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posted 24 Apr 2007, 08:04 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]Achamian by lord fowl, Commoner

Hi there first post and all - incredible series! I bet that when Akka stumbles off into the north he meets a guy named Mekeritrig and they have a contest of who can make the most trees explode. After realizing that they are both awesome, and good at killing trees, they become friends and enslave a sranc swarm or two (Akka under the guise of learning about the Consult and Mekeritrig under the guise of learning about the Dunyain.) The two adventurers set off in search of adventure and Ishual and shit. And when they get to Ishual, the Dunyain make Mekeritrig good again through hypnosis or conversation or something. After Mek puts a spell of friendship on the Dunyain, he and Akka teach them some sorcery. Then Akka and Mek lead a squad of Gnostic Dunyain Badasses to confront Kellhus and the Great Ordeal. Then a Probability Orgy occurs and the unexpected happens!?!?? view post

posted 25 Apr 2007, 10:04 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]Achamian by lord fowl, Commoner

Hey sorry about the ridiculousness of that post i was drinkin unwatered wine (although I think Akka and Mek's Excellent Adventure would be awesome :)). I picked up this series because of Erikson's recommendation and was completely blown away and read all three books in the past month. I actually think it would be a very cool storyline if Achamian met Mek while he was just being insane in the North. If Mek happened to fall on the good side of his insanity and met Akka wandering around in the Ancient North some cool stuff could happen, especially with all the awful memories Achamien has of Dagliash. Apologies if this has already been proposed, I haven't read the entire board. view post


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