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posted 26 May 2005, 18:05 in Author Q & AAs a husband and father... by Jora, Commoner

Sorry for not having anything to say about the topic, but as someone who hasn't yet read TWP I would really appreciate if the posters of the forum put a [b:1cwsqfsp]spoiler warning![/b:1cwsqfsp] text in the beginning of their spoiling posts. view post

posted 07 Jul 2005, 14:07 in Author Q & AThe Inchoroi and the Sranc by Jora, Commoner

I decided to give this ancient thread a bump because I would like to know the answer to Scytale's question. I have the UK paperback edition of TDtCB and the Canadian paperback of TWP and they don't seem to include all the information some people have talked about. Could the [i:ob1qsouy]World[/i:ob1qsouy] section of this site be updated so that those who don't have the complete appendices would get to read them too? view post

posted 12 Jul 2005, 09:07 in Author Q & AThe Inchoroi and the Sranc by Jora, Commoner

Sounds great! Mith: No, nothing in particular. But thanks for being ready to help! view post

posted 27 Jan 2006, 19:01 in Author Q & ASpoilerful question about the trilogy's end by Jora, Commoner

I love almost every character in the books. I find Xerius and Conphas lovable and Cnaiur extremely interesting. I feel sympathy for Saubon and Achamian, the latter of whom I think is one the best characters in any books ever written. If only Kellhus would have got his ass kicked in the end, at least by Cnaiur who really deserves that priviledge. Scott, you did a masterful job in making every character feel deep and unique. The story is interesting throughout the trilogy, although the number of suprising twists and revelations isn't as great in the third book as in TDtCB and TWP. And this is my biggest gripe with TTT: everything happened pretty much as I expected (and feared :P ). Maybe I would think differently if the Publisher's Weekly review hadn't told what The Thousandfold Thought is. Only the encounter with Moenghus really surprised me (I *love* the part where Kellhus reveals that his dad isn't that much of a sorcerer because of the nature of the Cishaurim magic). I also like the fact that you explained why the Inchoroi and the Consult want to kill everyone so badly. Oh, and contrary to popular opinion, the names are great. Especially Cinganjehoi. Cinganjehoi is cool. view post

posted 27 Jan 2006, 20:01 in The Thousandfold ThoughtGlad to see we have this forum by Jora, Commoner

It's a different thing to believe that there are beings in the Outside that could be called gods than to specifically believe in the Solitary God or the Hundred Gods. We don't know all the religious opinions of the bad guys. view post

posted 19 Feb 2006, 08:02 in The Thousandfold ThoughtTDTCB Prolouge by Jora, Commoner

[quote="Shryke":1jbaf09h]Yeah, I've been mulling over what that guy meant since I first read it. When I hit the part where the Consult Synthese says the exact same thing to Kellhus while it was possesing Esmenets body, I was kinda going "What the hell?".[/quote:1jbaf09h] That's exactly what I did! Every time I thought about TDtCB, it was always those words that came first to my mind. I had been wondering whether they had any purpose outside of the prologue, in the bigger picture. Then it all just clicked in TTT. What a great moment. view post

posted 07 Mar 2006, 21:03 in Author Q & ATTT Encyclopedia by Jora, Commoner

The Consult's motivation for killing everybody is revealed in the appendix, so I wouldn't read anything that has to do with them. And don't read about Mangaecca. view post

What happened to Scott? posted 26 May 2006, 12:05 in Author Q & AWhat happened to Scott? by Jora, Commoner

He's been missing since March... That is the effect but what is the cause? Skin spies? The Scarlet Spires? I hope he has a Wathi Doll with him. :? view post

posted 28 May 2006, 07:05 in Author Q & AWhat happened to Scott? by Jora, Commoner

Hopefully the time police catches him then. :x . . . (it didn't occur to me that there would be threads about this in the off-topic forum :oops: ) view post


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