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posted 25 Mar 2004, 17:03 in Member Written WorksMy Book - A Faceless Shadow by Ilnaulro, Commoner

:lol: Mr Malarion is being too modest. I am not here to drum up business for him, however, I have read this story and recommend it. Just hink, one day you will see it on the bookshelf and say: "I read that before it was published" and you will be Sooooo popular on the fans forum dedicated to him. Read it. view post

posted 25 Mar 2004, 18:03 in Writing TipsGreat News - and please post what work you are all doing. by Ilnaulro, Commoner

8) I too am currently about a third or so of the way through my second book (of a projected four) whilst re-writing book one (as always). I have sent off my synopsis and sample chapters to a couple of publishers, so here's hoping. I will refrain from posting up atm, but I am more than willing to read and give feedback from anything anyone else has to offer. Also, as a pedantic writer who has done mountains of research into this "art" I will be happy to help and give any advice I can. Book One - Faith (took about six years) Book Two - Requiescat (in progress at a faster rate ;)) view post

posted 25 Mar 2004, 18:03 in Writing TipsWorld-building by Ilnaulro, Commoner

I prefer to hand-draw my maps too, but whatever works for you. What I would say, is to take your time and really work at the map and enjoy it, because, just like in RL, the actual geography shapes the lives of those who live there. Also, it IS a plot device. Anyway, there are stacks of websites out there you can find easily with all sorts of builders, from characters, taverns and names to whole worlds (and all of these can give you ideas and plots) Enjoy. view post

posted 26 Mar 2004, 00:03 in Off-Topic DiscussionHow did you get here? by Ilnaulro, Commoner

:oops: From Malazan also...but not from a link, it was because so many people had nothing but good things to say about Bakker. :lol: view post

posted 06 Apr 2004, 23:04 in Writing TipsGreat News - and please post what work you are all doing. by Ilnaulro, Commoner

It is old christian, iirc, and is just one of those old words nobody uses any more. More to the point, it is very apt for the book as well as being a cool word, don't you think? view post

posted 05 May 2004, 21:05 in Literature DiscussionStephen Erikson's Books by Ilnaulro, Commoner

:lol: Ah, yes, I am another avid SE fan...however, I am getting through my backlog of Glen Cook and Paul Kearney but ordered "The Darkness that come before" today :D So, if this book is as good as everyone says I would imagine I will be around more often bugging you all! view post

posted 08 Jul 2004, 22:07 in Writing TipsWorld-building by Ilnaulro, Commoner

How's that coming along now, Wil? I drew my maps by hand, scanned them and let Malarion had a look and they were fairly impressive. How is it going for you? view post


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