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posted 16 Mar 2007, 20:03 in Literature Discussionr.a. salvatore's war of the spider queen series by budda69, Commoner

I've read the entire War of the Spider Queen series, and they are quite good. They aren't as in-depth or intriguing as the Prince of Nothing series, but they are still an enjoyable read. It has lots of action and fighting. Also, the entire series was written by different authors, so bear that in mind. I searched Amazon and found the new book, titled "Sacrifice of the Widow", which evidently picks up where the last book of WoSQ series ended. Hope this helps. view post

posted 09 Apr 2007, 15:04 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]Achamian by budda69, Commoner

Achamian is 47 when the series starts, but the series ends, so he'd be 49. 20 years later, he'd be almost 70. He may teach someone else the Gnosis, then have them find Kellhus maybe? view post


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