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R.A. Salvatore mentions Scott in passing posted 11 June 2005 in Interviews and ReviewsR.A. Salvatore mentions Scott in passing by Harrol, Moderator

I agree with everyone who criticizes Salvatore. He can be entertaining yet after reading a couple of his books he becomes predictable and boring. view post

Conspiration theory posted 15 June 2005 in Philosophy DiscussionConspiration theory by Harrol, Moderator

To answer your post, yes. I do not think that they are occultic in nature. There is one organization in particular named the C.F.R. which stand for the council on foriegn relations. It appears to be the political front in America for the Builderberger society. In fact both President Bush and John Kerry are members of the C.F.R. The C.F.R is the group that wanted the war in Iraq and that is why politians in both parties supported the war. That includes Bush and Kerry. Sorry to all those out there that thought Kerry would have brought meaningful change, because he wouldn't have. So here's my conspiracy and world domination beliefs for now. Sorry for the misspellings and the long post. Do not worry there is more to come. view post

Holy war: the ultimate blasphemy posted 15 June 2005 in Philosophy DiscussionHoly war: the ultimate blasphemy by Harrol, Moderator

I must comment on some matters here. Not to defend the positions of the Popes to lead a holy war against the muslims. In fact I have no desire to defend any pope. Yet I must point out the muslims weren't peacefully living in their lands and all the sudden these meany Franks by order of the pope attacked them. The muslims previous to the crusades conquered Spain, Sicily and were invading southern Italy on regular intervals. In fact in 800 A.D. a pope watched muslim invaders kill several hundred Anglo-Saxon pilgrims right outside the Vaticant. Also it was the Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire who asked the pope to help him after the Seljuk Turks conquered Antioch. The first crusade was led through Constantine and defeated the Seljuk army sent to destroy it. In fact the niece of the Emporer stated the the charge the Frnaks led against the Turks would have shattered the walls of Babylon. So yes the Orthodox Greeks wanted at least the first crusade to ease the pressure on them. What the Emporer did not want was the amazing success the first crusade had. In fact the next emporer became so jealous that he had his navy kidnap the King of France while he was returning from the failed second crusade. That is all I will say for now. Please comment. view post

Holy war: the ultimate blasphemy posted 15 June 2005 in Philosophy DiscussionHoly war: the ultimate blasphemy by Harrol, Moderator

Thanks H. I see what you mean as far as what actually was happening. Also as a disclaimer I was not trying to religiously justify war. That is a weight of accountability i would not want to carry. Thanks for your statements as it is a very well rounded veiw. <!-- s:) --><img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile" /><!-- s:) --> view post

Holy war: the ultimate blasphemy posted 19 June 2005 in Philosophy DiscussionHoly war: the ultimate blasphemy by Harrol, Moderator

I realize this post will be very biased and I hope to not anger anyone. As I believe the God of the Old Testament is still the God of the New Testament. But is there such a thing as a Holy War? I can only answer from what I understand from the Bible. Which is what I base my understanding of holiness. Again I realize there are many that do not hold this veiw. So for the record I am not trying to force my view only to explain it. No where in the Bible does it say Holy War nor does it call those that fought holy for fighting. King David was forbiden to build the Temple because of the wars he fought. What I understand is no war is holy, but at time a needed act, to perserve ones people for example. I believe if a war was to be holy God would have to take a side. From the example I see of Joshua speaking to the Captain of the Lord of Hosts outside of Jericho God does not take the different sides that man does. The Crusades and all the Jihads were not of God and certainly can not be considered holy. I know that there is much to comment on so please do. view post

Holy war: the ultimate blasphemy posted 23 June 2005 in Philosophy DiscussionHoly war: the ultimate blasphemy by Harrol, Moderator

SF I see that you point to God use of the Babylonians in war. I would hardly think that God considered that war or it's soldiers holy! There were wars ordered by God for a purpose. People who hate God and the Bible cite all the cases in which God speaks of war. I find that intersting considering the fact that most people who hate God spend a lot of time trying to disprove the very Bible that they quote from. view post

Holy war: the ultimate blasphemy posted 24 June 2005 in Philosophy DiscussionHoly war: the ultimate blasphemy by Harrol, Moderator

Brad, I see where you come from on people stating that God does not sanction killing. I do not believe that I stated any such thing. If I did it was in error and I apologize. My point is this. Most people who have declared a holy war or jihad heard only from their own booket book or their own hate not God. I realize that you do not believe in a Christian God. No problem I do not wish to argue the point with you. Hopefully it does not appear that I am. Yet I must add that not every war spoken of in the Bible was a direct order of God. In other words those that did it did not go to war for God's sake. Therefore they committed a self-intersted act and did not do the will of God. Just to make it clear not every war fought by Isreal or Judah was holy. Certainly the wars fought by the Syrians, Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians or the Greeks. Yes God used them for His own purpose, but they were not holy. Sorry for going on and on. This is my personal belief and it is not stated to push anyone or to offend. If I have offended I am sorry but know it is not on purpose. view post

Holy war: the ultimate blasphemy posted 25 June 2005 in Philosophy DiscussionHoly war: the ultimate blasphemy by Harrol, Moderator

To answer the question were wars ordered by God? Yes, they were. As you pointed out with Joshua, King Saul, King David and so on. If these men had not fought then yes they would have been outside of the will of God. I can not explain this compared to the commandments given by Jesus. All I know is to be holy one must obey God and love Him with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. One more point to add. David without dispute in the Bible was a man of God. We know he fought multiple wars and killed many people in the role of protector of his people. As stated before he was a man of God, in fact a man after God's own heart. Yet because of all his killing he was forbidden to build the temple for God. Only a man of peace his son Solomon could build the temple. I do think that gives us some perspective. To the original topic of God ordering a war is it Holy. I believe in the cases of Joshua, Moses and David that yes they were a holy war. I lack understanding on many of these things but Aleo is right if God orders it it is holy. view post

AMERICAN POLITICS... posted 29 June 2005 in Philosophy DiscussionAMERICAN POLITICS... by Harrol, Moderator

Azdahak I understand your point of view. Meaning that a socialist democracy is your preferred society. What about people here in America who do not wish to live in that type of society. Personally I do not want to hand most of my money over to the government and have them take care of me. Thomas Jefferson once stated that if the government has the power to give you food, clothing and shelter they also have the power to take it away. Right now in America if the government controled those functions, the truth is they would not take them away. They would leverage them for their own control of the society. Another fear I have to having is a socialist democracy is the office of the president regardless of party has gain power never granted to it by the constitution. I state all this for one reason. Over the last 20 or more years the presidents have been moving to have power similar to that of a Roman Emporer. How they do this is through executive order. Bill Clinton issued over 400 and the current president is on the same course. Our congress is content to stand by and do nothing even though the power is theirs according to the constitution. Like the Roman emporers taking power from the senate. If we have one person with majority power that controls the food, clothing, housing and medical needs of the coutry. Then what is to stop him from abusing his powers. We have many examples of that in history. Recent examples are Stalin, Hitler, Saddam, Pol Pot and Ho Che Mein. One more thought that I have a hard time getting around is the fact that the Nationalist Socialist Workers Party is what the Naxi party's official name was. view post

AMERICAN POLITICS... posted 01 July 2005 in Philosophy DiscussionAMERICAN POLITICS... by Harrol, Moderator

Randal Those are some interesting thoughts. Paying about 30-40% on taxes is about what we in America pay anyways. Most of are taxes are income tax and property tax. Our politians like to hide taxes in the basic use of services so it is hard to say what our exact percentage is. I will say this much every time I check my pay stub a strong urge to call the police and tell them I have been robbed comes over me. Thanks for your post that is info I did not know about. view post

AMERICAN POLITICS... posted 07 July 2005 in Philosophy DiscussionAMERICAN POLITICS... by Harrol, Moderator

I have to disagree with being a part of a world government. America has many problems of its own without a doubt. We can at times truly be arrogant, self-conceited, proud and even cruel. Yet, at the same time so is the rest of the world. Many countries say why can't America adopt more of the ways in which we do things? I understand that statement America makes the same statement all the time too. I find this to be arrogant on both sides. I am a patriot who loves America and the American way of life, but I am not a nationalist that thinks the American way of life needs to be pushed on the rest of the world. At the same time I appreciate other peoples from other countries being patriotic and loving their way of life. I do not appreciate them trying to tell us that we are not as smart or as sophisticated as them because we do not do things like them. To people in other countries that tell America that we are stupid for who we vote for let me just tell you that I find it offensive. No I did not vote for Bush I voted for Nader. I do not support the war in Irag. It is unconstitutional and wrong. It is unconstitutional because congress never voted to go to war. They merely voted to hand the president a blank sheet of paper to work off of. In other words they voted to give up their rights to say yes or no. I find that to be cowardly and wrong. I believe the out cry should have been to replace congress with people who aren't afraid to do their job and vote on the issues that are in their power to vote on and really make policy decisions instead of letting the president do it. Under the constitution the president is the Commander in Chief of all American forces and has some other limited executive powers, but all legisative powers and the power to long term deploy the military rest in the hands of the congress America can not go around the world trying to fix all these problems militarily. That is too reminisent of the Roman empire for me. As the first leaders of this country stated. Friendship and trade without partiality to all, and entangling alliances with none. That is not xenphobia just what I believe would be the best way to operate with foreign policy. view post

AMERICAN POLITICS... posted 07 July 2005 in Philosophy DiscussionAMERICAN POLITICS... by Harrol, Moderator

Sorry for the double post. To everyone in England You have my sympathies for those horrible explosions in London. I feel terrible about the loss of life there. I pray it does not happen again. view post

AMERICAN POLITICS... posted 07 July 2005 in Philosophy DiscussionAMERICAN POLITICS... by Harrol, Moderator

Will, You are right I did not make a clear point about us not being apart of a global government. In a way I did address it by saying we need to stay out of other countries militarily. We as Americans need to as I stated before have open friendship with all and free trade. No America should not be the overlords of the world. To me that goes for any country or group of countries. I do not want to see a global government because I feel that as the common man we will lose a lot of our direct representation from our leaders. One example and then I will stop and wait for feed back. That example is who are all the active members of the Security Council. i do not mean the countries. I mean the names of the individual people. I did not vote for a one of them. That makes me think that there is an accountability gap. That is one of my main concerns about a global governing body. view post

The Few and Kellhus posted 01 August 2005 in The Warrior ProphetThe Few and Kellhus by Harrol, Moderator

To add to what Cynical Cat stated. Not only do we have the accounts of his disciples but also of Josephus in his book the Jewish War he also accounts of Jesus. He was not a follower of Christ. view post

What is your favorite sport? posted 16 August 2005 in Off-Topic DiscussionWhat is your favorite sport? by Harrol, Moderator

The only sport I can stand to watch is American football. I like college and pro. Go Dolphins and go Gators. view post

Best character posted 07 November 2005 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeBest character by Harrol, Moderator

Cnaiur is my most favorite character. For some strange reason I can understand why he is the he is. I also like Conphas. His intelligence and ruthlessness make him a very interesting character. view post

Recomended Ancient Miltary History? posted 17 November 2005 in Author Q &amp; ARecomended Ancient Miltary History? by Harrol, Moderator

Cesear's Legions was a great book and so was Nero's Killing Machine also written by the same author. He goes into detail of their training, weapons and tactics. Sorry I do not remember the authors name my books are at home. view post

Military Philosophy posted 17 November 2005 in Author Q &amp; AMilitary Philosophy by Harrol, Moderator


I noticed that there are two oppossing veiws of warfare in the books. Conphas states that war is intellect and Khellus States that war is conviction. At one point in time I would have totally agreed with the belief that Conphas holds. Yet after reading TWP and reflecting back on several wars and campaigns I have read I see that conviction is a major role too. What made you pick up on this and make it a part of your books? I also love the way Cnauir describes warfare as an arguement it is priceless. view post

Movies...? posted 12 December 2005 in Off-Topic DiscussionMovies...? by Harrol, Moderator

I just watched the Syriana. I thought it was a very good movie. It will probably make a lot of people mad by what it is impling. It is certainly worth watching. view post

Esmet's betrayl, Bakker's massogeny, and a criticism posted 12 December 2005 in The Warrior ProphetEsmet's betrayl, Bakker's massogeny, and a criticism by Harrol, Moderator

I have to agree with anor's veiw on this. I think bustler is reading too much into the character, but he did make a few points that bear merit. view post

Was Cnauir gay? posted 12 December 2005 in The Thousandfold ThoughtWas Cnauir gay? by Harrol, Moderator

I think the real betrayal that Cnauir feels is due to the fact Moengus provided something that was lacking in his life. Moengus show Cnauir genuine interest. We know that it was fake interest but to Cnauir it was genuine. Then Moengus showed Cnauir that he truly understood him. I do not believe that those were things Cnauir was accustomed to so like a man starving he jumped on those interests showed him and gained a strong emotional attachment towards the one that showed them to him. Cnauir has showed that sex has little emotional meaning to him so whether or not he had sex with Cnauir is really inconsequential to the fact of the emotional betrayal. Let us also look at the fact that Cnauir laments the death of his mother because Moengus impregnated her. Cnauir axe to grind with Moengus I believe covers many things. view post

Movies...? posted 12 December 2005 in Off-Topic DiscussionMovies...? by Harrol, Moderator

Well AJ without giving away to much. The movie shows the American corporate and governmental coruption in the oil bussiness. At the same time showing the effects in the Middle East. As a side note it reveals the economic game between America and China and how we use oil for leaverage. view post

Was Cnauir gay? posted 13 December 2005 in The Thousandfold ThoughtWas Cnauir gay? by Harrol, Moderator

I am not saying that he is not gay. I am just saying that that is not the prime mover to his motivation. I believe he had a relationship with Moengus but my question is does he continue to seek out those relationships. Is that what he is after now? view post

Was Cnauir gay? posted 13 December 2005 in The Thousandfold ThoughtWas Cnauir gay? by Harrol, Moderator

Kansas that is agood point. I believe that is his prime motivation for what he is doing. view post

RPG? posted 18 December 2005 in Author Q &amp; ARPG? by Harrol, Moderator

I would suggest White Wolf. They seem to be pretty good or at least five years ago when I played their RPG's they were. view post

Why can't Kellhus plan? posted 19 December 2005 in Author Q &amp; AWhy can't Kellhus plan? by Harrol, Moderator

The issue of the skin spies was one that I always questioned. We know that in the TWP Kellhus saw about a dozen in the camp. They were a factor to him but not part of his goal. As long as the skin spies stayed out of his way he did nothing to them. As soon as one of them did get in the way he eliminated it. The example being the first Sarcellus. view post

Serious TTT thoughts, predictions, ideas... posted 21 December 2005 in The Thousandfold ThoughtSerious TTT thoughts, predictions, ideas... by Harrol, Moderator

These last few posts have nothing to do with TTT. They should be deleted and the spammer banned. Also if someone wants to gamble it is easy enough you do not need to add links. view post

Now Reading... posted 21 December 2005 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow Reading... by Harrol, Moderator

A friend of mine gave me a book called Darwin's God by Kenneth Miller. So far it has been a great read by a very well thought out author. view post

Bad, bad book. BAAAD. posted 25 December 2005 in Off-Topic DiscussionBad, bad book. BAAAD. by Harrol, Moderator

I think that the worst author I have ever read is Eddings and Salvatore is a close second. I realize this is a worst book discussion, but it seems almost all the books written by these two count for this category. view post

TWP Spoilers? posted 29 December 2005 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeTWP Spoilers? by Harrol, Moderator

sorry that last post was me. view post


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