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posted 20 Mar 2005, 11:03 in Literature DiscussionStephen Erikson's Books by Ainulindale, Commoner

I just wanted to give a heads up on two novellas released ibeforen the Uk by PS Publishing will be rereleased by [i:wcaz1i7l]NightShade[/i:wcaz1i7l] books [url=]Here[/url:wcaz1i7l], they are numbered and leatehrbound, and autographed. The link will give a brief summary for thsoe that don't have the PS publishing editons, and they are entitled[u:wcaz1i7l] Blood Follows [/u:wcaz1i7l]and [u:wcaz1i7l]The Healthy Dead[/u:wcaz1i7l] view post

posted 20 Mar 2005, 11:03 in Literature DiscussionSusanna Clarke by Ainulindale, Commoner

I absolutely loved [b:830bkqvk]Clarke's[/b:830bkqvk], Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, highly recommended. Absolutely the best book I read last year, and perhaps the best fantasy novel I read since either[u:830bkqvk] Perdido Street Station [/u:830bkqvk]or [u:830bkqvk]Secret Life[/u:830bkqvk]. I reviewed it [url=]Here[/url:830bkqvk]if anyone wants to discuss thougths on it phenominal read IMHO. view post

posted 20 Mar 2005, 11:03 in Literature DiscussionWhat subgroup of speculative fiction do you prefer? by Ainulindale, Commoner

I'm a fan of epic fantasy but have to admit outside of the top half dozen or so authors their is a severe drop off, at least to me IMHO. I much prefer the New Weird/Moorcockian fantasy now, that said their are authors in all branches I like but right now I enjoy the edgier stuff. Authors like: China Mieville Jeff VanderMeer KJ Bishop M. John Harrison Michael Moorcock Rhys Hughes Matthew Rossii Mervyn Peake Macleod etc [quote:1swdfgnh]Never read Mieville, but reading some of the threads here, I certainly should. Could you suggest something for me to read by this author, also what kind of story(s) does this author write?[/quote:1swdfgnh] I have some reviews of 3 of [b:1swdfgnh]Mieville's[/b:1swdfgnh] works here, if interested, IMHO he is probably the author I enjoy the most now, a supreme talent.: [url=]Perdido Street Station review[/url:1swdfgnh] [url=]Iron Council review[/url:1swdfgnh] [url=]King Rat review[/url:1swdfgnh] view post

posted 20 Mar 2005, 12:03 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow Reading... by Ainulindale, Commoner

Just finished a reread of [b:77jm58ne]Rhys Hughe's [/b:77jm58ne][u:77jm58ne]New Universal History of Infamy[/u:77jm58ne] view post


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