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posted 10 Jun 2005, 03:06 in Author Q & AA few questions . . . by Esmi, Candidate

good question super frog, the dunyain have been in Ishual for two millenia so its possible that they had capture (or taken in) people who stumbled across it. Maybe they used these people to add diversity to their genetic stock. view post

posted 10 Jun 2005, 03:06 in Author Q & AThe importance of being Kellhus by Esmi, Candidate

interesting, do you mean that he is infallible simply because he is Dunyain, frankly I don't see how anyone could never be wrong. He may be powerful and nearly incomprehensible but he is still human (albeit a rather enhanced one) and so he must have fear and therefore weakness. Does anyone else have some different opinions? view post

Concerning the Few posted 10 Jun 2005, 05:06 in Author Q & AConcerning the Few by Esmi, Candidate

During a reread of TDTCB I found myself wondering about the Few and some technical questions. 1. If a person is one of the few and has children then what are the odds of their children being one of the few? 2. If a person was one of the few but didn't even know it and knew no sorcery would they die from touching a chorae? (I can't help but picture a nobleman letting his baby son play with a chorae only to have him incinerated :shock: ) 3. How many chorae are in existence and more importantly who has many of them? 4. When a sorcorer is described as "seeing" the Mark of sorcery what does it look like to them? 5. What precisely are wards and what can they do? Any feedback on these would be helpful. :D view post

High Ainon posted 14 Jun 2005, 04:06 in Author Q & AHigh Ainon by Esmi, Candidate

While once again reading one of my favourite scenes in TDTCB; the part when Eleazaras confronts Achamian in the middle of the Holy War; what struck me from the subsequent scene was the mention of [i:p8bby4r2]chanv [/i:p8bby4r2]an addictive drug that extends life etc. What bothered me was the fact that not only were most of the Ainoni nobles were addicted to it, but that no one knows its source. I for one cannot ignore these things in stories, there must be a reason why it is even spoken of in the books other than a reason why Iyokus's skin is translucent. If anyone has any ideas about chanv, its source or the implications it could have if the mysterious "supplier" was to blackmail the Ainoni by withholding it please feel free to share your thoughts. :) view post

posted 14 Jun 2005, 04:06 in Off-Topic DiscussionFirst Word that Comes to Mind by Esmi, Candidate

Kellhus view post

posted 14 Jun 2005, 04:06 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow Reading... by Esmi, Candidate

I've been waiting months to read TWP but it hasen't come out yet :( in Australia. Does anyone know when it will? view post

posted 14 Jun 2005, 04:06 in Author Q & AThe importance of being Kellhus by Esmi, Candidate

It seems to me like theres something impressive about that in itself. That a fictional character who has the ability to engender trust and compliance can actually make us feel that way. Its almost embarrassing....almost. view post

Favourite Sorcerous School? posted 15 Jun 2005, 01:06 in Author Q & AFavourite Sorcerous School? by Esmi, Candidate

Just wanted to see how people judged the different Schools. Consult included. Feedback welcome. :D view post

Starring "Insert Actor Here" as Kelhuss! posted 22 Jul 2005, 03:07 in Off-Topic DiscussionStarring "Insert Actor Here" as Kelhuss! by Esmi, Candidate

Just a question; if PoN was made into a film, who would people like to see play Kelhuss and other characters from the Books? view post

Cities posted 22 Jul 2005, 03:07 in Author Q & ACities by Esmi, Candidate

Hi Scott, just wondering if you could give some idea of the size and populations of many of the cities in the three Seas, and also of those of the Ancient North before the Apocalypse. view post

A Divine Wind? posted 22 Jul 2005, 03:07 in Author Q & AA Divine Wind? by Esmi, Candidate

Scott, on the maps we can see a huge mody of water to the West, has anyone tried to explore it? Is there something on the other side of it? Or is there perhaps some sort of phenomenon preventing it from being extensively sailed. view post

A Prince of Nothing Wiki posted 27 Oct 2005, 03:10 in Author Q & AA Prince of Nothing Wiki by Esmi, Candidate

Hi Scott, It seems to me that you have such an indepth idea of Earwa and are always able to answer or extrapolate questions that there should be a proper wiki made to make your world more accessible. Comments Welcome! (criticisms punishable by law) view post

posted 28 Oct 2005, 05:10 in Author Q & AA Prince of Nothing Wiki by Esmi, Candidate

What I mean is that while this site has expansive pages of dialogue full of information about the world of Earwa, an actual wiki would provide a unique reference for long-time readers as well as those new to the books. A wiki would also allow one to type in what they want to know about without having to sift through pages of dialogue or wait days for a posted response to a question. The wiki could serve as a proper resource for all things Earwan. view post

Epitome posted 20 Nov 2005, 22:11 in Author Q & AEpitome by Esmi, Candidate

Hi Scott, Just a thought I had; in TDTCB Kelhuss says that "every culture or people think that they are the epitome of it is to be upright men." I was thinking, are not the Dunyain guilty of that same vanity? Kelhuss is often saying (or at least thinking) that the Dunyain are above other men and are essentially the epitome of humanity. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. :) view post

Petition! posted 20 Nov 2005, 22:11 in Author Q & APetition! by Esmi, Candidate

Is anyone else tired of waiting for the appendices that weren't included in the UK version of the book being added to this site? I propose a petition in order to get results. Please vote! view post


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