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A few questions posted 02 Apr 2004, 21:04 in Author Q & AA few questions by Harren, Commoner

First of all, I want to thank you for writing this. I really love TDTCB, the world and the characters, and I'm eagerly awaiting the next book. I have a few questions: 1)For some reason, I am always interested in the far, distant places; on the map of Earwa, we see Zeum, west of Kian, and Eanna, east of the Kayarsus-mountains. Will we see/hear more about them later on? Do there live people in Eanna? I assume they do in Zeum, as the Xerius mentioned being visited by a Zeumi two years ago. 2) On the excerpts on the 'prince of nothing'-website, there was an old Kuniuri poem about Men, Nonmen and Sranc, above the second prologue, but it was left out of the book; was this for any particular reason? Thank you! view post

posted 06 Apr 2004, 14:04 in Author Q & AA few questions by Harren, Commoner

Thanks for your quick reply :) There was another thing I stumbled on while rereading the book. It was somewhere at the end of the Emperor part, just before Harlot, when the Vulgar Holy War begins, and Calmemunis and the others march out. The date above this part was Late Autumn 4111, which is an error, I'd think, because even at the end of the book the Autumn had not arrived yet; it most probably simply was Late Autumn 4110, as that fits with the rest; but the strange part is that it begins with stating that Maithanet called his Holy War a year and a half earlier, while it happened only half a year before. Are these both errors? view post

posted 07 Apr 2004, 09:04 in Author Q & AA few questions by Harren, Commoner

Shouldn't it be 4110? view post

posted 14 May 2004, 08:05 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeMoenghus = Mallahet? by Harren, Commoner

There are some interesting theories here; but there was at least one false assumption I saw; the Cishaurim ARE not immune to chorea. Bakker himself mentioned this somewhere in the Q&A thread: "They're almost as fatal to the Cishaurim as well, though the mechanics differ. The Inrithi would be in a whole heap of trouble otherwise" view post

posted 20 May 2004, 20:05 in The Warrior ProphetRelease Dates by Harren, Commoner

Shouldn't the Warrior-prophet be out soon? view post

posted 10 Jun 2004, 12:06 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeMoenghus = Mallahet? by Harren, Commoner

Well, Simas and Nautzera, two members of the Quorum, the leading council of the Madate School, had a conversation after their talk with Achamian. It seems that the Mandate keeps losing their informers (like Geshrunni etc.) but no Mandate Schoolman is yet attacked; so it has not only happened with Achamian, but with every Mandate Schoolmen in the field. Like the 'thing' said, that assaulted Geshrunni: ' The Mandate has many eyes; we have many plucking to do' The consult wants the Mandate blind, and further, as the conversaton between Simas and Nautzera implied, the Consult knows how to find the informers, because there is a traitor in their midst:one of the Mandate is betraying them all. ----- About Maithanet: I believe that a sorceror can only be seen by another sorcerer, if he uses the sorcery often; Maithanet does not use it, so can not be seen; I'm not entirely sure about this, but I thought this was implied during a discussion between Inrau and Achamian, in which this subject was brought up. view post


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