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posted 18 Mar 2007, 04:03 in Author Q & AWhy are Kellhus and Moenghus of the Few? by LordBright, Commoner

I thought Kellhus talked with his father about the magics and why his (Kellhus') is more powerful than his fathers. Wasn't it something to do with Moenghus not really understanding it. When Kellhus was being tutored by Akka, he realized that anyone could do magic, it had to do with 'believing' they could do it. That's a really horrible explanation but I'm pretty tired & I have no idea where this came up... I think in the third book, but it could have started in the second. I think the third though. view post

posted 18 Mar 2007, 05:03 in The Thousandfold ThoughtSeswatha's dreams. by LordBright, Commoner

[quote="Anthorn":17j5mak7]this may be slightly off topic but in the 2nd book when Akka escapes from his torture... did anyone get the feeling by the way it was described that he was possessed by seswatha[/quote:17j5mak7] I got the impression that this would happen with ANY Mandate Schoolman. Seswatha takes over. Also, going along this thought process- If there was a big enough threat that hit several Mandate Schoolmen at the same time, wouldn't they all turn into Seswatha? There's be a small army of Seswathas running around. How would that work out? Just a crazy thought that keeps me up at night :shock: view post


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