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Cishaurim, Consult, and Moenghus posted 08 Jun 2005, 21:06 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe agenda of the skin spies and the Consult by Black Panther, Commoner

refferring back to an early train of thought in this forum, I believe that the reason the consult wants to destroy the Cishaurim is because perhaps they are aware of skin spies too. They are blind sorcerers with two snakes around their neck who face opposite directions. They appear to warn them of danger, e.g. the cishaurim is talking to kellhuss and a scarlet spires schoolmen is approaching one of the snakes hissed; but Akka also mentions that the vision of the Cishaurim is somewhere in between the physical world and the outside (source of sorcery) this could possibly allow them to detect skin-spies. In terms of Moenghus in the conversation between Kellhuss and the Cishaurim it seemed that Moenghus controlled a faction within the Cishaurim and was not connected to Maithanet, although Maithanets hold over people and his ability to detect sorcerers hints that he is something more that just a shriah. Curious to hear your thoughts on these things. view post


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