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Re: Would you... posted 09 Aug 2009, 15:08 in The Judging EyeWould you... by Sil-Inchor, Commoner

Mandate, all the way. view post

Re: US Presidential Elections posted 14 Sep 2009, 06:09 in Off-Topic DiscussionUS Presidential Elections by Sil-Inchor, Commoner

Paranoid much, champ? view post

'Twas the Night Before Second Apocalypse posted 26 Dec 2010, 06:12 in General Discusssion'Twas the Night Before Second Apocalypse by Sil-Inchor, Commoner

Twas just after the womb-plague And all through the manse Not a Nonman was stirring Not even their prince. The chorae were hung By the chimney with care In hopes that the Carapace Soon would be there. The sranc were all nestled Up snug in their beds Visions of obscenity Dancing in their heads When up on Earwa There arose such a clatter The violent arrival Of Man’s Darkest Hour Away to the windows The Mandate did fly They threw open the shutters Light poured from their eyes And what did their dream-blearied orbs There perceive But a towering storm shouting WHAT DO YOU SEE? With a nimil sarcophagus So shiny and dread They knew that slain Lokung Was no longer Dead. More rapid than eagles The Consult they came And He bellowed and gibbered And screamed out their names ON SKAFRA, ON GLORTMUND, ON HALGYS AND AURAX ON BLODMYR, ON THREKLA, ON LYRNYR AND AURANG TO THE NAIL HIGH IN HEAVEN TO THE GODS THERE OUTSIDE ON WRACU, ON BASHRAG, TO RUIN WE RIDE So up to the skies His legions they flew Man-Traitors and skin-spies The last Inchoroi, too The Mandate, despairing Could not stay aloof They burned in the fires Of the great Mog-Pharau The Men of the Three Seas Were soon overthrown Their hearthstones all cracked And their great kings dethroned The Shriah was headless The Emperor dead. ‘Twas the Second Apocalypse The prophets all said But remember, dear children That though the No-God would fell us If things really turn ugly We can all trust in Kellhus view post


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