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posted 08 Mar 2005, 02:03 in Author Q & AA few questions . . . by gyrehead, Candidate

Scott? Will the U.S. Overlook hardcover of TTT be released at the same time as the Penguin Trade in Canada? I have the first two books in the softcover but have been looking at the Overlook hardcovers and if the releases are going to be at the same time, I want to make sure I grab up the first two in Overlook editions as well! view post

posted 08 Mar 2005, 02:03 in Literature DiscussionFeast for Crows due this Summer by gyrehead, Candidate

Martin said he likes a minimum of six months editing when I saw him last year. And my sister-in-law went to see him at this last Boskone. She said that he would only say that if he finished the book in the next month (at the time) he might be able to have it out by the end of summer. However he also said it was not done and he was still working on it and his website would be the first plce to find out when it was done. view post

posted 10 Mar 2005, 21:03 in Literature DiscussionSusanna Clarke by gyrehead, Candidate

I believe it is merely the paperback edition of the original work. Which would make sense coming out a year later. view post

posted 10 Mar 2005, 21:03 in Literature DiscussionPrince Of Ayodhya by gyrehead, Candidate

I read the first book and will not be continuing. Banker loves the purple prose. Which I could understand if he was sticking to the classical feel of his re-telling. But the weird word usages like the aforementioned "abs" really were offputting. Banker's writing skills and style were no where near strong enough to even come close to carrying this out well. Very disappointing as I am not as familiar with the original work as I am with Greek, Roman, Arthurian and other Western traditions/legends that permeate the market. I would love to see a really good author tackle the work and either just use it as a platform for their own original work or perhaps write it in the fashion of how Gemmell is approaching the Trojan War. view post

posted 11 Mar 2005, 01:03 in The Thousandfold ThoughtScott's To Do List by gyrehead, Candidate

Get a sample chapter posted as soon as possible and then make sure everyone from the heavy hitters in the rec.arts.written.sf newsgroup to the guys over at SFFworld all know about it. Make sure to have a wellcrafted blurb to post on the various amazons when TTT is finally listed. Make sure it goes beyond the general to catch the fan who has read the first two books but stays broad enough to intrigue someone who has yet to take a look at any of the books. Include something unique from the various cover blurbs and listings that will draw people and have fans talking. This helps make sure that people don't wait for TTT to come ou in ppbk. Make them want it NOW and keep it that way. Use this site to give out a little tidbit a week when the date is due. Like the wonderful blurb you gave from the glossary recently. Something that will keep the fans coming here to the site and get people talking. The power of the internet, despite the lackadaisical apporach by most publishers, is still quite strong. On the Rec.arts.written.sf newsgroup alone, about 600 messages are posted daily and right now there are about three huge threads active that include your work being mentioned. Not that you have anything else to do. But a little squeaking can sometimes get a lot more oil than you might think. view post

posted 12 Mar 2005, 21:03 in Author Q & AExcellent pointers to promote TTT by gyrehead, Candidate

Thanks for moving this to where Scott actually peeks on occasion! I think the one aspect I failed to point out was that there seem to be a few folks here who would have no problem touting whatever is done. Perhaps the once a week is a bit much. But it could be done with a specific timeframe in mind. Ten weeks before the release is ten things Scott could set aside and release one at a time. Ten things that might stimulate discussion or reveal something that the books don't. Without reading TTT none of us really can define that in any way. But Scott might have some ideas. Even if it was a new map, a drawing, a genealogy or a glossary entry. The trick is to get people to come back to the site again and again. I think there are likely quite a few fans who stop in. but may do so erratically or due to the nature of the discussions do so once and not return. Or it could be once a month even. Make it erratic enough to keep us on our toes and add to the excitement and buzz. Everytime George R. R. Martin blows his nose online, it floods message boards and newgroups. I do like the idea of a novella though. I would definitely put you in Legends III if I had a say. But unfortunately, there is not a lot you can do about that, I would imagine. Still a short stand alone story posted here would work. I know that is not the easiest thing but some of the ones I have seen on other authors' sites are not even as long as those posted in published anthologies. And some of the ones I have seen in published anthologies are a matter of two or three pages. I would never presume to tell or even recommend what to write. Mainly because I would be happy with anything. But also because my head just hurts having to pick out just one thing I would want over anything else. view post

posted 13 Mar 2005, 18:03 in Author Q & AExcellent pointers to promote TTT by gyrehead, Candidate

Don't forget. You have fans Scott. You can delegate. It means ceding a little power and control but it also gives you free labor. Fans are incredible creatures of amazing generosity and shocking creepiness. Giving someone the power to post some info and content on your website is not too far from finding them going through your garbage, sadly to say. Still the internet provides a sense of community that is hard to find elsewhere. It lets us discuss particular books, movies and such directly with those who share that exact same interest. So find the least crazy, or the one with the best medication plan, and let him or them share your load a bit. Just don't let them go all "Selena" on your ass. view post

posted 18 Mar 2005, 17:03 in Author Q & ATime for that very annoying question that many of us have by gyrehead, Candidate

[quote="Cu'jara Cinmoi":1irop2no]It looks like it'll weigh in exactly as I projected. Overall, about as long as TDTCB, but with 150 pages or so of appendices. Though I wish things would move along a little faster, I'm [i:1irop2no]very[/i:1irop2no] happy with how they're shaping up. So much so that I'm now officially convinced that I am sick, demented, madman. :twisted: This story really has a life of its own. It's downright creepy at times.[/quote:1irop2no] Feel free to call me stupid, but I am not sure what you are saying Scott. Is TTT the same length as TDTCB in terms of novel material and then there are 150 pages of appendices? Or are you saying that TTT will match TDTCB (thereabouts) including the 150 pages of appendices. Sorry for being dense! view post

posted 26 Mar 2005, 01:03 in Author Q & AA few questions . . . by gyrehead, Candidate

[quote="White Lord":2h7n0qtk][quote="Cu'jara Cinmoi":2h7n0qtk]As Grandpa Plato would say, Only the dead have seen the end of war.[/quote:2h7n0qtk] :) [quote="Cu'jara Cinmoi":2h7n0qtk]Regarding the website, I actually hope to discuss this with Jack in the near future. I can't see much in the way of new content for awhile yet though. I actually have the completed draft of [i:2h7n0qtk]Neuropath[/i:2h7n0qtk] to rewrite after TTT is wrapped up.[/quote:2h7n0qtk] I think you should seriously consider releasing small tidbits at regular intervals, [i:2h7n0qtk]especially[/i:2h7n0qtk] before the book's release. I know of some authors who go as far as releasing half the book in weekly snippets on the publisher's board to give the readers the time to gauge whether they think it worthwhile to buy the thing (and the thing is, it works, seems their sales have improved). Now, I'm not suggesting you go to those lengths (I [i:2h7n0qtk]wish[/i:2h7n0qtk] :)) but it's something you should consider: posting small parts of chapters that give people things to discuss while they wait for publication without giving up too much information or compromizing the plot. It would help to keep existing readers' interest fixed and attract new ones. If updating the site is too bothersome for you or whoever does it for you, you could consider doing it here on the board. I think attracting new members to this board, convincing them to register and start discussing the books is also a pretty important move. This board is dead most of the time (or at least parts of it are) and some more activity here would help to draw people's attention, and if you use it to release book-related material I'm convinced it would do so.))[/quote:2h7n0qtk] Lois McMaster Bujold did this with her [u:2h7n0qtk]Curse of Chalion[/u:2h7n0qtk] and is generated a huge amount of buzz. I believe she did this with [u:2h7n0qtk]Paladin of Souls[/u:2h7n0qtk] but I did not follow that up as I wanted to read the book fresh all the way through. But this was after I had been sold on her first book. One thing to consider is putting up the first five chapters of TDTCB and TWP asap. This can get more people interested so that when TTT comes out people are ready to jump and buy TTT in hardcover. For TWP and TTT what you might want to do is put up a couple of chapters that are the first points of view instead of sequential chapters (this can take a little juggling so you don't give away too much, but it also creates a bit more stir as most readers who like this type of work tend to look at the books as giant puzzles and have as much fun putting the pieces together as they do reading the books). view post

posted 08 May 2005, 04:05 in Author Q & AA few questions . . . by gyrehead, Candidate

I know it is Amazon (well one of its incarnations). However I noticed that Orbit has given a listing for [u:ruun7ah3]The Thousandfold Thought[/u:ruun7ah3] with a May 2006 release. Is there any veracity to this? May? Ouch. I guess we take them as we are given. Maybe the U.S. or Canadian will come out earlier? view post

posted 28 May 2005, 22:05 in Literature DiscussionStephen Erikson's Books by gyrehead, Candidate

I would offer a slightly different view for those looking to start Erikson. [i:32fc87eh]Gardens[/i:32fc87eh] is a bit of a mess. Interesting ideas are there though. But it is the world building that makes it worth continuing. With the first book, there is a real sense of how rich and complex the world that Erikson is staging his work truly is. However the second book is only slightly better in terms of storytelling and plotting. Not until the third book does Erikson hit his stride and even then it takes a bit. Granted most fans go into paroxysms of joy over these two books. But once again, it was Erikson's worldbuilding and the sense of a vast juggernaut of plot moving than the actual stories being told that held my fascination. Good books, both. But nowhere near great. The fourth book, though, for me, really took off. Erikson found his voice as storyteller first and foremost. Suddenly the plots matter more than the stage he had set. Plot and characterization caught up with the momentum first initiated in [i:32fc87eh]Gardens[/i:32fc87eh]. Everyting came together and delivered a truly good book. The fifth book continued in this vein. Erikson finally letter the writer crawl out of the shadow of the world-builder. And the fifth book verged on great. For some reading merely okay to good books might seeem to much. For me, there was always a hint that Erikson was doing something interesting and possibly something wonderful. A definite sense that he was letting you a ride that would take some time to really get engaged and engaging. Add to that the fact I love a good world-builder and culture addict and I had no problem letting Erikson hit his stride. So for those put off by the first book? It does get better. But for me it ook a little longer than the second book to tremble with joy each time I turned a page. view post

posted 28 May 2005, 22:05 in Literature DiscussionWhat subgroup of speculative fiction do you prefer? by gyrehead, Candidate

Mieville has always struck me as someone way too impressed with himself. Nothing I have read has impressed me at all. I do agree [b:1w4by7c8]Attilles[/b:1w4by7c8], that there seems to be a hint of talent and promise. But until he drops the silly gimmicky affectations he seems so firmly attached to, I don't see it happening. A true writer can never be that self-aware or self-involved in how he writing for it to work for me. Steph Swainston and Susanna Clarke both have an incredibly awkward affected style that seems much more important to them than just writing and telling a great story. A shame. All three seem to have it in them. But at least they are making some people happy. I just hope their self-importance is not as contagious as it currently seems. The idea of the overall genre turning into a "you don't buy a happy meal for the food" general approach would be a real shame. As for the main topic at hand? Not sure I have a favorite. I love world-building. I love complexity and plots that not only have momentum but also allow insight. Where plots are the result of somone's actions not just a wave of events that carry the story along. I don't mind "fate" playing a hand. But as the sole vehicle for a story it grates and wears thin. Most importantly I love an author that can use his or her words to paint a vivid and compelling image in my mind and yet, paradoxically, allow me to read between the lines and make their story my own as I read it. Their creation, my consumption. A delicate balance, but if acheived it makes the whole experience simply incredible. Epic fantasy does this the best and the worst. So I am not sure that either end of the spectrum cancels each other out. So I would say that it is the genre of fantasy itself that I love. it is broad and sweeping and allows for everything from supernatural thrillers to the alien culture space operas of C.J. Cherryh. I'm greedy. I'll take it all. view post

posted 29 May 2005, 00:05 in Literature DiscussionFeast for Crows due this Summer by gyrehead, Candidate

After removing at least two significant story arcs (Dany and the Wall), Martin announced this weekend at ConQuest that AFFC is finished and should be out Sept or Oct. The removed work will appear in book five, thus making sure that the story arcs for the period covered will be given in their entirity instead of all of them making it in the book but being split. The fifith book is almost halfway done (whatever that means in Martin speak -- I guess a four year wait instead of close to six?). The series will go to seven books most likely. The official general announcement should go up on the site this mondy according to Martin's companion, Parris. view post

posted 29 May 2005, 21:05 in Literature DiscussionFeast for Crows due this Summer by gyrehead, Candidate

I think Parris may have to break out another finger. Feast was added to bridge the five year gap originally right? Because Martin had started writing ADWD and found that it was too hard to give enough explanation of th events of the five years in hindsight and reviewing narrative. Yet he also said in the midst of writing Feast that it was not coming close to taking up more than a few months of those five years. So with the Dany and Jon segments in ADWD, does that mean that the stuff he originaly started to write about taking place after the five year leap will be pushed to the next book after ADWD? Because it would be odd to have a book that has the first half going back over the same timeframe as AFFC and then jumping ahead five years. I think Martin hemmed himself into a corner his pride would not let himself back out of. He stated in Boston it would definitely be out in 2005. Unequivocally. Considering his fanbase and the fact it is a [i:if1wah44]fourth[/i:if1wah44] book in the series, I am not sure that I buy the whole "it was too big" Yes publishers shy away from big books. But in part they do so as they love turning one book into two for basically the same contract price. Its not like Martin's fanbase is going to turn away because the book is 950 pages as opposed 700. Plus there is the advantage of the publisher turning the hardcover into two paperbacks. Which could wel happen anyway I guess. But I think when determining shelf space for the series, leave room for eight books. Not seven. What I really am not looking forward to is the huge amount of attention and despair that ADWD will generate as the fans wait and wait and wait for that book. Because Martin won't be doing much writing of it between now the release of AFFC, if at all. In fact he could go through the whole year without getting much done. And considering that he has had a 100 or so pages to finish on AFFC (until the split decision) for quite some time, I wonder if ADWD will be out by first half of 2008? view post

posted 15 Aug 2005, 18:08 in Author Q & ATTT cover by gyrehead, Candidate

Love the cover! Gives me goosebumps knowing it is only a few months off now (though I am hoping that US customs aren't a pain like the last time!). view post

posted 22 Aug 2005, 05:08 in Author Q & ATTT cover by gyrehead, Candidate

I notice Overlook finally has the book listed for US release. They have not put a cover image up at Amazon though. Will they be using the same cover and color as the Penguin edition? view post

posted 26 Sep 2005, 03:09 in Author Q & APrince of Nothing on TV/Big Screen by gyrehead, Candidate

[quote:s5qhzthl]It's the story that would make it difficult. Books can take you places movies can't, and PoN, I think, is one of those stories that turn in important ways on things that are inaccessible to the silver screen. [/quote:s5qhzthl] Any book that I love or even just really enjoy has already been filmed in the cinema of the mind. Casted, edited and caught in grand full technicolor. The idea of taking a great book and flattening to put on a screen for a couple of hours is sheer horror for me. I'd rather wish you a huge readership, Scott, and winning the lottery. Or some unknown relative dies and leaves you loads. But Hollywood fame and fortune is a huge step down for a skilled and talented author. To me that would be like coming to Picasso and tellinghim his greatest work has been sold. To MacDonalds to decorate the millions and millions of Happy Meal boxes sold across the world daily. view post

Aspect-Emperor status posted 06 Dec 2005, 19:12 in Author Q & AAspect-Emperor status by gyrehead, Candidate

A bit early you might think. Well I'm sure Scott thinks so at least!!!! Still the clock needs put in place before it can start ticking. Can you hear it ticking Scott? TTT is fantastic btw and I can't wait until more people get a hold of their copies to allow for some real discussion (plus when I get a hold of the hardocver Overlook edition in another month, I'll probably do a re-read). Anyway, now we have a thread for Scott to keep us updated on the status etc. Now don't forget to do that Scott! view post

posted 17 Mar 2007, 05:03 in Author Q & AAspect-Emperor status by gyrehead, Candidate

Well Oribt has listed the new book on so they at least have a title floating around and a tentative plan for release. No word from Overlook yet, but they tend to be less proactive it seems. If the UK March date holds firm (and we all know such don't always follow the first or second or even third listing), the US could see the book appear in January of 08. Oh. The title is called [b:2rnidxzf]The Great Ordeal[/b:2rnidxzf] and is listed for UK release March 1st 2008. view post


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