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evil posted 30 Jun 2005, 02:06 in Philosophy DiscussionThe problem of evil by medium, Commoner

Evil to me isn't a problem. Evil is there and it always will be. It's a principal of the existance of life. If there wasn't evil there would be no good. There would be no definition of the word good or evil if any werer a problem. I say evil is good. And good is evil. Ex. If there were no wars how would anyone know what peace is? God. Hmmm... Actually i don't believe in god. I like the buddist way of life. But no Bhudda just existance. Atheist. view post

piercing posted 01 Jul 2005, 02:07 in Off-Topic DiscussionNeed help with holes!!! by medium, Commoner

Go with the lobe. Unless you're a risk taker?? view post

question about achamian? posted 05 Jul 2005, 00:07 in The Warrior Prophetquestion about achamian? by medium, Commoner

Is anybody else relieved that Achamian didn't have a chance to teach Khellus the Gnosis? I'm not saying that I'm afraid of Khellus but I will admit I'm afraid of what he'll become if he learns it. Khellus is doing all of this to kill his father, I know, but what about after? Any hints from the next book?? view post

Thanks for suggesting A song of Ice and Fire posted 05 Aug 2005, 01:08 in Literature DiscussionThanks for suggesting A song of Ice and Fire by medium, Commoner

I started reading the First book about 1 week ago. I went to Barnes and Noble 2 days later to pick up the second one. Books are my life and im happy to say this is one of the best series i've ever read. I admit that i do spend most of the summer reading. I dont care though because this series is hard to put into words how great it is. Anyone read the Kushiel Dart ect.. series? Just wanted to know if anyone knew about it and if they found some of the names in the book familiar? Melisande, dalriada(firegold) just curious. view post


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