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Re: *Spoilers* Favourite new character. posted 24 May 2009, 06:05 in The Judging Eye*Spoilers* Favourite new character. by Firestorm896, Commoner

As much as I liked Cleric/Incariol (a most interesting replacement for Cnaiur - both mad, both find dark holy, and both seem to view Men as so much less...), and I wonder if he was the Nonman that Kellhus first encountered in the woods (probably not - he did not have a robe of human faces...), I was much more intrigued by Lord Kosoter, or "Ironsoul". It would be most interesting to hear more about his history and thoughts. I like his contrast to most the other characters in the book. Instead of ruling through word, he rules through action. No one else we see rules this way . . . the closest would be Kellhus with his example making. Indeed, it is the voice and words themselves that give so many power. Where Acamian sings the God's song, and Kellhus speaks the God's voice, it seems that Lord Kosoter acts the God's act. And I really enjoyed the scene where he claimed that they were not in Hell, because he had been there. Wonder what's up there? view post

Re: The eye in the Pick's heart *spoilers* posted 24 May 2009, 06:05 in The Judging EyeThe eye in the Pick's heart *spoilers* by Firestorm896, Commoner

Some parallelism going on here with Kellhus pulling out his own flaming heart? So no Eye could be in his now . . . view post

Re: Sarl posted 24 May 2009, 06:05 in The Judging EyeSarl by Firestorm896, Commoner

It was the . . . Magi Nonmen who fought the Inchori, right? Banned their "magic"? And aren't skin spies .. . a magic of the Inchori? So one would think that Cleric would be able to determine if Sarl was a skin spy .. . view post

Re: Something odd about Gin'yursis posted 24 May 2009, 07:05 in The Judging EyeSomething odd about Gin'yursis by Firestorm896, Commoner

Reflex. Trained and honed until CONSCIOUS memory is not needed. Just like Kullhus's reactions with catching arrows. One doesn't actively remember how to do that. They just do. Like a beating heart. But I like your question. Made me think. view post

Re: Would you... posted 24 May 2009, 07:05 in The Judging EyeWould you... by Firestorm896, Commoner

Yes - but learn it from the true masters, the Nonmen (no pun intended). view post


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