad or simply that thats not what you want to do. view post

posted 30 Aug 2005, 08:08 in Philosophy DiscussionDo you believe a God exists? by Ashaman0, Commoner

well, like you said target free will its limited by society, culture, and physics. So I guess it comes down to how much free will we really have. IMO not having free will at all doesnt make much sense. I mean if all our lives were already predetermined by god or whoever, why would the topic of free will ever come up in debates? I mean what would be the point of creating a species and not giving it free will but then making it argue with itself about weather or not it has it. Although if we were created without free will I guess that doesnt mean that god or whomever decided we shouldnt have free will, planned everything out. I guess this creator or whatever could have just set everything in motion, but made sure everything would play out a certain way. That doesnt make much sense to me thou and the brings up is God all knowing? Which if he is should mean we have no free will? Because if we had free will there is no way he could know everythign, uncluding the choices we would make. Anyway maybe i should go back and answer the original question really quick =) I guess Id lable myself a scpetic. I can see how there could be a God, but at the same time I think its just as likely there isnt a God. Who knows =) I suppose well all find out when we are dead. Giving God the benift of the doubt I believe he wouldnt be forgiving enough to understand my sceptisim, which is probably why it bugs me so much when people (e.i. my g/f) think Im not a good person because I dont dedicate my life to God/Jesus or go and repent/pray. If god is so selfish he wants everyone to dedicate their lives to worshiping him I dont really want to spend eternity in heaven with him. The god id believe in would probably be rather indifferent towards humanity, i think he probably would have created the world and set everything in motion but from there he would just be an observer. Possibly learning and creating other worlds/life forms. After all whats the point of billions of stars if god only cares about this one little planet? just to make the sky pretty? I dont think so. As far as God being all knowing, I could see God being able to understand humans completely and being able to predict every choice we would make and in that sense being all knowing. Anyway that about sums up my beliefs. Maybe later ill try to organize all of that into something comprehensible later but for now, im goin to bed, so good night =) view post

posted 31 Aug 2005, 03:08 in Philosophy DiscussionDo you believe a God exists? by Ashaman0, Commoner

I must say as far as how good of a person someone is, the people in my life who are farthest from religion are the best people. The closer you get the worse they are. I know this girl whos pentacostal (forgive me if thats spelled wrong) and her parents/church are crazy. The head of her church literaly tells her parents what she can do, what she can wear, and where she can go to school. Shirts past the elbows, pants, or skirt at the ankle, and long hair no exceptions. The pastor tells them who they can be friends with and who they can talk to. Its crazy, i mean at that point its not even about God anymore, its just a cult. view post


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