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Does Khellus dream as the mandate dream? posted 23 Jul 2009, 05:07 in The Judging EyeDoes Khellus dream as the mandate dream? by sneroplex, Commoner

So... now that Khellus is a master of the gnosis and he was taught by a mandate schoolman, does he dream about the first apocalypse and Seswatha's life? As far as I know there is no indication in any of the books that Khellus has these dreams, but it would make things pretty interesting if he did. view post

About the Dunyain... posted 23 Jul 2009, 05:07 in The Thousandfold ThoughtAbout the Dunyain... by sneroplex, Commoner

Okay, does anybody else really buy that the Dunyain are completely ignorant of sorcery and the first apocalypse and all these other things that Khellus claimed they don't believe in? For such an intelligent society it seems almost impossible to me that they wouldn't know about the existence of these things, I mean they must have known about them before they went into exile why would they all the sudden forget or just believe that sorcery doesn't exist? Perhaps the Dunyain are using their own members, ie Moenghus and Khellus as pawns when they send them into the world with these beliefs. Perhaps they've manipulated them and know what they're going to do and have plans for them later... view post

Re: Does Khellus dream as the mandate dream? posted 24 Jul 2009, 22:07 in The Judging EyeDoes Khellus dream as the mandate dream? by sneroplex, Commoner

Ok cool thanks guys. I completely forgot about that stuff. I'm currently re-reading the series and I'm not that far yet, hehe. So maybe by touching Seswatha through Achamian he made himself subject to the dreams? Just some speculation there. view post

Re: About the Dunyain... posted 07 Aug 2009, 02:08 in The Thousandfold ThoughtAbout the Dunyain... by sneroplex, Commoner

I think I recall reading somewhere that members of Dunyain society don't even come into contact with most of the pragmas, thus making it perfectly possible they would never see the mark on them. But then that begs the question that if Khellus has the mark, are there other Dunyain the same level as he who also have the mark? Do they even know what the mark is? Maybe they all have it, as Jerako suggested they might be breeding for it. Oh well, it's time to re-read The Thousandfold Thought! view post

Re: Slog of Slogs, Boys! posted 27 Jul 2011, 04:07 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]Slog of Slogs, Boys! by sneroplex, Commoner

I'm assuming the assassin that killed Maithanet was the white luck warrior. Maithanet didn't do anything about it because he's Dunyain and thinks he's all badass with that 'what comes before determines what comes after' BS. The white-luck killed him because 'what comes after determines what comes before,' Maitha was already dead and that's why it was so easy for him to just walk up and casually stick a knife in his throat. Yatwer is at work. It was not planned by Esmi, she even recognized him as her own assassin somehow... I was fully expecting him to kill her next but it didn't happen for some reason, the guy just stood there. Not her time yet I guess? Either way she quickly took control of the situation by claiming Khellus sent the assassin and that they should worship her again. view post

Re: The White-Luck Warrior Conclusion (SPOILERS) posted 27 Jul 2011, 05:07 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]The White-Luck Warrior Conclusion (SPOILERS) by sneroplex, Commoner

Well for starters I'm not convinced that the final sentences of the book mean Ishual and the Dunyain are gone. Yes it says it's ruined, yes it says it's another dead place... but wasn't Ishual already a ruin before the Dunyain got there? What I gathered from reading the first books is that the Dunyain remained in a hidden and desolate place in the shadow of Golgatteroth because it was ruined and because the consult did not suspect them to be there... otherwise how else would they survive if the place was shiny like new and practically screamed "Hey! Anasurimbor's hidden here!" Or Khellus did go back and destroy it. Depending on his motivations why would he want to leave the Dunyain alive? Seems like they would be his greatest threat and if he has the power of sorcery while none of them do he could simply teleport in and nuke the place... Guess we won't know for sure until the next book. view post


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