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posted 13 Apr 2007, 09:04 in Off-Topic DiscussionFavorite Quotes of the Prince of Nothing by Delazar, Commoner

"measure is unceasing" and then the one Cnaiur says in front of all the War Council at the end of the first book... now i don't have the book with me, but i think it went like: "WAR is the place were the iron bones of earth meet the hollow bones of MEN, and break them!" priceless... view post

posted 13 Apr 2007, 20:04 in Author Q & AFemale Dunyain? by Delazar, Commoner

and what about female sorcerers(esses...)? are witches burnt ASAP, or is it possible for a female to be recognized as one of the Few, and be schooled? if the Few are so..."few", then even female ones should be precious... view post


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