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posted 31 Mar 2004, 09:03 in Author Q & AHello to the author and everyone... by Loof, Peralogue

Im not realy in the know about philosofical books, but one book that an old high school (or swedish equalent) teatcher recomended but that i still havent had the chance to read (its sitting in my bookcase waiting), is "Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance" by Robert M. Pirsig. Its not realy a philosofical text but rather a walkthrough of philosofical thinking in the form of a road trip novell. But as i said i havent read it myself yet so if anybody here has do comment... view post

posted 13 Apr 2004, 02:04 in Off-Topic DiscussionOS's and Browsers by Loof, Peralogue

I use windows Xp at home since its easyest, and i dont realy feel i have a need for the kind of controll switching to linux would offer. Also since i like to play a computergame from time to time and getting a game to run on linux is even more trublesome.... *shrugs* At school they use sun solaris systems but i have never gotten around to realy learn them. My browser of choice is Mozilla for several reasons, tab's being one of them. I have some experience with programing (thats what im studying i just havent gotten that far yet) mainly C++ and java. I Have also taken a course or two in html mysql and php altho i have forgotten most of it since im more interested in aplication programing then in database codeing or scripting. view post

posted 13 Apr 2004, 02:04 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow Reading... by Loof, Peralogue

Right now I'm reading Claw of the Councilator, by Gene Wolfe. It's a good book although im not quite as blown away as some peopel seem to be. After i finish with new sun series i think the next book in order would be American Gods, by Gaiman. Or maybe i will go for Altered Carbon which is also gathering dust in the bookself now that you remind me ;-) Last book i read like several others here, was Midnight Tides. Liked it alot and it is probably rakend second among Eriksons books after Memories of Ice acording to me. Altho i do think he overdid the comedy a bit in parts of this one... but then it was good comedy ;-) view post

posted 14 Apr 2004, 02:04 in Off-Topic DiscussionOS's and Browsers by Loof, Peralogue

Thanks for the tip and yeah i have been thinking about going witha dual os setup for a while... but since i have never felt i had the time to realy learn a new OS I have never gotten around to it. As to what is the best programing platform, i think the diference is marginal at best. At least if what you want (like me) is a good IDE (integrated developing enviroment, or something like that) since most of the good ones atleast for java which im working in now exist for both linux, windows and unix platforms. And since most unix/linus programers use emacs to code in and it exists for windows too the reasons to switch OS based on programing needs are'nt that many. About the only one i can think of is gcc which is suposed to be the most eficent compiler around, and since im not selling anything yet i dont realy have a need for that either ;-) view post

posted 15 Apr 2004, 01:04 in Off-Topic DiscussionOS's and Browsers by Loof, Peralogue

Yeah I can agree with the openscorce sentiment. But i have never understood the not useing microsoft producs as a principle stand... sure i dont agree with some of their policys but if they make the product that best suits my need I will make it easy for myself and use it, if not i will use what I find most likeable =) But then as i said i have never realy learned Linux so when i do i might find i like it more and switch... who knows *shrugs* view post

posted 15 Apr 2004, 23:04 in Off-Topic DiscussionOS's and Browsers by Loof, Peralogue

Yeah costs are high for alot of software, although the development time for most software is rather long so in some ways its understandable. One thing thats realy irritating is how much more ecpencive server software can be compared to homeuse counterparts, even if they are both based on the same foundation so to speak. view post

posted 19 Apr 2004, 03:04 in Off-Topic DiscussionOS's and Browsers by Loof, Peralogue

You do know that apache and MySQL exist and are just as free for windows as for unix or linux right? And also some of them do cost money if you use them comercialy i beleve, not sure how much and when. The multiple desktops i can understand that peopel like Although I havent used systems that use them enough to get acustomed to them (only when I work on my schools unix systems, which i do as little as posible since those computers are alot older and slower than my own). But its probably the same kind of thing as getting acustomed to haveing multiple monitors. Working on a comuper with "just one" is so irritating nowdays ;-) which is just silly since it never used to bother me.... view post

posted 06 Jun 2004, 22:06 in Off-Topic DiscussionFirst Word that Comes to Mind by Loof, Peralogue

good view post

posted 08 Jun 2004, 00:06 in Off-Topic DiscussionFirst Word that Comes to Mind by Loof, Peralogue

Snake EDIT: drat i probably sould have written Atkins.... but since thats a name and not a word.... snake it is. view post

posted 08 Jun 2004, 00:06 in Off-Topic DiscussionThe LOTR Films by Loof, Peralogue

I liked them alot, and in many ways think they are better then the books *ducks from the horrible flaming* since i dont like the books much mainly because I think tolkiens storytelling is lacking in many parts of the books and the conversion to a movie forced cutting many of the parts that draged in the books. Also the mixing up of the parts of TTT and ROTK so that we alternate between the two parties of the fellowship improved the flow of the story immensly. Other things in the films irritated me since they wheren't from the books and didn't add anything to the story, the two main examples are Aragons mini-Gandalf when he falls of the cliff in TTT and faramirs personality shift so they could show of parts of Gondor already in TTT. view post

posted 08 Jun 2004, 00:06 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeJust bought my beautiful hardcover by Loof, Peralogue

Yes the cover change from canadian version to UK version is realy irritating since once i figured out TDTCB was a book i wanted the canadian printing was out of print or between printings so i got the UK version from my local bookstore, but i will have the much better looking canadian versions for the rest of the books in the series. *goes and cryes over the terrible damage this will do to the artistic look of his bookself* view post

posted 08 Jun 2004, 13:06 in Off-Topic DiscussionFirst Word that Comes to Mind by Loof, Peralogue

Eden view post

posted 12 Jun 2004, 09:06 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeMoenghus = Mallahet? by Loof, Peralogue

[quote:3nbl7xke]Why does everyone keep focusing on Kellhus? Why couldn't Moenghus be the Anasurimbor at the end of the world?[/quote:3nbl7xke] Actualy i have been hopeing that he is... that way that asshole Khellus could get his anoying ass kicked badly without messing up all the foreshadowing =) view post

posted 12 Jun 2004, 10:06 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeNames and Pronunciation by Loof, Peralogue

Yeah i found the names a bit irritating myself mostly because since they where so long and hard to pronounce it was hard to keep track of who was who for most of the book. But i guess once you get used to the names it will be easier to remember who's who even if I can't pronounce them :D view post

posted 13 Jun 2004, 23:06 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeNames and Pronunciation by Loof, Peralogue

Hell yeah :D view post

posted 17 Jun 2004, 10:06 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow Reading... by Loof, Peralogue

Ok update on my summer reading, with some opinions :twisted: Read the first to books in the new sun series by Wolfe, they where good but I cant realy see where the rave reviews I have been reading are comeing from. Mostly because I feel the central plot is kind of weak, Severian has almost no driving goals except getting to Thrax so far... Then I read American Gods, At first i didnt like it much but it got alot better after the first 200 pages or so, still think the characters are a bit too much like the characters in his sandman comic. So good book but had the feeling of having been here done that already so not super good. Then I picked up Glen Cooks Black Company series and read the first 5 of those, liked them alot especialy how Cook manages to do so much with a very simple way of writeing, which makes the book feel like it realy is writen by mercenarys (who don't have the worlds largest vocabulary). Also liked seeing the similaritys between Cook and Erikson, and think its fun seeing where Erikson got some of his inspiration. Now im reading "view from the mirror" by Ian Irvine (third book at the moment), think its so so, like his world and plot and the characters are interesting but can be very dull at times. But I'm gonna finish the series before makeing my final verdict :twisted: view post

posted 17 Jun 2004, 23:06 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow Reading... by Loof, Peralogue

[quote:1v62dykf]I'm not going to spoil anything about tBotNS, but I will say this: keep in mind that Severian is not always telling the truth. There is much, much more to the story that is revealed in the last two volumes that make the entire journey much more than what it seems. Just thought I'd help out, seeing as Wolfe is one of my favorite authors. [/quote:1v62dykf] Ok i will keep that in mind when i pick up the last two books. :) It hadn't even ocured to me that he might be lieing about stuff since its written in the way it is. Being vague yes but outright lies no... will have too keep my eyes open i guess... view post

posted 18 Jun 2004, 00:06 in Philosophy DiscussionFantasy and Philosophy by Loof, Peralogue

[quote:1l3t0lu5]Let's say that you make an assuption about something in physics, then try to prove it right. If it turns out to be true, then you have done something of great value. But what if it is not true? How does the physicist handle that situation? Becuase he assumed he was right in the first place, he will most likely hang on to that assumption and wont let go until hes faced with too much evidence to otherwise. This could cause a lot of problems for him.[/quote:1l3t0lu5] I just have to correct your example of how a scientist works here, you see the basis for all experiment based sciece isn't proving you are right. It's proving you are not wrong. Example: State hypothesis, then do your best to disprove what you think might be the case. If you can't, then publish your hypothesis and let everyone else have a go att proveing you wrong. Untill they manage to do that the hypothesis will be considered "true". Sorry to nitpick but I had to point out that empirical experiments are done witha diferent mentality then your example. Besides this point i agree with you that asumptions are often in the way, but i also think that some asumptions will always have to exist or you would have no reason to do anything (as peter already said). If i realy had to be more precise then that i would say that subconcious asumptions are nessesary for us to act att all (by subconcious i mean thinks that are so obvious that if we dont stop and realy analyse the situation we would not even think of them). But that concious assumptions are often in the way, in other words expectations and hopes that we are concious of will often make us disapointed or be in the way of our learning stuff. If you expect little you will not be lett down (the key difference here would be expect nothing vs the worst which could easily lead to depression I think). hmm ok rable over....... :wink: view post

posted 27 Jun 2004, 16:06 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow Reading... by Loof, Peralogue

Just finished Irvine's first series myself. Can't quite make up my mind about it, maybe i will have to let it sink in for a bit. But i can list what i liked and didn't like about it. What I Liked: The world he has built up is interesting and well thought out. He avoids painting his characters in black and white. And they feel pretty belivable. The overall plot is good but nothing exceptional. What I disliked: I think the two things I dislike about the series might actualy be two sides of the same coin. The first one is that I felt that the plot moved very slowly at times and alot of the books could have been cut to make a more streamlined whole. But I think the reason I feel this is that the main characters are not ivolved in shapeing the plot, but are simply tugged along in the torrent of great events so to speak. So the whole series has the feeling of being fated to happen which makes me lose interest and thus makes the plot feel like its moving slowly. Hmm that sounded rather negative, so to finish on a more positive note i will say that I definetly don't regret reading the series and will probably pick upp his second one at some point in the future. I hope this was of some help. view post

posted 28 Jun 2004, 01:06 in Interviews and Reviewswotmania Interview with Scott by Loof, Peralogue

Nice Inteview :) view post

posted 28 Jun 2004, 01:06 in Philosophy DiscussionDescartes by Loof, Peralogue

But what is the point of tracking internal changes? Maybe one of the reasons the ability isnt very developed is simply that it has very little use. view post

posted 29 Jun 2004, 00:06 in Off-Topic DiscussionAges by Loof, Peralogue

Well I had my 27th birthday in the beginning of last week so it lookes like I'm in the middle of the middle bracket.... of course only a few have voted so far so maybe that statement was premature :) view post

posted 01 Jul 2004, 08:07 in Philosophy DiscussionThe value of a life by Loof, Peralogue

I think having any death penalty at all is horrible for the simple reason that in my opinion killing the criminal is just a second murder. I don't think I can come up with any crime at all that I think merrits a death penalty. I also have serious doubts about most prison systems as I think most of them only brew worse criminals. But I guess thats a different debate... view post

posted 02 Jul 2004, 09:07 in Philosophy DiscussionThe value of a life by Loof, Peralogue

How can the fact that alot of people die anyway have any effect at all on what is moral and what isn't? Just because lots of people die in trafic every year doesn't make it ok to go out and run over pedestrians on purpose. view post

posted 04 Jul 2004, 22:07 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow Reading... by Loof, Peralogue

I tryed to read "The chosen" a while back but got sidetracked before I realy got into it. Would be interesting to hear your thoughts on it, maybe it deserves a second chance :wink: view post

posted 04 Jul 2004, 22:07 in The Darkness That Comes Beforekellhus == good guy?? by Loof, Peralogue

Great reply saintjon, you summed up my feelings about Khellus almost exactly. Especialy the inconsistency about trying to eliminate ignorance and at the same time deceiveing and useing everyone around him. view post

posted 05 Jul 2004, 20:07 in Off-Topic DiscussionFirst Word that Comes to Mind by Loof, Peralogue

Unfair view post

posted 06 Jul 2004, 10:07 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow listening to... by Loof, Peralogue

Well in the last 24 hours i have been listening to (in no particular order) The Pogues (Red Roses for Me, Hell's Ditch) , Ministry (Psalm 69, The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste, Land of Rape and Honey), Bob Dylan ( Freeweelin, Blood on the Tracks and Desire) Right now i'm listening to Garbage , Beutiful Garbage. view post

posted 08 Jul 2004, 01:07 in Philosophy DiscussionDrug Legalization by Loof, Peralogue

I dont think legalising drugs, (at least not all drugs) would save any money at all. Sure you would save in on prison and court funding, and would probably be able to make a bucket on taxing the stuff. But lots and lots of this money would be eaten up by hopital and therapy bills. Altho while i was typeing this it came to me that America dosn't have goverment sponsored hospitals at least not to the extent I'm used to. So maybe you could make money out of it, but im sceptical to if it would be "worth it". Now if what you meant was legalice some of the weaker drugs that are illegal now, like marujana you might win me over since they aren't as adictive or hassardous to one's health. But predicting the effects of any drug legalisation is next to imposible, so I remain a sceptic... view post

posted 09 Jul 2004, 00:07 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow listening to... by Loof, Peralogue

[quote:2cba9fks]That being said, there's actually a few "Country" artists that transcend the crappy field and are worth listening to: Johnny Cash, err...Johnny Cash...and uh, Johnny Cash! [/quote:2cba9fks] How can a guy that goes by the screenname Dylanfanatic for get his namesake when pointing out good country artists? :wink: view post

posted 09 Jul 2004, 00:07 in Philosophy DiscussionDrug Legalization by Loof, Peralogue

I agree totaly with totaly with you Larry on the problem beinga social one and also that it shoudl be treated with rehab and not prison. Although I think one of the reasons prison is the reality is again the cost issue, rehab probably costs alot more. I don't realy have any experience with heavy drugs, so there I cant add much. But even weaker drugs have aperant long term effects, especialy on peoples personalitys (as does alcohol or any drug). My general stance on "light" drugs is that a little doesn't hurt as long as it doesnt become a habit, this goes for legal as well as illegal ones. But if legalisation is the answer I simply don't have enought information to say what i think one way or the other. view post

posted 10 Jul 2004, 01:07 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow listening to... by Loof, Peralogue

[quote:2ytyqhig]Because I don't classify Dylan as being strictly any genre? I will admit he has made some great songs that are of the Country persuasion (Lay Lady Lay being just one example, all of Nashville Skyline being another, not to mention parts of John Wesley Harding and Time Out of Mind), but he deserves his own genre, yes? That being said, I have a nice 2002 bootleg of Dylan playing Brown Sugar. Weird, yet good.[/quote:2ytyqhig] Ok I admit Dylan isn't strictly country. Although im not sure he has a own genre. I would probably say he has his roots in country but has experimented with many different genres... but maybe thats the same thing now that I typed it out :? EDIT: Oh and the brown sugar cover sounds interesting (although it doesnt suprise me ha has done one). Whats the bootleg called, and is the sound any good? Normaly I'm not that interested in bootlegs due to the crapy quality of the recordings. view post

posted 10 Jul 2004, 01:07 in Literature DiscussionA Game of Thrones by Loof, Peralogue

I actualy have managed to reread ASOIAF, although it took two tries (first time I got sidetracked before finishing GOT). So yeah they aren't the most reread friendly books out there. But I definetly think they have some things that can be picked up on a reread that you miss the first time through. Take for instance the ever popular theory about Jon's parents, me and a friend figured that one out discussing the books while I was doing my reread before I found it on the net. view post

posted 10 Jul 2004, 01:07 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow Reading... by Loof, Peralogue

Just started Glen Cooks "Bleak Seasons" the first part of his glittering stone series. Haven't gotten very far and its going a little slow since this book mostly retells "Dreams of Steal" from another viewpoint. But all in all I enjoy Cooks Black company books, although thats partly because its fun to see where Erikson got some of his inspiration. But I also like how he uses diferent prose for diferent narators, but still keeps it plain and to the point which fits the mercenarys that are suposed to be writeing the story. view post

posted 10 Jul 2004, 01:07 in Interviews and ReviewsAddendum to the wotmania Interview: Re: Monkeys by Loof, Peralogue

It sertainly did. Great question and an even better reply! :D view post

posted 10 Jul 2004, 02:07 in Philosophy DiscussionFree Will by Loof, Peralogue

I beleve that everything has it's roots in what has happened before. So the situations and choices we are offered are dependant on earlyer occurances, but in every situation we still have a choise about how we act/react. So I beleve in free will and a deterministic world (as opposed to a fatalistic world). view post

posted 10 Jul 2004, 02:07 in Philosophy DiscussionDrug Legalization by Loof, Peralogue

[quote:1gmiebpz]@Loof> I dont think rehab would be more costly than prison - if it works. It's a matter of fixing the problem, vs putting the problem on hold and having to deal with it again as soon as the person is released from jail. [/quote:1gmiebpz] You missunderstoot me a bit i think. I wasn't saying rehab was a impractical idea because it would cost to much. I actualy think it's the only good solution. And you might be correct that in the long run it would save money. What I was saying was that one of the reasons I think its not used more is that initialy it costs more then simply locking people up. So those who are making the dissisions don't think it can be afforded. view post

posted 11 Jul 2004, 14:07 in Author Q & AOn the subject of Chorae by Loof, Peralogue

Thats what i think too. If the Chorae's power could be transmited by another physical object any sorcerer that shook hands with someone that was wearing one wold kick the bucket. I think that would make peace negotiations a bit rough don't you :wink: view post

posted 11 Jul 2004, 21:07 in Literature DiscussionA Game of Thrones by Loof, Peralogue

Theory is that Lyanna Stark ran away willingly with Rhaegar and that she died giving birth to Jon. And what she asked Ned to promise her was to keep Jon safe or something like that. There are alot of small hints that indicate this theory, but who knows it might be just one more of them whacky theories obsessed readers think up :wink: view post

posted 13 Jul 2004, 02:07 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow listening to... by Loof, Peralogue

Cool I will have to check out Hide, never heard of them before. But if they are an industrial band its pretty likely that Ministry is a big influance. view post

posted 13 Jul 2004, 18:07 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow listening to... by Loof, Peralogue

Hehe thanks for the info, wasnt planning on going out and buying it without listening to it first. If i do find it i will tell you what I think. And just to stay on topic right now I'm listening to Guns n' Roses Apetite for Destruction, in my opinion probably one of the best rock albums ever made. 8) view post

posted 17 Jul 2004, 19:07 in Off-Topic DiscussionHappy Birthday Aldarion! by Loof, Peralogue

Yes have a happy new age bracket day :wink: view post

posted 17 Jul 2004, 19:07 in Literature DiscussionAnyone read American Gods, by Neil Gaiman? by Loof, Peralogue

Yeah I have read it. Thought it was good but not super good. One of the things that I found a bit "wrong" was that I felt the gods personalitys didn't fit that well with what they where acording to legend. But mostly I think it was because it gave me a bit of a been there seen that feeling as the way it was written was similar to sandman, not suprising but for some reason it anoyed me (probably because i had to high expectations). But all in all a good book. view post

posted 17 Jul 2004, 19:07 in Philosophy DiscussionIs the idea of a "god" inherent in our minds? by Loof, Peralogue

I think we have a inate need to explain our world, so I think the concept of god comes very easily to us. But that if someone was intentionaly raised so that every existential question he asked was answerd with another explanation then god It might be posible that he/she would never form the concept. view post

posted 20 Jul 2004, 02:07 in Philosophy DiscussionThe value of a life by Loof, Peralogue

But wouldn't a more "humane" solution to the mentaly unstable people be therapy rather then a death sentance? In my eyes a deathsentance can never be the "correct" solution only the easy one. Do all you that are in favor of the death penalty disagree with this? And if so why? view post

posted 21 Jul 2004, 06:07 in Off-Topic DiscussionWhat is/was/will be your college major? by Loof, Peralogue

Hehe nice subject derailing there :lol: Well due to being a professional slacker I still haven't gotten a degree. And since our school/university system is a bit different then the american I don't know exactly what to call everything. But Im starting a university program in Computer science this fall, I think it gives a masters in computer science and a batchelors in maths but im not sure. One big advantage with the subjects is I probably wont need 10 bookshelves to keep my studybooks :wink: view post

posted 21 Jul 2004, 07:07 in Philosophy DiscussionThe problem of evil by Loof, Peralogue

[quote:17pyzqx8]I suppose the concept of perfection is something that I need to think about more. Saintjon, couldn't perfection change dependent on circumstances? Circumstances dictate the ideal.[/quote:17pyzqx8] Just to add my two <currency of choice>. I would say that not only does perfection differ dependant on circumstances it also differs with viewpoint, making it a verry subjective concept. On the subject of Good and Evil I am of the opinion that they don't exist as definite things, at least for humans. By that I mean that I don't think any human action can be purely good or bad since what is good and bad is a function of viewpoint but it is also like wil pointed out relative to other actions. Hmm now that I'm writing this out... maybe what I'm saying is that the whole subject is pointless because the object of the discussion is to subjective. :? Note: And as always everything I state as fact is actualy just my opinion. It's not that I'm not aware of doing this it's just that I'm so bad at letting that shine through in the actual text :( view post

posted 21 Jul 2004, 18:07 in Off-Topic Discussionreading by Loof, Peralogue

I like Jones second trillogy alot, but think the first one is kinda so so. view post

posted 21 Jul 2004, 18:07 in Philosophy DiscussionThe problem of evil by Loof, Peralogue

Oh drat now you think I have some aversion to all philosophy, which i don't. I'm just a bit picky when it comes to which ones I find concrete enough that they are worth disgusing :D view post

posted 25 Jul 2004, 01:07 in Off-Topic DiscussionFirst Word that Comes to Mind by Loof, Peralogue

Mineral view post

Re: Music of the now... posted 04 Aug 2004, 19:08 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow listening to... by Loof, Peralogue

[quote="Alric":32rp0czp]Right now, I've been listening to a lot of Jethro Tull / Ian Anderson. It's a phase I go through once every year. A current favorite of mine is Ian's recently released solo album - Rupi's Dance. It's a nice blend of sound and lyrical fusion.[/quote:32rp0czp] Interesting, I used to be a big tull fan. Although nowdays it mostly comes in smaller waves sort of like you describe. When was this solo album released? Don't think i have seen it, is it worth looking for? And to keep on topic: Right now I'm listening to Nick Cave - The boatman's call view post

posted 04 Aug 2004, 20:08 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow listening to... by Loof, Peralogue

Ok thanks i will see if i can dig it up. :D view post

posted 30 Mar 2005, 22:03 in Author Q &amp; ACongratulations! by Loof, Peralogue

I beleve what aldarion is refering to is something along the lines of an atitude that says "I'm gods gift to man in the form of an author and I can do no wrong" or something like that.... view post


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