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the prince of nothing posted 10 Aug 2005, 19:08 in Reviewsthe prince of nothing by sinclair, Commoner

A both terrifying and beautifull account of what humankind could achieve and also what we could never achieve. Faced with Cnaiur and Kellhus, i bellieve Zarathustra would run back to his mountains. For it is what is not said but carved out by two novels that gives these two personifications of hope and hoplessnes true life. A book of excellent philsophical worth which allows you to accept that reason is merely a concept, not a rock. Thank you R. Scott Bakker for helping on my own view of the world with a bloody good yarn to boot. Sinclair view post

posted 10 Aug 2005, 19:08 in The Thousandfold ThoughtWhat is the Thousand-Fold Thought? by sinclair, Commoner

If the Dunyain are as enlightend as the portend and they are above the trappings of a normal persons narrow paths. Then what paths do they follow? They either follow some Dunyain path, which no matter how narrow or wide clearly makes them vunerable, or they follow no path which leaves them with out reason. Therefore why would they have their secret society in the first place, which is bent on control. I als find the most curious charachter in the novel, cnaiur. He sees and understands the Dunyain, maybe not to any great depths his plans, but he does understand, and it strikes me his path is similar, but without the deciet. His driving factor is revenge, without that he would be nothing. Untill he found another reason. He is the example, khellus is the question. He wants power that much is clear. The training of his youth was bent to controlling others. But for what. Is what the Dunyain plan any better than what the consult plan. If they try to break te world free from their shackles and paths. Where will they be. If all men were Dunyain, the training of Dunyain would no longer have purpose. What reason would then be pusued. view post

Zarathustra posted 10 Aug 2005, 19:08 in Author Q & AZarathustra by sinclair, Commoner

How do you feel a conversation would go, between Prince Kellhus and Nietzsche's Zarathustra. If such a conversation were to take place i feel Cnaiur would also fit in nicely, for other than his obsessive rage, he would make an ideal ubermensche. My real question is, what is up with cnaiur. I feel there are fathoms more to his character. I keep expecting him to turn the evil (or are we beyond good and evil) dunyain on their heads and build a world himself. I really think he could!? view post

enlightenment? posted 12 Aug 2005, 16:08 in The Thousandfold Thoughtenlightenment? by sinclair, Commoner

is this parralell to the Buddhas enlightenment. For it is only when he feels emotion does the thousand fold thought come. The norm is to be driven by emotion, the dunyain are driven by control and mastery. Logic and reason. Perhaps it is when the two in a pure form are merged? view post


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