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Why Bakker posted 26 Jan 2007, 06:01 in Literature DiscussionWhy Bakker by Myshkin, Commoner

So I was on the Goodkind boards earlier and I started a thread asking people why they like (or dislike) his SOT series. I loathe both Terry Goodkind and his works, and was genuinly interested on why other people seem to love him so much. Anyway, to the point: I thought it might be interesting to find out why people on this board like (or dislke) the works of Bakker (an author who I very much enjoy). So please espouse your opinion on why you believe Bakker is a great (or terrible) author. view post

posted 27 Jan 2007, 23:01 in Philosophy DiscussionThe Meaning of Life by Myshkin, Commoner

*** The only thing that separates us from most animals is consciousness and self-awareness*** I would take this one step further and say that what truly seperates us is deductive reasoning. After all many lower animals have been proven to be self aware. Is is are ability to deduce one thing from knowing another that elavates us beyond the beast. That being said I will now slightly condradict myself by using an example of deductive reasoning to posite my theory on the origin of thought. Recently a gorilla was observed using as stick to measure the water depth of a steam it meant to cross. By seeing how much of the stick was wet the gorilla was able to deduce the depth of the stream. I believe that this is the first recorded example of an animal other than human using deductive reasoning. Which leads me to my point: I believe the origin of conscious thought is purly utilitarian, a means to an end, so to speak. P.S. If the universe is infinite does not that mean that any and all points are at its center? Hence I am the Center of the Universe!! view post

posted 28 Jan 2007, 02:01 in Philosophy DiscussionThe Meaning of Life by Myshkin, Commoner

The universe, I believe, is beyond the comprehension of the human mind. We may pick at it and discover minor truths, crow at each other that we know this and that, and theorize ad infinitum, but the vastness of infinity will be forever beyond our reach for we as a species have never truly known it. As you say we can only compare things to what we can percieve, therefor, in my opinion, our views on the universe are much like our views on God (Allah, Budda, Vishnu, Tara), in that niether can ever be truly comprehended. view post

posted 28 Jan 2007, 13:01 in Philosophy DiscussionThe Meaning of Life by Myshkin, Commoner

We can see the raveges of disease in their full form, and from there build an understanding. We can observe the full cause and effect of climate, and from there deduce knowledge. We can see the entirety of the sun and know where it ends, and from there learn truths. We can never know infinity in its entirety. These are just my observations, I could be wrong. Now I will be truly pessimistic: humanity will exterminate itself long before we discover one 1/billionth of the mysteries of the universe. Blagh! that tasted bad goming out of my mouth. But I still hold it to be true. view post

posted 31 Jan 2007, 20:01 in Literature DiscussionWhy Bakker by Myshkin, Commoner

These are basically the same reasons why I like Bakker. I like the introspective view the books take; showing, in great detail, the "why" behind the action. I also like that, unlike a certain yearded author I know, Bakker gives us many complex shades of grey. Most of all I like that Bakker had the balls to make Kellus an un-sympathetic, and to some degree un-likable, character. We don't have to like our hero to want him to prevail. view post

posted 15 May 2007, 01:05 in Literature DiscussionTerry Goodkind engages in rape fantasy? by Myshkin, Commoner

I find the title of this thread to be utterly hilarious seeing as myself and another boarder just got banned from for daring to hold the opinion that rape is wrong. view post

posted 16 May 2007, 21:05 in Literature DiscussionTerry Goodkind engages in rape fantasy? by Myshkin, Commoner

Yeah, I know. I'm a bad lemming. Bad, bad lemming. view post

posted 21 May 2007, 21:05 in Literature DiscussionNo more Elves. Innovative, Violent and Thought-provoking. by Myshkin, Commoner

I gonna have to say that I found Guy Gavriel Kay boring. That being said, I know that a lot of people love his books. I would suggest that you start out with "Tigana", and if you don't like it don't bother with anything else by him. Other fantasy suggestions: George R R Martin -- A Song of Ice and Fire. If you're going to read fantasy, you have to read this series. Greg Keyes -- The Kingdom of Thorn and Bone. This is one of the best series on the market today. Scott Lynch -- The Lies of Locke Lamora. This is a very fun, very fast paced book, with a lot more depth than you would think. Joe Abercrombie -- The First Law Trilogy. Two books out in this series so far. Both of them are fantastic. These are just the beginning. Keep reading these forums and you will have no shortage of recomendations. view post

posted 27 Jul 2007, 07:07 in Literature DiscussionNothing against female Fantasy authors but... by Myshkin, Commoner

Surprised that no one has mentioned J. V. Jones yet. In my opinion she is the best female fantasy author out there. view post


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